Haha! I've been eating a lot of pocky for the past few weeks. So, this idea just came up in my mind. XD

Warnings : Slight OOCness (Maybe) and pockyness.

Disclaimer: I no own -Man.

Lavi knew that letting them share was not a good idea.

"Give me the last stick and no one gets hurt, Moyashi."

"As if, ba-Kanda."

Lavi sighed, closing his eyes. Yup, letting them share a box of chocolate-flavoured pocky was definitely not a good idea.

"Give it to me," Kanda growled.

"Hmmm," Allen hummed, staring at him innocently.


"No," Allen said, holding up the box of chocolate-flavoured pocky in his hand which contained the last of the pocky stick.

"Dammit, just give it to me." Kanda enunciated each and every word, getting more and more frustrated.

Allen smirked at the annoyed-looking dark-haired man. Taking the last stick out from the box and threw the box aside, he quickly popped the pocky stick in his mouth. A smug grin slipped onto his pale face as the pocky stick dangled from his mouth. Ha, there is no way Kanda will-


Kanda's mouth was on the end of the pocky stick and on the other end was Allen's.

Kanda smirked in between the pocky in his mouth.

Allen narrowed his eyes. Then, he nibbled on the pocky while Kanda followed.





Slowly, one bite at a time, they became closer and closer until their noses were touching.

Lavi stared at them, not even considering to blink and felt the urge to push one of them just for the heck of it so they could accidentally...kiss? The red-head started gaping suddenly.

Kanda closed the distance between by biting down the last of the pocky and pressed his lips against Allen's soft lips. Allen started struggling about when Kanda leaned forward and pushed him down onto the long leather couch they were sitting on.

Lavi just stood there, staring at them in open shock before laughing aloud.

"Oh my god, Yuu-chan. I didn't know that you were-"

Kanda cut him off by flashing his middle finger at the red-head. The other hand was busy pinning down the blushing teen who was thrashing about underneath him. The thrashing and kicking decreased after a moment and Allen started kissing Kanda back.

Lavi grinned. Aww, his self-proclaimed best friend was growing up into a gay man. Or more likely, growing up into a man who was only gay for a certain white-haired boy named Allen.

Ignoring the number of growing pairs of eyes staring at them, they deepened the kiss, more passionate and demanding.

With an exception of pocky, Kanda hated sweet things. But the combination of chocolate-flavoured pocky and the new special moyashi flavour tingling in his taste buds made him think otherwise.

Pocky anyone? :D