Hello People,

Tis been a while…yes, yes hehe

I know this story has been finished for quite some time now but it has been drawn to my attention that this, my best iCarly fic, that I am extremely proud of has been plagiarized – insert dramatic gasp here – I am…in a word upset, of course. It wasn't bad enough that it was nearly copied word for word, but this other author is getting so much praise for something I spent so long trying to perfect (although my work can never be perfect…a girl can try, right?) Since so many people loved this story and it was even nominated for an award, I thought you all should know. The story that can be looked at as a twin to iSwitch is titled Lost Inside Your Love by Big Time BandanaMan Lover. I feel a little flattered though that this person loved the story enough to copy it…Oh well…

I just wanted to say thank you to those who reviewed and favorite this story in the past. Thank you all and Thank you specifically to the one who brought this to my attention.