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I've deleted all the chapters after these first two. I never wanted to write more than this, I was just trying to pull a plot line out of my ass, and it didn't work. I was forcing myself to continue writing, and I wasn't having fun with it, and I'm sorry this story was never "completed" the way you guys wanted it...

I'm deleting these chapters because I can't stand to see an unfinished work in my profile. And I know it must be bothering hopeful followers to see that I've discontinued this (I know it bothers me that most of my fav fanfic writers haven't updated their multi-chapter stuff in YEARS).

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The first time I met Roxas, I had crashed into him while going at intense speeds on a skateboard. I was seventeen, and trying to find something I was good at... apparently, skateboarding wasn't my thing.

Anyway, I had knocked this poor kid flat on his back, probably earning him a few bruises on his shoulders with the contact of the hard cement. The first thing I did was thank him for catching my fall. I must have been smiling weird, or somethin', 'cause he glared at me.

'N that was the first thing I noticed about Roxas: His eyes. I've heard of people who have those really shocking blue eyes, like a deep ocean, sparkles and all, but I have never actually seen a pair. While he glared at me, I stared dumbly, totally ruining that whole first-impression garbage.

Hi, name's Axel. Nope, he didn't even give me time to introduce myself. I still can't believe it to this day, how he introduced himself.

A knee to the groin, wow, you'd think I'd gone and jumped on a girl.

The second time I met Roxas was in gym class, the following Monday. He was a new kid, a grade below me. The class was playing basket ball, and he was sitting on the bleachers, with a few other loners and rejects. I didn't know he was sitting there until, I had meant to pass the ball to Demyx, I threw the basket ball right smack into his chest.

I blame Demyx for not catching it; always in lala land. Then I blame Roxas, for being an uncoordinated twit.

I stopped playing after that, and sat down next to him, apologizing and explaining that sometimes Demyx is just a douche. Yeah, thats right, I didn't put the blame on myself. Roxas glared at me again, I smiled as sweet as I could, but Roxas has this natural bad temper I guess. So, I decided to make small talk, asking him what he listens to, what he likes to do, hobbies, interests, all that good stuff.

That was the second thing I noticed about Roxas: His voice.

Too cool and calm to belong to a dweeb.

"So, you gotta name?" I asked after he mumbled some answers to my lame questions.


I almost laughed, good thing I didn't, 'cause I bet he would just beat me in the ground after the injuries I had caused him so far. I almost laughed because the first thing that popped into my had after he said his name was "Roxy."

Then I introduced myself, I thought it was custom, ask a name then give one.

"We should be friends." I smiled, patting him on the shoulder.

"I don't think so."

The first thing I learned about Roxas was that he loved compliments, even though he liked to hide everything under a "bad boy" fa├žade.

I complimented on his eyes while we were walking together down the school hallway, just speaking my mind (sometimes that gets me in trouble).

Oh, boy did he flush, ha ha. Then I told him that he must get that compliment a lot, I mean, hey, he must with those eyes, I bet he can see through walls... or somethin'.

He shrugged, which meant he did get that comment a lot.

Which must have meant that he was used to those comments.

Which undeniably means that I was the one who had flattered him enough to make him blush.

Score one for Axel.

The first time I had started liking Roxas was when he calmed me down after a crazy brawl with some freakin' seniors. He caught me during the fight, I was cussing and ready to punch anyone's lights out who came too close to me. When I get angry, I'm a little out of control. But Roxas had grabbed me by the wrist, repeating my name, and slowly dragging me away while I was still throwing insults. I didn't realize that the skin around my eye was split open until my vision turned red.

Roxas sat with me in the nurses office, while I sat with an ice pack stuck to the side of my face.

"You know, you also have nice eyes." Roxas said randomly, making me do a double take. "Green is my favorite color." He grinned at me, and I just shook my head, smiling.

The first time I started appreciating Roxas was when he snuck into detention to see me. He doodled a smiley face on a piece of paper, and passed it to me like a note.

The first time I started missing Roxas was when I had graduated high school, and he wasn't with me anymore. In college, I tried not to text him everyday, but I occasionally slipped.

I want to eat pizza. Was what I had read in my inbox one night, sent by Roxas of course.

What are you going to do about it? I punched in, laying on my stomach, on my bed.

Come over and invade your wallet. How about Pizza Hut?

How can you come over, I'm like, 500 miles from you. I sighed, glancing at the window, hoping his face would pop up and say "Surprise!"

I happen to be in town :). Oh, little smiley face. I grinned.

I managed to resist the urge to pick up Roxas in a hug and twirl him around when I found him at the pizza parlor.

It may have been a bit late, but that was when I realized that Roxas was just fun to be around. Our booth was littered with plates and pizza crusts. Napkins and paper straws. Hey, its a buffet, all you can eat, baby. We had a war with sneaking things into each others drinks. A lemon, a pepperoni, a piece of lettuce, pepper, who knows what else. By the time we were actually full, we couldn't find the bill underneath all the mess on our booth. Roxas freaked out, rummaging through the food and garbage, I laughed my head off, my cheeks already hurting from the excessive laughter of the night.

After that was arcade games. I showed Roxas around town, bringing him to Area 51, a lounge with WiFi and video games.

The first time I saw Roxas dance was on the DDR machine. Madness, I wondered how his feet could move so fast.

The first time I realized how short Roxas was, was when he walked me back to my dorm room at midnight. I guess I had had a growth spurt in college, 'cause Roxas seemed to notice it too. He strained his neck, making an insult at my tallness. I laughed, and I didn't like the sound of it; it sounded nervous.

Was I expecting something that night?

The first time I dreamed about Roxas was the following night. I dreamed that I was at Roxas's graduation party, and he taken me to his garage, and kissed me. In my dream, he was still short, and I had to bend down to reach his lips, while he stood on tip toe.

I woke up with a start, staring at the black darkness in my room. I never considered Roxas in that way before, I had always known that he was my best friend, and I never thought of anything more. I had never imagined us kissing, or hugging, or anything romantic.

Until that dream.

The first time I had a crush on Roxas... what a weird word. A new friend of mine, Zexion, had noticed my uplift in mood.

"What's got you?" He queried, taking a bite out of his egg salad sandwich during lunch.

"No-thing." I teased, feeling like an utter girl.

"Whatever." He drops things so soon. I frowned, wanting to talk about Roxas.

I had to make a special trip to go to Roxas's eighteenth birthday party. I told him that he should do something special for me, since I made the long trip, wasting gas and a day of classes. You know, little things.

So he gave me a key chain skateboard. I laughed as I took it, remembering when I first met him, two years ago. Then he demanded a present from me.

I should have recorded his reaction to my gift. Since Roxas seems to be obsessed with music, I got him an eighty gigabyte iPod. Touch screen, mp4 and all. It cost me two hundred and eighty bucks online!

He sputtered, turned to look at me with shock, look back at the black devise, then squeal. Yes, squeal, I laughed, too. Roxas threw his arms around my neck, which he had to jump up to reach.

"Thanks so much, Axel! Ah, I love it." Still laughter coming from me. I reached around his back to hug Roxas back, squeezing him to me.

"Welcome." I muttered into his hair, stealthily taking a whiff. It smelled like green apples.

To this day, Roxas still carries that thing everywhere he goes, usually with one ear bud in, the other dangling over his chest.

"Are you going to come to college, with me?" We sat in his bedroom, him on the bed, me sitting on the floor, playing with my new key chain. The guests had gone, and I was spending the night.

"I sent in an application already... along with three others." He smiled meekly. "Your's has really high expectations, I don't know if I'll make it."

"Oh brother." I leaned back on my arms. "If I can make it in any college, you're a shoe-in for this one."

Roxas smiled. "I hope so."

If there was something weird about Roxas, it was his taste in movies. After we had made rice krispy treats (putting a bowl of Rice Krispy cereal into a bowl with like, five marshmallows on top, into the microwave for a few seconds), we sat on his living room couch in front of the big screen, to watch a Korean horror/comedy movie called The Host.

"It's really good, trust me." He popped the DVD in the tray, climbing back on the sofa to hit the close button from the remote.

"I'm sure." I replied, wishing that he would snuggle up against me instead of just sitting next to me.

About forty minutes into it, I was intrigued. Sure, the concept was lame, I mean, what stupid scientist (who should know how to dispose of chemicals), just dumps a bunch of radioactive shit down the drain. I complained a lot on that part, Roxas just rolled his eyes. The monster looked funny, I mentioned that I had saw something like that underneath my bed once. But the movie was cool, and I found myself laughing at random parts.

I didn't realize that Roxas had been taking glances at me through the corner of his eye, until I started to have that feeling, ya know, when someone is staring at'cha? Plus that few times when I felt Roxas's fingers poking my head.

"How do you get your hair so spiky?" He explained himself after I had turned my body to face him.

"Why do you care? Your's ain't prickly enough? You could flatten a tire if you laid in the road." I joked, ruffling his own hair a bit.

"I dunno." He moved his hand back to my head, running his fingers through my hair, his eyebrows together in thought.

Wow, did that feel good. I think I might have leaned my head in his hand before he pulled away, mumbling an apology. The glow from the T.V. might have given away my depressed look, if Roxas had been watching.

That night, I learned something new about Roxas, he talked in his sleep. Dang, he talks in his sleep so loudly, that I woke up when he yelled. I was in a tangled mess of blankets on the bed while Roxas was in a tangled mess of sheets on the floor.

"Roxas." I whispered, my voice was thick with sleep.

"Yeah?" He mumbled, his back to me.

"Are you okay?" I leaned over the bed.

"Sure.." He waved a bare arm in the air. I chuckled, laying back down into the pillow.

"Hey, Axel?"


"I love you." He mumbled again, sighing, and those were the last words I got out of him that night.

Roxas never remembered that little conversation we had that night, I never told him what he said either.