Whoa, so, Roxas "loves" me. Cool... now what?

I woke up first after dreaming of Roxas again. More kissing and girly stuff. Then a gigantic water monster came up and ate me. Darn movie.

I highly recommend it.

'Nee ways, after a big breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes, video games and watching anime, I hoped into my car around three. Roxas walked up to my door window and squished his face against it. I smirked, wondering how I ever fell for this nut. I pressed my face against the glass too, watching Roxas turn an attractive shade of pink. We both laughed then, our breaths fogging up the glass.

"C'ya." He stepped away from the window, giving a quick wave. I started up the engine, and sat there a moment longer, contemplating on whether to just get out of the car now to press Roxas against it in a mad passionate kiss, or to drive away with a cool look on my face. I decided to go with the latter, swinging my arm around the seat to back out.

The first time I started falling in love with Roxas, was about halfway to the college. My cell phone sang Teenagers from My Chemical Romance, informing me that Roxas had just sent me a text message. At a red light, I flipped my phone open to see his message:

I miss you already.

I grinned, quickly texting back, using IM logo for fear that the red light would turn green when I wasn't ready.

Same here. don worry, ill b there 4 ur grad. :) I had just enough time to throw in the smiley face before the light turned. I clicked send, and snapped my phone shut, daydreaming about Roxas some more.

Guess what? I didn't get my kiss at the graduation party. Oh well. But I did meet Roxas's cousin, Sora, who looks identical to him, except his hair is more like mine, but brown. Sora also has a nicer face. When I curled my fingers around Sora's chin to get a better look at him, I remember, Roxas had this funny expression on his face.

Then I told him not to worry, no one would surpass my Roxas.

The first day I believed in fate was the day Roxas had been accepted to the same college as I. Then I believed it some more when Roxas requested to room with me, and he was given the O.K. I knew my room was awfully empty.

I gave Roxas a noogie when he entered through my door, a suitcase in each hand and a garbage bag under each arm.

"Hey, hey! Watch it! It took me two hours to gel my hair in place." So meticulous. I noticed that an ear bud was in his ear, blasting an electric guitar.

"The bottom bunk is mine." I had already cleared off the top mattress on the bunk bed, it was where I had thrown all my junk and dirty cloths previously.

After I had spent an hour watching Roxas unpack some of his stuff, and adding some of his own personality to the decorum of the room, I stood up.

"Time to meet the gang."

I introduced him to Zexion and Namine, the only two people I really hung out with in that whole building.

I didn't like that look that crossed his face when he shook hands with Namine.

That was the first time I had felt jealousy over Roxas.

"What do you think about Roxas?" I had pulled Namine aside one day, a few months after Roxas had arrived. I tried to be quiet about it, but Roxas had been hanging around Namine a lot more than me those days, and I was about ready to punch something.

"... In what way?" Namine twirled a finger in her pale blond hair.

"You know what I mean." I crossed my arms, leaning against the wall opposite her.

She giggled. "He's cute, but I'm not really into boys younger than me."

"I think he likes you."

"You think so?" She tilted her head up in thought, grinning. I felt something evil brewing in my stomach.

"I think he likes you." She winked at me, pulling out a lollipop out of her jean pocket.

"...What?" I stuttered, feeling like a moron.

"Yeah." She unwrapped it and stuck the sucker in her mouth. "He talks about you a lot. It can get annoying sometimes."

I grinned despite myself. Namine grinned back, looking absolutely adorable with a sucker in her mouth.

"Thanks, Nami."


When I had walked into my shared room that night, I found Roxas laying on my bed, reading a paperback. I shut the door behind me, and walked to my stereo, popping a Billy Idol CD in the tray and hit Play.

I turned to face Roxas, who didn't take his eyes out of the book. I walked over to the bunk bed, resting my hands on the top bunk and leaning my head under it, staring at Roxas.

"What'cha doin'?" I asked, making my voice playful.

Roxas paused to stare up at me with a "duh" look. "Reading."

"Really?" I plopped down next to him, snatching the book away to read the first sentence that I found... I almost banged my head on the iron bar.

"Axel! Give that back!" He tried to sit up to reach it, but I was sitting at his waist; he couldn't even swing his legs out.

I grinned at what I read. It was a make out scene. I flipped the book over to see the front cover, a picture of a half naked Fabio and a lame ass chick burned my eyes.

"You read this stuff?" I turned to face Roxas, he was blushing.

"Don't tell anyone." He mumbled.

I set the book down on the stand next to the bed, and laid down next to him. "Naw, I won't. You seem to have a lot of worries nowadays anyway." I propped my head up with my elbow, facing Roxas.

"...Like what?" He tried to shift away from me; closer to the wall.

"Like, liking Namine. Admit it, I can see it in the way you look at her." I bit my tongue, hoping Nami was right about Roxas.

Roxas looked down, then sighed, turning to lay on his back. "She's really nice, I do like her, but I can't see myself with her."

"Are you sad about that?"

Roxas shrugged but said nothing.

It was quiet for a while after that. I thought he had fallen asleep, until he spoke up again.

"Can I tell you a secret?" He whispered, turning to face me again.

"Of course." I whispered back, wondering why we were whispering (ha ha, alliteration. Oops, sorry).

Roxas opened his mouth, then closed it, averting his eye's from mine with a strange expression ruining his features.

"I don't want you to think I'm a freak or anything but... I think I'm experimenting with my... sexuality." Roxas's eyes locked mine in place, and I couldn't speak. Then finally...

I gasped. "Oh my God! You've been masturbating in the night!"

"No I have not! Shut up!" He pulled a pillow out from under him and smacked me in the face. I laughed until he stopped wailing me.

"So, you think you might be gay?" I asked after the giggles died down.

Roxas shrugged again. "Do you think that's weird?"

"No, not at all." I didn't know if I should've smiled then. "I was experimenting for a while too, a couple years back."

"...Really?" His cheeks flushed, and I rolled my eyes.

"Yah. It was weird for me, 'cause I kissed a dude for the first time when I was sixteen. I was made fun of in school, my parents disowned me... really messed up." I doodled invisible pictures on the mattress with my index finger.

A glint of fear washed over Roxas's face. I back tracked.

"It- It's not like I'm sayin' any of that stuff is gunna happen to you! People like you, Roxas. You have a charisma I could never hold, and if you told people that you were gay, they wouldn't look at you any different."

Roxas nodded, bring his head down, mumbling something that sounded like an "okay..."

It was quiet again when Roxas broke the silence.

"So... Do you consider yourself gay?" He raised his eyebrows. I had actually never told anyone I was homosexual... I certainly wasn't straight.

"I... think I'm bi, actually. Though I've only kissed one of each gender once."

"Oh..." Roxas trailed off. This conversation was getting awkward, and my body was stiff. Darn single beds.

"So, uh... Do you have a person in mind? You know, that you like?" I noticed Roxas's neck turning red. Oh, how I wanted to put my lips there.

I stalled. "Roxas, you're my best friend, if I find someone interesting, you'll be the first to know." I smiled at him, wondering if I could have worded that better.

Of course I could have! I could have said, "Well, duh Roxas! Who do you think it is?"

'N that was the first time I kissed Roxas. After I said that "best friend" bit, his expression looked so agitated that I found myself give a low grunt of "what the hell." and pulling him in, by the waist, for a full kiss to the lips.

His reaction was priceless. First he screamed, pulled away, then as fast as he did so, kissed me back. And, oh God, I'm telling ya, it felt so good to get that whole "crush" thing off my shoulders and to be kissing this small boy.

But I hated the bed.

I was way too tall for it, and you could never roll around on it, nor could you sit up without banging your head on the top bunk, thus ruining any romantic atmosphere.

And that's where I am today, in a college I'm paying way too much money for, with the best boyfriend any person could ask for.

I love pinning Roxas against walls, or desks or tables, he was the perfect size to do so. In fact, I find myself with a freakin' urge to make out with Roxas right now, in the middle of an English lesson. The teacher droned on, not noticing me bounce in my seat, waiting for the beep of next class: lunch. I started daydreaming to pass the time, wondering what I should put Roxas up against next. I had a nice little fantasy play out in my head of him sitting on my computer desk, legs wrapped around my torso, a place where he can actually reach my lips without having to stretch. The obnoxious bell sounded, and I was the first one out of the room.

I reached the Public Speaking class where Roxas was walking away from. I snagged him by the wrist and dragged him up to our room.

Once I had shut and locked the door, I picked up Roxas by the waist and held him to me. He wrapped his legs around my waist, holding on to my shoulders. He laughed, and it was so sweet. He touched his forehead to mine, staring into my eyes, which were dancing I'm sure. I kissed his nose, and lowered my hands to grope his ass.

"Did you ever consider that I might actually want to go to lunch... this time?" Roxas giggled, I melted a bit inside.

"Me first." I whispered against his lips, giving them a quick peck before smushing him against a wall, kissing him all over.

Roxas groaned, but I couldn't tell if it was from frustration or pleasure.

"I'm glad you're here." I stopped the kissing to rest my forehead against Roxas's, like he had done to me.

"Me too." He grinned, tapping his nose to mine.