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Bella POV

Last chapter:

Snuggling into him, I felt the tears start to come. "I love you too, Edward. But let's try and get some sleep. Somehow I think Alice will be down here in a few hours."

Fuck I hate being right some days…

Groaning, I reached up trying to grab a cell phone to see what time it was. Ten am. I guess that explains the knocking I can't get away from. Edward seems pretty oblivious, the lucky little shit. Poking him is just making him burrow deeper under the blankets, so I guess that means I'll be the one to find something to throw on and answer the door. And ten bucks says it's my little pixie friend on the other side.

"Bella, I'm not going anywhere so answer the damn door. I'm coming in no matter what. I have Emmett's key, don't make me use it." Damn I'm good. Can I win a bet with myself? Although who would ever bet against Alice?

"Fine! Just a minute, I just need to find something first." Something being a shirt, pants, anything that would make me at least slightly presentable, and a bit less naked. "Edward, clean clothes. Where do you keep them?"

I think I just heard a muffled "floor". Damn, shouldn't I be able to relax this morning? Cursing under my breath as I grab his shirt from last night and a pair of boxers to throw on, I swear I see his head peak out from under the blankets. Little shit, I knew no one could sleep thru an Alice wake-up call; I'll have to deal with that later.

Running a hand thru my hair, I made my way over to the door and opened it to see Alice fiddling with the keys in her hands. "Jesus, it's about damn time. And thanks for getting dressed. You two have fun last night? Thanks for the dripping Jazzy you left for me! Next time try to return him in the same condition that you got him." God, how could someone have so much energy this early?

As Alice perched on one of the desk chairs, I settled back into Edward's bed, pulling some blankets over my legs. Still not saying anything, just looking at Alice, she huffed at my petulant attitude. "Don't even start to get bitchy with me, Swan. I could have been down here when I got up at seven. I let you two totally sleep in. Now I want my details. Going by how long it took you to answer the door just now, you had a fun night after you got home; or at least I hope you did and didn't just pass out on each other."

Unable to keep from smiling at my memories of last night, I finally break. "Yes, we had a very good time last night, and I was kind of hoping for a bit more fun this morning. So if you don't mind, maybe I could talk to you in an hour or so? Just let me finish waking up fully and I'll come up and see you okay?"

"Well, okay. And Edward, I know you're awake by now, you keep shaking when you try to hold in your laughter, and just so you know, you do suck for not talking to me; but I get Bella today. I have to get her ready for tonight, so you can play with Jazzy! Okay, I'll let you say goodbye and I'll see you in my room in a bit!" And with that, she was back out the door leaving us alone again.

"You heard her, Cullen. You aren't fooling me, get up." I try to pull the blankets off his head, but he's not giving up that easily. Time for a new strategy. "I'm sorry, Edward. Can I see that pretty little face of yours? I'm bored up here on my own." Still nothing. Damn, he's good. Fuck it, I'm up for the challenge and reach down where I have to assume his cock is, lightly rubbing him thru the layer of blankets. The groan from under the covers tells me I've hit the right spot.

"It's too bad you aren't up yet. I guess I'll just have to head up to Alice's early, and just see you later tonight." I sit back up, starting to get up from the bed. Before my feet can hit the floor, I feel Edward's arms wrap around my waist pulling me back into the bed.

"Not so fast, love. Don't go starting things and then tell me you're running off to Alice." He growls into my back, before starting to kiss up my spine. "You were going to leave me without even saying a proper good morning? That's just wrong after everything that happened yesterday."

Fuck, even just waking up after a night of drinking he's the sexiest, sweetest thing I've even seen! Seriously, who could ever resist him? And now he's mine. Just the thought brought another smile to my lips as I allowed him to pull me back into his embrace.

Rolling over, I try to take in all that is this new Edward. It's by no means the first time I've woken up in his bed, that's nothing new for us; but today feels different, like we've turned some sort of corner, and things will never be the same. I wonder if he feels the change too, but quickly give up on that when I feel his tongue dancing along my bottom lip.

"How soon until you move here? Must say I enjoy waking up with you in my arms." Edward says as we finally break apart.

"Just another couple of months until I'm here for good. Hope you don't get bored of me once I'm around all the time, and the novelty of me has worn off."

"Never." Kiss on my forehead. "Just not possible." Kiss on my nose. "But there is something that I wanted to talk to you about this morning. I kind of forgot something last night, and I'm hoping that you might have, ummm, already had it taken care of on your end."

"Sorry? Not really sure what you're talking about Edward, could you maybe be a bit less cryptic?" Yes, this does kind of make me a bitch, but he's just so cute when he's nervous.

"Last night, I got caught up in everything we were doing and wasn't thinking. It's no defense, but I totally forgot to wrap it before we, well, before we fucked. Please, please tell me you're on the pill."

I have to keep my eyes trained on the blanket around my waist or I know I'm going to crack. "Oh my god! Edward! What the hell? I haven't been on the pill since last year." Getting this out, I finally look up into Edward's shockingly pained face. Oops, okay, I really am a bitch. Fuck, time for a bit of damage control. "But, I am on the shot, so we're good. Don't worry, I wasn't that drunk last night and would have reminded you if it had been a problem."

"Fuck, Swan! You really know how to fuck with a guy! Cruel…"

"Awww, I'm sorry Edward. Is there anyway I can make it up to you?" I snuggle into his chest and start kissing up his neck, working my hands into his hair. "But, you have to admit, if this happened to Jazz or Emm, you'd be laughing your ass off at them right now."

"In all honesty, the last thing I want to think about right now is Jazz or Emm in any way, shape, or form. Now, let's get to your sucking back up to me. I mean, apologizing for scaring me." And with that, Edward caught my lips with his and rolled me on top of him.

We woke up a couple of hours later, and I finally forced myself out of Edward's bed to make my way up to Alice's room and face the pixie's wrath. Sighing as I open the door, I'm surprised to be greeted with a hug rather than the diatribe that I was expecting. Showing up late has always been a huge no-no for Alice, and really she expects no less from the rest of us. Well, except for Edward, that boy's never been on time a day in his life, but somehow it's kind of endearing and we've learned to prepare for it. Our rule of thumb is to always tell him something starts at least a half hour early to have any hope of seeing him on time.

Breaking away, Alice turned back to her desk where she had rows of Dixie cups laid out and was mixing something in a bowl. Sniffing, as I made my way over to her, I couldn't help but ask. "What devilish substance are you concocting, my fair pixie friend? Is that lemon?"

"Yup! Lemon first then I think I have cherry still to mix up. I thought it would be fun to have Jell-O shots tonight before we head out! They're always yummy, plus they don't make a mess if anyone knocks them over. Really, for a tight space, they just make sense. Do you want to hand me the vodka by the door, and then make sure I've cleared out enough space in the frig for them to fit? I've already checked, and the trays from the cafeteria fit fine, but I'm not sure if Jazz moved anything around in there this morning when he was here."

"Nope, everything looks good in there. What do you need me to do?"

"I'm just going to pour out the lemon shots, so if you want to run and fill up my kettle we could get started on the cherry in a minute. I want to make sure they have lots of time to set, there's nothing worse than a crappy Jell-O treat."

The next hour passed in a blur as Alice had me helping her get things ready for tonight. Between mixing up shots, making sure there were snacks and cleaning, my early morning nooky glow was starting to wear off. And dammit if the little pixie wouldn't let me steal even one shot to get myself going again! It's not like she was going to run out, and there's something about lemon yellow Jell-O that just makes me drool…

After we finally had Alice's room and the treats for tonight to her specifications, it was time for Bella's Barbie time to kick into high gear. "Grab your shower things and let's go hop in! We only have a few hours before everyone's supposed to get to my room, so we need to get started! Rose should be back from class and here in an hour. We really don't have much time!"

Seriously? How much work do I need to be deemed acceptable to go out? But knowing Alice, it's pointless to argue, plus this really is the most time I've spent with her since I got here Wednesday night. A small price to pay, plus it makes her so damn happy if I play dress-up and keep the complaining to a minimum.

Making our way back to Alice's after our showers, where I was able to avoid most of her questioning, I mentally prepared myself for the onslaught that I knew was about to begin. But, go figure, Alice surprises me yet again, and doesn't mention Edward until she's rooting in her closet for tonight's outfits.