1 Playing With My Heart

By Ninth Lady

Chapter Four: Pierre, You're a Low Life…

1.1 Axel's POV

It didn't take too long to find Pierre he was, as usual hanging out by the flower shop. He beamed at his good fortune and got in the back. "Yo, where to?" Pierre's watery-blue eyes shone with anticipation. "The Ocean View Restaurant. I've met her Axel she is the one. I knew she was the one ever since I laid my eyes on her….Do you think that she'll marry me?" I nearly barfed. "Marry you?! Tonight??!!! Pierre, I think that ya outta think 'bout this…I mean, marriage is a big commitment and for a first date…"

Pierre frowned at me and stuck his nose up in the air. "YOU wouldn't know about love would you Axel? I mean you're a pimp, that's right a pimp." He added the last part as an afterthought that left me burning with fury. He gave me a nasty snigger and pulled out a twenty-carat diamond ring. I could feel my entire body burning with absolute rage. How dare that guy talk 'bout me when he can't even keep a friggin' date?!

Before I knew what I was doing, I was choking Pierre by his scrawny neck and throwing him outta my cab. Both of us were screaming obscenities at each other as I speed off. Boy, I was pissed. I drove around to let off my steam wondering why I had gotten into a fight anyways.

Then it hit me. Where was I gonna take Gena for dinner?

1.2 Gena's POV

I finally found a mini skirt and a tank top that matched. Breathing a sigh of relief, I began to run a nice hot bubble bath. I relaxed in the suds until the water had gone cold. I got out and began to dry myself off.

I picked a deep blue nail polish and began to paint my finger and toenails. Forty-five minutes later, me and my (almost) perfectly painted nails began to decide on a hairstyle. I began to flip through all my magazines, and to my utter disgust, I hated everything. Annoyed, I plopped down on the couch and began to channel surf.

The news was on as always and I turned up the volume to see what was going on. The anchorwoman was a fake brunette with fake boobs. She kept messing with her straps and playing with her hair. Everything about her was unreal. Especially her voice. It was high pitched and totally valley girl. She was always saying the word like. Like this, like that, like like. God, nobody could be so damned stupid. She had gone to high school with me. I could remember the first day we met.

I decided not to reminisce about the past and focus. I had a half an hour to kill till Axel was due to pick me up. Well, I was ready.

1.3 Axel's POV

Thirty minutes until date time. Crap, I wasn't ready and I had nowhere to go. A bar, that's it. A nice bar with a view of the highway. Okay, so that ain't romantic, but I've slept with girls who thought my junky apartment was romantic.

I raced to my hole, uh, home and checked my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I ran my hands through my spiked green hair and decided to shave. Afterwards, I put on some aftershave that I had laying around.

My alarm clock told me that I had exactly five minutes. I drove like there was no tomorrow. I got outside her pad with three minutes to spare. Crazy Taxi definitely has its advantages!

I rang her doorbell and waited. A few seconds later, Gena opened the door and gave me this dazzling smile that practically melted my heart. I grinned back. "Heya, are ya ready to go?" Gena nodded and motioned for me to come inside while she got her purse. Her living room was spotless. My god, house looks like a hurricane just swept through, while hers looks like it should be in a TV commercial.

"Okay, I'm ready." She followed my gaze to a picture on the mantle. "That's me and my mom. She died a few years ago." She managed a weak smile and looked down. I guess that they had been very close because there were quite a lot of pictures of her mom. "Sorry 'bout your mom. At least you knew her." Gena looked up surprised. "You never knew your mom?" "No, she left me when I was young.." "I'm so sorry!" "No, no that's okay. It's better that way." Gena nodded slightly and changed the subject. "So, are you ready?"

I grinned and lead her to the car. Our date had just started.


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