My first try at the Earthsea world. All silly errors are mine. All characters are the property of the fabulous Ursula K. LeGuin.

Her wedding day.

Tenar stepped back and looked at herself in the mirror. The local girls paused a moment in their fussing as she examined her reflection. Her white dress had a simple elegance to it. A woven crown of white wild flowers had been placed on her head, from which white ribbons streamed down her flowing black hair. How unexpected that she would be dressed this way when just a few years ago, she expected to wear black and live in the dark to the end of her days. She was just "the devoured one" until Ged came.

Ged. It had been years since he'd left her at Re Albi with Ogion. Perhaps word had reached him of her plans to marry. Would he come? A piece of her wished he would. Even if it was just to chastise her for leaving her studies with Ogion. The wildest part of her imagination wanted him to show up and declare his love for her. This outrageous scenario was immediately dismissed by her more sensible part. Ged was a mage, off doing important things. He didn't have time to come to a farmer's wedding on Gont. Even if he did, he certainly wouldn't be telling her that he wanted to settle down with her. He had tasks to do, duties to perform.

However, her sensible part couldn't stop her eyes from scanning the faces in attendance at the town square. Even Ogion had made the trip down and sat in the row near Flint's family.

Flint. Her eyes rested on the man who was soon to be her husband. He was dressed nicely by Gontish standards, and stood stoically by the justice. He was a good man. He worked hard. He was not angry or violent. He would provide for her and for any children they had. As she reached him, he turned to take her hands, then back to the justice, who spoke a few words. Tenar drifted in and out of her thoughts until he said "If any know why these two should not be joined in marriage, let him speak now."

She involuntarily scanned the crowd for Ged's face until she landed on Ogion's. He gazed at her knowingly and gave the tiniest shake of his head. Ged didn't come. She forced her attention back to Flint. She was supposed to be happy. She was marrying this man. She was happy. She was happy. That's how she explained the pair of tears that leaked from her eyes as she was pronounced Flint's wife.