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Though in need of rest and more healing Jareth insisted on staying in the throne room. He wanted to begin cleaning up after Amneris' attack, and he didn't trust the goblins to start it without proper instruction. Pillows had been added to his throne so that he could just sit and lean back comfortably. Sarah was also wearily sitting in the throne that had been made for her.

"You should get some rest, Sarah," he had said.

"So should you," she had answered back.

"Right now the kingdom needs its king."

"And the kingdom has a queen of equal rank, so it needs her too."

The High King had taken Amneris and placed the curse on her. His work done, he left with Vand to remove Jareth's lock over the oubliette. The High King had returned to his court and Vand took Jehanna and Lord Erik to the Goblin Castle. Sarah and Jareth were just about to hear Sir Didymus' report when they arrived.

"Please go on, Sir Didymus," Jareth said making the new arrivals wait.

"The foe did not rouse themselves to battle for some time, but when they did their efforts were no match for me! I fought them all!"

"With the help of your troupe," Sarah reminded him.

"Of course, your majesty," the little fox answered as if he had said that in the first place. "My brother Ludo summoned the very rocks to keep the enemy at bay."

"Causing confusion and chaos among the goblins, so that they were more fighting themselves than you?" Sarah asked.

"Your majesty is as correct as she is brave. The fieries added to that chaos until the army against us broke from the chains of the spell and turned to our cause."

"Thank you, Sir Didymus," Jareth said. "I shall have to make you general over my goblin army for this brave act. The others will be rewarded as well."

If Sarah wasn't so exhausted she would have been laughing at the whole thing. Army indeed! It was a good thing that no one really wanted to take over the Labyrinth.

Jenny had had enough waiting. "Is someone going to tell me what's going on? And why you both aren't in bed since you both look like you've been hit by a bus?"

"A bus?" Jareth asked.

"I'll explain later," Sarah said.

"So what happened to Amneris?" Jenny demanded.

"Sarah defeated her," Jareth said. "And the High King agreed to Sarah's punishment for the former queen. Amneris' Fae body will be trapped in an ice tomb, her essence reborn into a mortal body and left there until the day the High Queen lets you into the High Court's inner circle."

"That's almost the same as what she did to me," Jenny said with a slight smile. "But the High Queen will never do that. For one I'm too young, and for another she hates me beyond anything."

"Then I suppose she'll be stuck Aboveground as a mortal until she dies," Jareth said proudly. "Her essence will be gone and the Fae body will be a shell forever stuck in ice."

Jenny looked at Sarah, who was trying very hard not to fall asleep. "You are so brilliant! And cruel, yet surprisingly generous."

"How am I generous?" Sarah asked.

"She gets a mortal life. She gets a time to live and die without ever knowing what she truly is. That's far more generous than other punishments of eternal pain and torture."

"Damn it!" Sarah said without any real feeling. "I should have gone with the eternal torture."

"At least this way there is no chance of her escape," Jareth said.

"Right, that's why I didn't go with eternal languishing in some dimly lit cell. Ok, it was cruel enough but still generous."

"Lord Erik," Jareth said. "You will be generously rewarded for your time and services."

"Your majesty," the half-masked Fae said with a bow. "Permission to court your sister would be reward enough."

The king and queen looked at each other, both slightly baffled. "I thought that fell under eternal torment," Sarah said.

"True, it seems more of a punishment," Jareth agreed.

"Hey!" Jenny shouted.

"Nevertheless, your majesties, I would like to have your permission to do so," Erik insisted.

"Jehanna?" Jareth asked.

"My answer would be yes," she said while blushing.

"Very well," Jareth said, still unsure of the situation. "Just what happened in that oubliette?"

Jenny and Erik looked at each other, smiled, took each other's hand, and said nothing.


Sarah didn't get up until after noon the day after the battle. Cleaning up the Labyrinth was going slowly since the goblins were still a bit lethargic, a bit stunned, from the spell that had been controlling them. The rain had left some physical damage as well as the magical, but it was all being put right again. The once defenders of the castle were now helping clean as much mud from the goblins as they could. Goblins don't take well to baths, but Splunk was actually convincing quite a few to do so willingly.

Sarah put on a loose gown and walked to Jareth's chambers. She entered quietly in case he was still asleep. He was in bed, but not asleep.

"Sarah," he said with some surprise.

"Hi," Sarah greeted awkwardly. "I thought I'd see how you were doing."

"I am mending," he said.

"Oh, good. That's good."

"You were magnificent yesterday," he said.

"You didn't even see me much. And I'm still very angry at you for just casting me aside and putting me in the oubliette."

"But you broke out. How did you… how did you do that?"

"I just forced it. And then I had to take Jenny's advice to fly rather than transport to the castle."

"You flew?" His tone was torn between amazement and anger that she had tried something like that on her own.

"Yes, apparently I can turn into a swan."

"I think I wished for you to have an owl form like mine, but I should have known that someone with your beauty would transform into such a beautiful animal. You truly are magnificent."

"Well… I…" Sarah's voice stumbled at the praise. "I also came to say that I'd like to move in."

"Move in where?" he asked not understanding.

"Here… with you."


"When you just sent me away, it hurt so much, Jareth. I had to be here to help you. I know you wanted to protect me, but I wanted to protect you too. Jareth… I… I love you. And we are married. I think it's time to act like it now. And I've been so stupid ignoring everything, ignoring how you feel for me, and in doing so ignoring my own feelings and reactions, just moving from point to point, each part of the day to the next, when I needed to step back and really see what was going on… and oh God! I'm rambling. But I do… I do love you, Jareth."

Jareth stared at her for a moment while she shifted awkwardly from one foot to the other. "Forgive me, my love, but with these injuries I cannot walk over to you and kiss you. Would you kindly come over here to me?"

Sarah smiled and quickly crossed the few feet to the bed. She leaned over and pressed her lips to his. She tried to hold back and be gentle since he was still hurt, but Jareth was so passionate that gentle was impossible.

When they pulled apart, Jareth was still staring at her with wonder. He asked, "This isn't a dream, is it? I've dreamed of this so often."

"No, it's not a dream," Sarah assured him. "It's only forever."

He grinned. "Not long at all."


To say that the couple lived happily ever after would suggest that they lived from this point on without struggles, trials, and adventures. All of those they had in abundance. But when one considers that throughout the good times and the bad they had each other and their love, on the whole, they spent the rest of forever very happy indeed.

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