A/N Leassy goes to California to stay with her mom for summer. She has to go to summer school. She meets Edward who can read her mind. She sees things most don't. Twilight/ Wicked Lovely.

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Schools finally over


So today is finally the last day of school. I am a junior for the last day hahaha. I am so happy although most people probably wouldn't know it; I don't convey my emotions to the people here or my dad for that matter. I have been living here in New York, New York for five years. It was decided between my Mom and Dad that I should stay with him for a while because he lived more of a stable life.

So for the summers I would stay with my mom, wherever that may be at the time. This year it is California. I am a bit excited. Although the downside is I have to take the dreaded summer school. Can you say ugh! But to my luck it is only one semester which means three weeks. So that's not too bad. But if you know me I must now rant on about why I am in summer school in the first place.

So there I am going to my new elective, because I could not take another day in the Suzy home maker class called home Ec. So I was placed in music appreciation. I was very happy about this because I love music. Little did I know what a meanie the teacher would be?

I walked into the class and he decided to waste the whole time to rant to me about how could I come in blind to a two semester class. The other students were either watching us amused or take this class as free and do whatever. I tried to explain to the man I was not blind music was second nature to me.

Although I was not taught professionally, but music was not needed to be taught, it was not a regular class it was an art. But of course he new better and I was needed to come before school everyday to catch up. I did not need to so I didn't listen. I aced every test and did everything else correctly, so I new I should have passed the class. Everybody else in the class even asked me to help them. But of course the teacher was blind to this, and so I found myself failing the class.

So there you go, there is my rant. And of course being who I am, I never told the teacher off. I did consistently ask why my grade was that way, did extra credit, and tell him it was obvious I knew music. I still walked out of class today with a big fat F.

The last bell rang and I said goodbye to all my friends. We all had a farewell party for me last weekend, since I would be catching a plane tonight. My mom thought it necessary since I start school again Monday and she wanted bonding time with me.

I know my life may seem perfect, aside from Mr. Meanie music teacher, but sadly there is one fact I hide from everyone. One I know I cannot tell anyone, human at least. It is one that weighs very heavy on my heart.

I can't believe how easy everyone around me has it. They just have a completely normal life, like all humans are supposed to have it. I wish I had a life like that but sadly my eyes and I came out of the womb differently.

So everywhere I go to see my mom I wish to God that he has made that place barren from them. That he would give me freedom from them for once in my life. That I can live normally for once. But sadly I haven't gotten that wish just yet.

A/N okay so I haven't said her name yet it's Annalease. But she goes by Leassy. This is a Twilight/wicked lovely story. This chapter was inspired by an experience I have had haha. It was the other way around though, I had music then took home Ec. I was a natural cook and seamstress and the teacher still gave me a D ugh she made me so mad lol.