Before you start reading, this takes place right after the first level of Resistance 2, and the two year gap between it and the the rest of the game.

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Chapter 1: I'm infected!

Location: Chimera Conversion Center in unknown American town.

Date: 12/04/51

Where the hell was I? My comrades...? Oh that's right, those damned Crawlers got them, got me! Wait, how was I still alive then? The soldier thought for a few seconds, then remembered the samples of a vaccine he and some of his comrades took to try to find a way to lessen the effects of the Chimeran virus, but saying that it may have different results compared to the others. When he asked who the 'others' were, they didn't answer and told the next person to come in for injection. He was guessing his sample worked, but to be honest, he outran the thousands of crawling insects, mostly focusing on the hundreds of others to infect and maybe had a half dozen inside of him by now, otherwise he'd still be unconscious.

Sitting up, he saw that he was in a rather small, metal room with several unconscious bodies and low footsteps getting closer. He must have been in one of those Conversion Centers the monsters were famous for. Deciding he would probably be killed if he stayed sitting up, he quickly laid back down and pretended to be unconscious, but with an eye cracked open slightly. Something humanoid entered the room, that's right, not human, humanoid!

It looked like a person, but was completely bald all over, had the standard Chimera cooling pack inserted into it's back, tight skin wrapped around it's lean muscles, and amphibious hands, but the rest he couldn't make out the details below the waist. Not like it probably has anything down there anyway, he added mentally with a smirk threatening to come.

It grabbed an unconscious soldier, put them over it's shoulder and left the room. Sighing, he sat up and began feeling around in his boot for the standard combat knife all soldiers were issued with. He grinned when he felt it was still there, pulled it out, and got onto his hands and knees then began crawling towards the only exit to the small room, the door that freakish man-like Chimera had gone into. He peeked around the corner to see the thing was busy dragging it over to a large, transparent pipe to notice his presence, he ran behind one of the tables in the room and stayed low to hide his presence.


Where the hell did that come from?


No way in hell was he imagining that. It didn't sound human, but it did sound like it was begging for help. Not knowing much about the enemy was true, it did leave you at a disadvantage.


"AW SHIT!" he screamed as something landed on his back. He felt several sharp objects sink into his shoulder and he nearly screamed again, but moved through it and did the only thing that came to mind. He let his body fall, or rather threw, himself back-first into the ground. Whatever was on his back screamed in pain, and he felt vibrations go into his shoulder. That thing was biting him! No, worse, it was trying to EAT him!

"You son of a bitch!" his voice faltered towards the end, mostly out of fear than real anger at being bitten, he twisted around and stabbed the thing in the throat, then began to twist the knife around. The creature tried to pull his hands away, but with a simple submissive pin of his legs on it's and his arms pinning the alien's arms down, it couldn't escape. The thing's loud screaming was going to alert attention of it's comrades if it went on long enough, so he had to finish this quickly. The knife wasn't killing it fast enough, so he decided to try another way of making it shut up. He put his hand over the thing's forehead and smashed the back of it's scalp into the floor. Okay, that shut it up.

This would have been faster if he didn't drop his gun while running away from those damned Crawlers, but what could he do about something that already happened? Like they'd even let him keep his gun anyway.


"..... Hello?"


This was going to get him nowhere... speaking of which, that's where the voice was coming from. Nowhere, almost like it was from inside of his own mind.

"Humans must die!"

He was starting to get worried, anyone would be if they heard voices that came from no where. Especially if that voice was saying that humans deserved to die! Being a mentally unstable soldier in an enemy base... if he didn't get it togethor he'd be dead in the next hour or less. Focusing on the two doors next to him, parallel to each other.


"No fuckin' way am I listening to a voice in my head!"

"Right... die..."

".... Okay." the soldier replied submissively. Turning to his left, he pressed his hand to the pressure pad on the door. Nothing in there except for a straight-forward hallway with a single door at the end. He continued on through that door.... and the next one that turned only to the right... another straight-forward hallway.... this was getting very boring very quickly.

"Traitor! We were hear before you had that body!"

Complete sentences? Wow, so it wasn't just able to say 2 words and stop for a few seconds. But what did it mean by traitor? Deciding it probably wasn't important, he entered the next room and saw something that freaked him out enough to make him stare at it. A dozen of those Hybrid Chimera, ones that looked human but had distorted head proportions, claws, and extra eyes on the sides of their heads, were eating bodies. Not all of the bodies were human, no, they were of other Hybrids and some of those things that he just killed a few minutes ago. It looked like they were too busy eating to notice his presence, so he slowly edged towards the next door, one to the left of him in the large room he and the cannibals were in. Something moves too fast in a calm environment causes it to catch the observer's eye. He even had to duck behind some crates of Chimera and Human weapons that were stacked on top of each other. He looked over to the door, it was one that required pressure near it to open, unlike the others that he had to press his hand against to open, but it would still make enough noise to draw those things's attention to his position.

".... I can help you." the voice said, coming from nowhere again.

"How?" the soldier asked, suspicious of what it wanted.

"You have to promise to help me though." it replied, he could imagine it smiling.... if it really had a face.

".... Fine.", he admitted defeatidly. In truth, he was going to leave where-ever that voice was coming from if it wasn't just a part of his fatigued mind.

He was suspicious of what the voice really was, so he was starting to consider where it was coming from. Since he was infected and slowly becoming one of them, maybe it was another infected person? No, they wouldn't have the mental capabilities to do that, even if they were partially infected. Maybe one who was more Chimera than human...

He looked to his left and noticed the bite marks in his uniform were there, but no blood or cuts were present. Yep, definitely infected. He didn't know much about the Chimera except that they were unnaturally strong and healed faster than a normal human could.

A high pitched roar tore him away from his thoughts. It sounded like a car screeching on asphalt and being echoed by the large rooms in the facility. After a few seconds, he pulled his hands away from his throbbing ears to hear that it had stopped. He peeked around the crates of ammo to see that the Hybrids were gone, most likely through the door on the side of the room that they occupied to investigate the noise, but one had left it's unfinished meal there. Staring at the bloody human carcass for a few seconds, he licked his lips then mentally cursed at himself. He wasn't a cannibal damn it!! Going over to the door that he intended to use before, but he couldn't deny that the bodies were getting strange and confusing feelings out of him, but he'd ignore them for now... no, for the rest of his life. He stopped for a minute, then turned around to stare at the green, metal triangular crate that had weapons in it. Glancing down at the knife in his right hand, he sighed and picked the lock on the highest crate. Pulling out a Carbine, he smiled to himself, glad to be reunited with an old friend... one that he'd used to kill some people and a few Chimera with... mostly human beings with, but still a friend.

"I helped you now you help me." the voice came back again.

"And how do I help you?" the soldier replied.

"By letting me out, keep going straight-forward until you reach a long hallway with glass cells. Keep going until you see see this...", the words A-17 flashed in his mind surrounded by yellow on all sides "... and you will see me. The... Hybrids took a shortcut, so you had best be prepared to deal with them when you get to my area."

".... What are you?" the soldier asked, remembering the high-pitched whining.


Not getting a reply, he bitterly realized he didn't have a choice but to listen to the mysterious voice. But he was starting to wonder if he'd like what the thing looked like. Probably a Chimera or one of those Cloven things he heard other soldiers talking about. Staring at the other crates, he saw that the Chimeran ones had large locks on them with a number pad with characters he couldn't understand. He remembered once when one of his comrades found a box like this, tried to break the lock to get at the weaponry inside, and the box exploded, taking both of his arms and one of his legs with him.


The soldier turned the other way and walked through the automatic doors.

Several Minutes Later..

He was walking straight forward through the hallways and to put it bluntly, he was getting bored. He knew that the higher-ups had great patience, but he was just a private for Christ's sake... funny, he doubted anyone believed that the saviour of the world even existed anymore. Not even the hardcore Christians, hell, maybe no one believed that their gods were coming for them. Well, that Hale fellow he heard about saved Britain.


"What now? I'm coming to get you! Just hold on for an... hour?", he wasn't joking, this place seemed to be insanely long for a small base. It was taken over... how long ago? According to the information they gave him, it was only about 2 weeks, but there was no way of telling how long he'd been knocked out and how much they might have added in that time.

"Human... he will try to kill you."

"And who would that be?"

"... My leader."

"And who?"


Static interrupted the voice.

He looked down at the radio strapped to his belt loop. He couldn't believe that he didn't check for that! Just 2 months in the army and he already made a rookie mistake... no, a rookie would have checked their radio. Maybe he wasn't the best soldier of them all, but who wouldn't try to get the hell out of there first if they found themselves in a place with things that wanted to eat their organs on a silver plate? Well, someone who bothered to check their radio, but that might cost them their lives. And just be plain --

"Hello?" a voice on the radio said.

Realizing that this person might be his only way of escape, he picked it up and answered.

"This is Private Micheal Barklen reporting in. Who are you?" the soldier, Micheal, said.

"You're with the military? My name is Joey Cartland, I used to be in the forces myself. Anyway, where are you?! We have 50 refugees here and only 20 soldiers remaining. We need all the help we can get!", Joey said.

"Inside of a Conversion Center... but I'm not infected yet." he replied with a lie.

"Good... since you're a human I guess you can be trusted. Our camp is near the large river on the south side of town. It's in one of the warehouses it's number... 12" the Joey replied.

"I'll be there as soon as I escape", the soldier said, then added as a thought, "...if I escape."

Clicking off the radio, he put it back on his belt loop and began heading for the door straight ahead of him.

He stopped just before he reached it and fell to his knees

He felt something behind his eyes start to swell up and start pushing them out. He could feel something... no somethings moving under his clothes, biting the sensitive flesh beneath. It felt like when those Crawlers were over his body, but whatever these were were much, much bigger! Looking at his hands on the ground, he realized his hands were long and scaly with curved, bird-like claws coming out.

"WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON?!" he screamed, but he didn't care if anyone heard him.

He could see a bright flash of gold-yellow in front of his eyes before he blacked out.

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