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Chapter 3: Dr. Jerkoff

Carly, Micheal, and Maddie were walking through the deserted remains of the town, but for some reason didn't encounter any Chimeran forces. Carly in the lead, Micheal behind her, and Maddie just behind him. Mostly because he was being watched to make sure that he didn't try anything on either of them. An eerie silence taking place between the group. And it was Micheal that broke it.

"I thought you guys said this place was full of those aliens", Micheal said, desperate to start up a conversation since he hadn't really talked to anyone, human, without his life being in danger at the time.

"Well, when we came through earlier, we had to duck behind abandoned cars and move very fast when out in the open", Carly answered in a bored tone, not even looking at him.

"You think they all went back to their base because of what we did?", Maddie suddenly joined in.

"Most likely", the older woman replied.

"How far away are we from the camp?"

"It took us 7 hours to get here before", Carly answered, and stopped talking making Micheal assume she was finished.


But then continued, "But since it doesn't look like we'll need to hide from Chimera so much it shouldn't as long, but we should still go in well shadowed places, and places with many objects", Carly said, a hint of laughter in her voice at imagining what he was thinking.

Micheal nodded and kept on walking, glaring at her for a second for her mean joke.

But instead of saying what he was thinking, he suddenly asked, "Here anything good on the radio?"

"Yep", Maddie replied.

The group of soldiers spent the rest of the way to the camp talking about radio shows and such. As well as man kind's greatest invention... the television, and how they planned to buy one when the war was over. But that wasn't important... What was important was that with the interesting subjects distracting them and making time go by, they made it to the camp quickly, when in reality they had been walking for a long time.

It wasn't anything impressive, just a bunch of warehouses with items moved into them. Dozens of people were either sleeping in beds with the large warehouse doors open, or talking with their friends. Some kids were playing hide-and-seek nearby. All in all, it didn't look totally depressing like he'd imagined it would... But then again he imagined people to be wearing dirty clothes, trash lying everywhere, and possibly a little bit of cannibalism.

A slightly short African-American man walked towards them eyeing Micheal up and down for a second. Even though the man was shorter than him, the muscular arms looked much stronger than his skinny ones.

"Was this guy sent on the mission with you two?", he asked curiously, not a hint of hostility in his voice.

"No Joey, we found him in the Conversion Center." Maddie answered.

"Joey?" "Uhm... Joey Cartland?", Micheal asked, making sure it wasn't someone else with the same first name as the person he'd made radio contact with inside of the Conversion Center.

"How do you know my na--"

"It's me, Micheal Barklen... We talked over the radio", the soldier interrupted.

"Oh! Nice to meet you!", he said, then with a bit of hesitation from the fear that he could grow claws any minute, held out his hand.

After a brief handshake, the man looked at him with seriousness on his face.

"Even though you said you weren't infected, you still need to go to the infirmary where our... Doctor will take a look at you. Maddie can you escort him?"

She nodded and signaled for Micheal to move ahead while she guided him. About 2 minutes later, they passed to a large warehouse with beds that had several people in them, most covered in bandages and some of them having red spots coming through. Several male and female nurses walked around, changing dirty or blood-stained bandages. Micheal turned and prepared to walk in since Joey said to go to the doctor.

"It's the next one.", Maddie stopped him.

"But he said to go to the doctor."

"Not that kind of doctor, one that'll check you for infection."

"...And if I'm infected?"

"He'll request we point guns at your head while he gives you an inhibitor treatment"

"Does it hurt?"


"... A lot?"



They came to the warehouse after that and walked in. A few soldiers were there, but it didn't look like they were being treated for signs of infection, most likely just security. An assistant came up to Micheal and Maddie, not being within arm's reach of them and said the Doctor had prepared inhibitor treatments. Then she pointed to a long curtain in the back of the warehouse and told them to go back there. Slowly the duo made their way to the back.

"Doctor Trocky is a bit strange... I'm not even sure if SRPA trusts some of his methods.", Maddie said to start some kind of conversation.

Micheal knew who SRPA was.... mainly a group of people, some infected, that fought that Chimera mostly in America. Although sometimes they'd help other countries if they really needed it. But that wasn't what caught his attention.

"And what are his methods?"

"Injecting infected people with some kind of drug that causes an adrenaline boost."

"And that's bad because...?"

"They feel like they were hooked a hundred times by a heavy-weight boxer after it wears off and they usually need to rest for a while."

Micheal just stared at her for a moment, then started at the curtain in front of them. Why did he have to go to lunatics? Then opening a part of the curtain, he walked inside.

The first thing he noticed was the fact that there were several guards with Carbines that were immediately aimed at him and Maddie, mostly him. A warning that they'd shoot him if he tried anything, but he couldn't really see if they were smiling under their black helmets, which matched with their black uniforms. With no differing facial features since the helmets had gas masks that covered their faces, they looked exactly the same, except for a few differing inches in height... And the numbers and squad information on their uniforms.

And the doctor wasn't the typical look for a supposed mad scientist. The doctor standing in front of was an average looking guy with blond hair that looked like it had been recently cut and a mole on his left cheek. But compared to the fact that he had a stubble-free face and not covered in dried up blood, he was much more attractive.

And only a few feet behind the doctor, another long curtain... With a strange smell coming from whatever was behind it.

"Let me guess, they found you in the Conversion Center?", the blond man asked with smugness clear in his voice since he already knew the answer.

Micheal tried to think of some kind of sarcastic remark, but a glance at the guards with Carbines aimed at him was enough to put that part of him to silence.

"Well, then, let me test you first for signs of infection...", the doctor said, going over to a table and picking up a shiny object that blended in well with the gray-ish white papers that it was laying on so he couldn't see exactly what it was unless he got closer... But again the guns pointed at him were making him feel uneasy.

Micheal just thought he'd take a blood sample, and hopefully it wouldn't come up he was infected... Who the hell was he kidding, the blood would probably stop before they put a band-aid on it. He was just about to think he'd be fine until he focused on the object and realized that it wasn't a needle. It was a combat knife.

The doctor brought up the knife and stabbed it into the palm of his hand, and Micheal's jaw tightened to stop himself from yelling in pain. Or punching the doctor.

"Couldn't you have just used a needle?!"

"Yes, I could have. But this is a quicker way. I'll use the needle when I'm sure you're infected."

Micheal just stared at him blankly, slowly realizing that the man had kept his cocky attitude even while saying that.

The man brought over a small glass cup and held it to his hand so that the blood poured in. He grabbed a rag from nearby and wiped the blood off of his palm, and watched as it began to close. After all of the blood was gone, he went over to a desk with several documents on it and some several needles that had spirals going from one end to another, making it look like a strand of DNA with liquid inside of each strand.

"Roll up your shirt sleeve and hold out your--"

"I know how a simple needle works doctor. I'm infected, not an idiot" "Well that counts as payback on some level..."

"Well, it's just that some people haven't had shots since they were children"

The man just waited for Micheal to finish, before he slowly pushed the needle into his arm and pressed down on the handle and released some of the fluid into his bloodstream.

"You might want to get to a bed now", he said, and pointed to the curtain behind him.

"I'm fine.", Micheal said, not feeling different. That was until he felt some part of his mind slowly go to sleep.

"I'm not kidding."

Micheal just stared at the man, then remembered the man probably knew more about his body than he did, and began to tread towards the curtain. Opening it he saw several thin beds, and another curtain where the strange smell got stronger. Roughly 8 feet away from the closet, he began to jog towards it. He was close, but unluckily for him his stomach tightened painfully to the point where it felt like his skin was a rubber-band being stretched. But that wasn't the worst part... It was when his legs started to buckle from the suddenly immense weight of his thin body.

"Note to self... Don't argue with doctors next time...", then added as an after thought, "And make sure not to get an inhibitor treatment if this happens every time."

Taking wobbly steps, he dropped onto the bed face-first, then weakly turned himself around so that he was on his back. And then the immense about of energy he had, which had gone unnoticed until now, was beginning to leave his body.

"How tired do you feel now?", Doctor Trocker asked with that ever-present cockiness in his voice, a small smile on the corner of his lips.



The doctor looked at Micheal as he blankly gazed at the ceiling, then they moved over to him with his face in a display of anger. But he couldn't tell since his body was demanding sleep by now and was starting to shake as he attempted to stay awake for just a bit longer.

".... If you weren't smiling right now, I'd wouldn't think you weren't enjoying this", and with that, Micheal Barklen passed out.

"Well, at least he isn't screaming like the others when they're injected their first time."

Dr. Trocker then turned to Maddie, "Your turn Ms. Kurkten.", and with that, went to retrieve several more needles.

Maddie hated having to receive three more injections more than the soldier they'd picked up in the Conversion Center. For all they knew, he could need a stage 5 treatment, or maybe 6! But one injection would have to do until the doctor did more research on Micheal's condition.

"Can I leave now?", she asked, not really feeling comfortable with what was behind the next set of curtains in the warehouse. Or more specifically, how the doctor would look at her with a strange look in his eyes. The man was obsessed with the Chimera, but since the infected, or Sentinels as they preferred, were the closest relatives to the Chimera, aside from the Cloven, she guessed that was why he looked at her strangely. The most noticeable testament to his curiosity, was in the back. The several captured scouting Chimera being his unlucky victims. Luckily for them though, they were dead by the time they got to him.

"Of course you may.", the doctor replied, looking at her in the eye.

Turning around, she walked out of the door and into a nearby warehouse that served food. And it just so happened to be the one with the largest amount of people. The rest were for sleeping or medical supplies or ammunition that was to be distributed. But luckily for her since she was off-duty now that the mission had failed, she could could focus on the day's events.

"Idiots send in a team without a backup plan.", she thought to herself as she grabbed a piece of bread and a sausage and sat down on the ground to eat.

By idiots, she had been referring to the people that came up with a plan to send 1 infected individual and a bunch of humans into a Conversion Center without a backup team. And a backup's backup. Knowing they had an infected individual most-likely made them overestimate her combat abilities. She wasn't Nathan freakin' Hale! Or the un-infected James Grayson... She was just an ordinary person with bad hand in luck.

And besides, most of the Sentinels were killed when most of their ground troops had been ambushed by large numbers of Hybrids and Titans. And when air-support tried to help them, they were shot down by Stalkers. And to make it worse, one of the few people that came along to study the Chimera, Dr. Trocker, if they caught any had survived! So how was she, a single person, supposed to take on an entire base full of monsters that were born to kill!?

A figure clad in a green military uniform walked up to her.

"Uh, Maddie?", a female voice asked.

"What?!", she looked behind her and saw it was Carly, then apologized and asked for her to sit down with her.

Even if the woman wasn't infected, she did trust her. Not like the other citizens in the refugee camp, who either moved away when she came, or just ignored her when she tried to start a conversation. It wasn't like she was going to eat them... It was more likely they'd eat each other if the supplies ran out.

"The Major says that he wants to send us in again, and 20 other soldiers, this time without a bomb that has a timer so it's impossible to stop."

"Like what?"

"You'll see. Just rest up for tomorrow, and they said that they want the soldier we found there as well since he's had his inhibitor treatment"

"But what if it isn't enough to stop him from mutating?"

"It should slow it down a little bit until they find out how severe his transformation is. But that's not important, just rest up for tomorrow"

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