Summary: Usually, in a case, when they figure out who their UnSub is, the BAU feel that the case is coming to a close. But this case is different. It is the start of a time of pain and suffering. Character death with a twist.

Disclaimer: I unfortunately don't own anything to do with Criminal Minds. The only thing I do own is this story :)


It was so quiet. It seemed ironic that the phrase "silent as a graveyard" came to mind. It was a beautiful day. Clear blue sky. No clouds. Birds singing blissfully in the trees. There was a slight breeze that gently blew across their faces.

They could barely hear the priest's words.

The team stood around the grave in complete silence.

No one spoke a word.

They stared at the coffin. The very coffin that enclosed the body of their dear friend.

Gone forever.


I know it was short, but it's a prologue. They're meant to be short lol

Thanks for reading. xoxo