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Muggle Movies

The Last Scenario

Draco is running through the theater with a passed out Hermione in his arms.

MALFOY: (to himself) What am I supposed to do with a passed out girl in my arms?

Draco soon gets many odd looks from movie patrons all around. Either for talking to himself or for carrying Hermione, who knows.

MALFOY: (stops abruptly) What am I thinking? What am I supposed to do with a passed out girl in my arms! HA! I am Draco Malfoy of the Malfoys! I shouldn't ask such a idiotic question! (shakes his head)

HERMOINE: (waking up) Whereamiandwhatreyoudoin?

MALFOY: (looks down at her and grins) You are awake! Fair maiden, I shall taketh you to the loo so you may clean yourself up a bit.

Many people around them have stopped what they're doing to watch.

HERMOINE: (getting less groggy) What? Malfoy?

MALFOY: It is Draco, fair maiden. Do not fret, I shall taketh good care of you-----eth.

HERMIONE: (voice quiet) Draco? Are you mad? Put me down.

MALFOY: I cannnot, fair Hermione. You are still very weak. It is impartive that I get you to safety!

HERMIONE: (getting very angry) Draco Malfoy, put me down this instant!

MALFOY: (looking around at people watching them) Shh...I will not harm thee, fair maiden. (leans down and whispers to her) Just pretend you're normal, okay?

HERMIONE: (now seeing everyone around them) Oh. OH! Oh, thank goodness, kind--er--sir! You have rescued me from the----er----dragon?

MALFOY: (smiling around at people watching them.) Yes! I have slain the dragon and won your hand!

HERMOINE: My hero!

Malfoy grins around at everyone, as if to prove a point. He sets Hermoine down lightly, on her feet. She wraps her arms around his neck.

HERMIONE: (whispering) What now?

MALFOY: (whispering) Kiss me!

HERMIONE: (pauses, shrugs) Okay.

Hermoine leans up and kisses Malfoy very quickly on the lips. She is very embarrassed, but also quite keen to kiss him again.

GUY#1: Aww, come on! That's not a real kiss! He's slain the dragon for your hand! Show some tongue!

WOMAN#1: (looking at guy oddly) What is wrong with you, Henry? These kids are quite mad.

HENRY(guy#1): Don't care, Phylis! They're in love. Kiss her!

Malfoy shrugs, bends Hermione back and gives her a long kiss.

PHYLIS(woman#1): Honestly! Kids today!

HENRY: Oh, put a sock in it! (bends Phylis back and kisses her)

Patrons around all cheer.

HERMOINE: (nervously) Draco?

DRACO: Yeah, my love?

HERMIONE: Can we get out of here?

DRACO: (looks around, spots loo doors and takes Hermoine's hand) This way! (pushes loo door open.) I wish I had my trusty steer, my back really hurts from carrying you all about.

HERMIONE: Sorry about that.

DRACO: It's alright. (looks around at people as Hermione goes into bathroom) Fair well, kind sirs and ladies!

Draco and Hermoine are now in the bathroom with the door closed tightly behind them.

HERMOINE: (sitting on edge of sink) That was some spetical, kind sir.

DRACO: 'Tis nothing, fair maiden.

HERMIONE: (laughing) Why are you talking like that?

DRACO: Just because.

HERMOINE: We're missing the movie.

DRACO: Are you okay to go back? You had quite a problem back there when they cut your sceen.

HERMIONE: It's okay. I'm fine. The Devil's Snare was my second shining moment and even though it was wrong, it was okay too.

DRACO: (nods) Shall we go back then?

HERMOINE: Are they still out there?

DRACO: (peeks outside door.) Yes. Some of them. Phylis and Henry are making out.

HERMOINE: (giggling) Let's go.

Draco helps Hermione off counter, and they walk outside the bathroom hand in hand. Draco kisses her gently on the lips before they get back to the theatre.

HERMOINE: Harry and Ron are not going to like that we've kissed. (peering inside darkened theatre and then closing the door)


HERMOINE: I think we should pretend we're---

DRACO: Sit on my lap for a couple minutes and then I'll pretend we're enemies again as not to raise suspiscion.

HERMIONE: Alright.

DRACO: But when we get back to the castle....can we....you know....meet somewhere?

HERMOINE: (shrugging) Okay. Sure. Why not. You're a good kisser.

DRACO: (pretending to be embarrassed.) Well, gosh. You're not so bad yourself.

They kiss once more quickly before entering the theatre.

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