Rory stepped off the plane and walked down the carpeted gangway. She wheeled her carry-on and computer bag behind her, her pink Birkin bag was perched on her shoulder.

It had been two months since Rory and Logan had reconciled and eight days since they had last seen each other. In the past two months Logan had been the one coming to Rory, no matter where she was in the country, Logan had found his was to her. Rory had felt bad about the strain this had placed on Logan, he had been working long days to make up for the time he was spending with her.

Rory smiled to herself as she made her way down the escalator, this time she was coming to Logan and not just for a visit but permanently. Rory could just make out her reflection and was happy to see that her softly curled hair still looked good despite the time she had spent in a plane. She was wearing a navy blue summer dress that showed off her creamy skin and hid the baby bump that she had first noticed two days ago.

Despite the fact it had only been two weeks since they had seen each other it felt much longer, she felt like so much had changed and she was nervous about how Logan was going to coup with the changes. She was now jobless and sporting a baby bump, a bump that had not been there when Logan has last seen her. Would Logan still find her attractive now she was starting to show?

As soon as Rory made it through security she started looking for Logan, much to her disappointment she couldn't see him anywhere. Rory couldn't help the flash of fear that ran through her, 'What if Logan didn't come?'

Rory reluctantly made her way over to the luggage carousel and waited, all the while looking for Logan. Rory was so distracted by her search for Logan that she almost missed the first of her luggage to come out. She elbowed her way in and grabbed the first of her three cases. She placed it on the ground, just out of the way and turned to search for her next bit of luggage when she felt a pair of hands slide around her waist and came to a rest on her stomach. She a pair of lips brushed her ear, "I'm sorry I'm late." Logan's warm breath sent a shivers up her spine.

"Logan!" Rory turned around her suitcase forgotten; she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and buried her face in the crock of his neck.

"I missed you Ace." Rory drew in the scent of Logan with one deep breath before pulling back and looking him in the eye, smiling.

"Me too." Rory lent forward and kissed him. She wasn't sure who was responsible for turning the kiss from PG to NC-17 but she didn't care. It felt so right be back in Logan's arms knowing she didn't to have to let go until she wanted to, there was no announcements telling her Logan's flight was boarding. No buses waiting to take Rory away.

It wasn't until they heard giggling from next to them they reluctantly pulled apart. Rory looked around and found they were being closely watched by several people, one of which was a little girl, who was maybe ten years old, she was the one giggling at them. Rory blushed and looked away, Logan laughed and drew Rory to his side as he bent forward and picked up both of Rory's case as they made another trip past them.

Logan lined the luggage up and somehow managed to maneuver all three cases to the side in one go. Logan drew Rory back into his arms and smiled down at her, "Hi."

Rory smiled back, "Hi."

"I'm sorry I'm late, the traffic was crazy getting in."

"It's okay, you're here that's all that matters."

Logan leant down and rested his forehead against hers. "That's quite a bump you have there Ace."

Rory looked down, blushing, she didn't think it was that obvious in the dress she was wearing.

"It's not that big." Rory bit her lip, feeling self-conscious she cast her eyes down.

Logan smiled; he cupped Rory's cheek in his hand, ran his thumb over her bottom lip and tilted her face back up so he could look her in the eye. "No but it's there." Logan placed a gentile kiss on Rory's lips. As freaked out as he was at the thought of being a dad, he couldn't help but be excited. He always knew he was going to have kids, but they hadn't been a reality until Rory. Before Rory he thought he would just marry when it was time to have children. He never expected to fall in love. "Come on Ace, let's go home."

"Logan, why are we pulling up to an apartment building?" Rory looked up at the concrete apartment block.

"Well I was thinking we could drop your stuff off, you can freshen up and then we can go and look at the house."

Rory turned back to Logan, "Drop my stuff off where?"

Logan concentrated very hard on the road, "My apartment." Logan stopped with the traffic.

"Your apartment?" Rory was confused; Logan said they would be living in the house. "Logan what's going on?"

"Well after you said no the first time I just... I moved into the apartment but I kept the house. It's not furnished or anything yet, I thought we could do that together. I've got a week off and we can go shopping for furniture and stuff." Logan eased the car forward and turned into the underground parking lot of the building.

Rory understood what Logan wasn't saying and it broke her heart, he couldn't bear to be in the house he had thought would be their home. But he had kept the house, he had never let it go, he had never let them go. Rory reached over and gripped Logan's hand "I'd love to go shopping and I want to make a doctor's appointment since you missed the last one."

Logan looked down at their joint hands; he looked at the ring that adorned her finger for a moment. After last May he never thought he would have a future with Rory, but here he was, about to have it all.

Logan pulled into his park and looked up at Rory smiling "I've already booked an appointment for Tuesday, is that ok?" Logan was mindful of the fact that in the past he had assumed a lot about what Rory wanted, he didn't want to do it again but this was the best OB/GYN in the area and there was a waiting list to become his patient.

Rory smiled, "That's fine."

"You're wearing your ring?" Logan made it a question, last time he had seen Rory she was wearing it around her neck because her fingers had started swelling.

"Yeah I've discovered if my feet hurt my fingers swell. So when my feet are pain free I can wear the ring." Rory opened the door and slid out of the car.

Logan smiled, Rory's reluctance to wear his ring originally had him questioning her commitment, but apparently she had worked through her issues about marriage. Logan followed Rory out of the car and made his way to the back of the car where he found Rory unloading the luggage.

"And what do you think you're doing young lady?"

Rory looked up from her bag confused, "I'm getting my stuff out of the car."

Logan shook his head and pried the handle from Rory's hand, "I don't think so."

Rory rolled her eyes, "Logan, I'm pregnant not incapacitated."

Logan lifted the bag out of the car and set it down, "I know you're not incapacitated but you need to take it easy." Logan lifted the next case just managed to suppress a groan, he just found Rory's books. "Now that you are finally home with me, you are going to be living a life of luxury."

"Ooo luxury, please embellish." Rory stood back and watched as Logan proceeded to turn himself into a pack horse, it appeared he planned on taking all the bags in one trip.

"You, my dear Ace will be living it up with home cooked meals, the same bed for more than a couple of nights. No washing. No cleaning…"

"Just me lounging around with a bunch of loin clothed men fanning me with palm fronds, hand feeding me red vines." Rory instantly grew hungry at the mention of red vines; they had been one of the few foods out of the many Logan had sent her that she could eat no matter how sick she felt.

"All except for the loin clothed men, that's exactly the life you are going to lead."

"Aww…" Rory pouted, "I think you would look fantastic in a loin cloth." Rory looked off into the distance, visions of Logan in a loin cloth dancing in her head.

Logan was fully loaded with Rory's bags; he closed the car door and was making his way to the elevator, when he realized Rory was not with him, he looked back at the car to see Rory staring off into the distance, with a glazed look on her face.


Rory jumped at the sound of Logan calling her name, snapping her out of her Logan in a loin cloth fantasy to look at the real world Logan standing before her.

"Come on Ace," Logan gestured towards the elevator "I am not going to wear a loin cloth so get your butt into the elevator."

Rory walked past Logan, "What if I said I had a major craving for hot buttery, smothered in hot chocolate fudge, Logan in a loin cloth." Rory stood before the elevator doors and pressed the up button, she watched as Logan made his way towards her, struggling with the luggage.

Logan stood by Rory's side. "Ace I am a reasonable man, I am prepared to compromise, the chocolate fudge I will do, but I will not wear a loin cloth."

The elevator binged and the doors opened, Rory and Logan entered the mirror and marble lined box. Logan nodded his head towards the panel with numbers on it, "Number seven."

"Oh so the whole being waited on thing doesn't include pressing buttons. I thought I wasn't meant to be doing any manual labor."

"Pushing the button on the elevator can hardly be considered manual labor."

"You won't even let me carry my hand bag."

Rory looked at the pink Birkin bag that was hanging from Logan's finger.

"Ace you love pushing buttons, if we have to push a button to cross the road you races to push it, who am I to deny you the pleasure of button pushing?"

"It's not my fault, I grew up in a town that only got it's for traffic light last year." Rory pushed the button and tried to conceal the little thrill that ran through her when the button light up, the doors closed and the elevator started its ascent. Ahh, the power of pushing a button.

"Why not?"

Logan looked confused, "Why not what?"

"Why won't you wear a loin cloth?"

"I don't have the legs for skirts." Rory looks down at Logan's trouser encased legs. She genuinely had no idea what Logan's issues was with his legs, they looked just fine to her. Logan saw Rory scrutinizing his legs, "They're too muscular."

"Well I agree you would look terrible in a skirt, but a loin cloth is not a skirt."

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a skirt a piece of fabric sown together to form a tubular piece of clothing that is worn around the hips?"

Rory nodded her head, "Yes."

"And is that not the same concept of a loin cloth?"


"So if it is agreed that I do not have the legs for a skirt does it not stand to reason that I cannot pull off a loin cloth?"

"No," Logan groaned, he was sure his logic had been sound. Rory continued to talk despite Logan's groan. "See skirts were invented much later. The loin cloth came first and it was designed with muscular legs in mind."

The elevator stopped and they stepped out, Logan lead the way down the hall, he spoke to Rory over his shoulder. "Really? Like who?"

"Like… Charlton Heston, Brad Pitt and King Tut."

"You think very highly of me don't you?" Logan stopped in front of his door letting go of two of the bags, dug his keys out of his pocket and opened the door.

"What can I say, years of dealing with your inflated ego has elevation my opinion of you. So really it's your own fault that I hold you in such high esteem." Rory stepped into the opened planned apartment, finding an Art Deco theme with curved walls and beveled mirrors. The furniture matched with sleek lines and chrome.

Logan set Rory's luggage down and closed the door, "So I was thinking if you're tired we can stay and rest for a while and visit the house later or even tomorrow."

"I don't know, I am tired but I really want to see the house." Rory made her way to the low black leather couch; she was surprised it was much more comfortable than it had looked. "Hey do you have orange juice?"

"Sure" Logan made his way to the kitchen and poured them both a glass of the sweet orange liquid. "I thought you were getting over juice?"

"I am, but it settles my stomach like nothing else." Rory started rubbing her stomach in soothing circles.

Logan passed Rory her glass of juice and sat next to her.

Logan kept looking at Rory who appeared to be deep in thought, "You're still thinking about me in a loin cloth aren't you?"


Logan placed his now empty glass down, "Do I look good?"

"You're right you do have muscly legs."

Logan felt his heart rate increase as he drove them down the tree-lined streets of Crescent Park, drawing ever closer to the home he had picked out for them. He was almost one hundred percent sure Rory would like the house, but that small amount of uncertainty was making him nervous.

Logan parked out the front of the house, not bothering to use the driveway, giving Rory the best view of their new home.

It took a few moments for Rory to realize Logan had stopped the car; she looked out the car window in awe at what was before her.

Rory turned to Logan, "This is our house?" This was not the kind of home Rory had expected Logan to pick. Logan tended to be drawn to modern buildings with a little character, but this was… quaint.

"Yeah this is it." Logan was relieved he had kept his nervousness out of his voice, Rory face gave nothing away he could not tell if the first impression had been a good one. Rory turned back away to gaze at the house and yard again.

The front yard was beautifully maintained Country style garden, with a lush lawn, and heavily planted garden beds filled with flowers of every color. A large willow tree grew in the front corner of the yard. The house itself was white cladding with large bay windows in the front, with a wraparound porch. It reminded Rory of the type of homes in Stars Hollow.

Rory's silence was killing Logan, "So do you like it?"

Rory tuned back to face Logan, her face beaming with the brightest of smiles and her blue eye's sparkling, "I love it, it's perfect."

Rory lunged towards Logan, pulling him into her arms, kissing him quickly. Logan was surprised with how quickly Rory pulled away from the kiss, she unbuckled her seat belt hoped out of the car, he watched Rory in her dark blue summer dress as she walked up the brick pathway.

Rory paused half way up the path when she realized Logan was not with her, she turned and found him still sitting in the car watching her, Rory smiled at Logan and gestured that he should join her.

Rory turned back to the house once she was sure Logan would be joining her, the house had a large double garage to the right, the path Rory stood on lead up to three steps and onto the porch, just like the one she had at home. Rory frowned, this was her home now, not Stars Hollow, it was a hard concept to grasp.

Logan came up behind Rory as she admired the house; he wrapped his arms around her waist, one hand settling over the slight bump that was their growing child, since he felt it in the airport Logan had had trouble keeping his hand of the bump. He couldn't wait to get Rory naked and really explore her changing body.

"You sure you like it?"

Rory nodded her head and turned in Logan's arms, her face showing nothing but happiness, "But whose going to do the gardening?"

"A gardener comes once a week, its part of the lease agreement."

"That's a relief as the only green thing I seem to be able to grow is mold."

Logan smiled, "Don't worry Ace I factored in our lack of green thumbs when getting this place. Come on let's go inside." Logan smirked and then picked Rory up in his arms causing her to call out his name in surprise.

"Logan! What are you doing?" Rory's hands automatically wound their way around Logan's neck.

Logan started forward, Rory held securely in his arms. "Carrying you over the thresh hold of our home."

Rory smiled down at Logan, "Traditionally you do that after you get married."

Logan had made his way up the stairs and was almost at the front door,

"Well we're not exactly following tradition Ace, so let me have my fun."

"Well since you're having fun, you won't mind if I have fun too." Rory ducked her head down and kissed Logan, she had no intentions of keeping the kiss simple, she caressed his bottom lip between both of hers, she smiled into the kiss when she felt Logan get distracted, she could feel him fumble with getting the keys in the lock.

Somehow Logan kept enough focuse and opened the door; he walked them inside and gently set Rory's feet on the ground without breaking the kiss. Logan cupped Rory's face as the kiss came to its natural end, "Welcome home Ace." Logan steeped away from Rory giving her space to task in their new home.

Rory was instantly flooded with a sense of warmth, from the honey colored hardwood flooring to the butter yellow walls. Rory wandered into the front siting room and found a large open fire place, and a bay window overlooking the front garden.

The house was unfurnished but it didn't feel empty, it almost felt like the house had been waiting for them to move it in and make it a home.

Rory found herself in the kitchen, surrounded by black stone bench tops and stainless steel appliances.

Rory picked up a white box the size of a cd, the box had a red bow tied around it, "Logan you didn't have to get me a present." Rory turned to Logan smiling, reveling the white box to him.

Logan looked at the box puzzled, "I didn't."

"Then who sent this?"

Logan shrugged his shoulders, "There is only one way to find out." Logan plucked the gift box out of Rory's hand and undid the red bow.

Logan lifted the lid and found a hand written note; he recognized his father's neat hand writing immediately. "It's from my parents." Logan picked up the note and read it out loud.

"We thought we could help make your house into a home, consider it an engagement present.
Love Mom and Dad. "Logan looked at the note and tried to recall the last time his father had written the word love. "There is a credit card."

Rory wrapped her arms around Logan from behind as he looked down at the hand written note; it's hard to discover your parents aren't as heartless as you thought they were.

"Wow that's really nice of them."

"Rory we can't accept this."

"Why not?"

"Because every time they get involved my life goes to shit."

"That's not true Logan, those getting involved gave me you and baby Hershey. And you and Hershey are the best things that have ever happened to me. I'm not going anywhere Logan there is nothing they can say or do that will make me go away."

Logan turned in the circle of Rory's arms and embraced her; he touched his forehead to hers. "I love you Ace."

"I know Logan."

Logan pulled back from the hug smiling, "I said no to naming our child after cheese, what made you think I would say yes to chocolate?"

"I'm going to find a name associated with food that you will like."

"I doubt it Ace."


"No way." Logan shook his head, the baby names were getting worse.

"No look, the avocado tree." Rory ran to the French door that overlooked the back garden, with the Avocado tree growing in it.