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Rory was sitting in the kitchen of Logan's apartment, working on her laptop while she waited for Logan to return home from work. They had been shopping all week and Rory was going over her lists, double checking they had everything needed for the house. Her phone was sitting next to the laptop when it started ringing, Rory looked at the caller I.D. and smiled when she saw who was calling.

"Hi Mom"

"Hello sweet child of mine, boy do I have news for you." Lorelai said excitedly.

"It must be big to warrant a third phone call in one day."

"Are you implying I'm clingy?"

"I am implying nothing. I am simply stating the facts."

"Do you want to hear the news or not?"

Rory was sure her mother was going to tell her something random like that Kirk had taken up the extreme sport Parkour. "Not really."

"I'm hurt this is the biggest news I have ever shared in my life and my own daughter does not want to hear it."

"Mom shouldn't you be at Grandma and Grandpa's and not the phone talking to me?" Earlier that day Rory had spent the better part of an hour convincing Lorelai there was no excuse that would get her out of Friday night dinner at the Gilmores, judging by the time that was exactly where her mother should have been.

"I am." Lorelai said.

"Has Grandma changed her no speaking on cell phones in the house rule?" Rory clicked save on her laptop and closed it, giving her mother her full attention.

"No," Lorelai said, "She still hates cell phones in the house."

"So how are you calling me without being yelled at?"

"Because I'm not actually in the house yet." Lorelai sounded very self-satisfied with loophole in her mother's rule. She was currently sitting the driver's seat of the Jeep in the driveway of her parent's house.

"Mom, are you using me as a delay tactic?" Rory made her way to the fridge, she opened the door, her eyes roamed the contents of the fridge desperately looking for something other than orange juice to wet her appetite but she could swear she could hear the sweet orange liquid calling her name.

Some people call them pregnancy cravings, Rory had found them to pregnancy obsessions, regardless of where she was or what she was doing all Rory could think about was orange juice. Logan had joked she was going to turn orange soon, Logan hadn't found the joke so funny when a craving hit at four o'clock that morning and there was no juice left in the apartment.

Lorelai checked her hair out in the rearview mirror and fluffed her curls, "No I'm being efficient, I'm nine minutes early and I couldn't think of a better way to spend nine minutes than to talk to my daughter who was conceived in less than that time."

Rory ignored the comment on her conception, "You know Grandma is still going to yell at you."

"I can't see how I'm not in the house yet. There is no talking on a cell phone rule for the driveway, besides, if I'm really lucky you'll distract me thus eating into my Friday night dinner time."

Rory had given into her craving and grabbed the orange juice out of the fridge, "So I am a distraction?"

Lorelai looked at her watch, "Not for another eight minutes."

"Okay then you have eight minutes to summarize the biggest news you have ever had to share in your life and then I am hanging up." Rory looked at the clock on the microwave while pouring herself a large glass of her O.J.

"Well after I spoke and you said you were missing Luke's coffee, I decided to go visit Luke."

"I bet he gave you more than coffee." Rory voice dripped with innuendo. Rory took a sip or her drink and couldn't help let out a moan of satisfaction.

Lorelai heard the moan, "Rory are you having sex?"

Rory almost choked before she managed to swallow the remainder of the liquid in her mouth, "What! No."

"Then what's with the moaning?"

"I'm having a drink of orange juice."

"Ah, your orange to my apple. Am I okay to continue with my story or do you need a minute alone with O.J?"

"No Mom I'm fine, continue with your story, no more moaning I promise."

"Good, so I'm sitting in the dinner talking to Luke when Brian comes running in the front door, he was all excited and was looking for Zack but Zack was out making a delivery."

Rory could sense Lorelai was building herself up for a long winded story, "I thought you said you only had eight minutes."

Lorelai continued as if Rory had not spoken, "Brian was as high as the Toxic Twins after a national tour, so I asked him what's up. He said he was close to closing the biggest deal of his real estate career."

"Well that's good for him."

"He was so excited just like a puppy in a shoe store that he just had to tell me all about it. He said for the first time he had been left alone to man the phones in the office. So there he was sitting all alone in the office chewing his pen..."

"I bet he did not tell you he was chewing a pen."

Lorelai laughed, "No, but the blue ink all over his mouth and face gave it away."

"Did you tell him he was covered in ink?" Rory looked at the clock her mother had six minutes before she hung up.

"Where would the fun in that be?"

"You cruel, cruel, woman."

"So he's sitting there chewing his pen when suddenly the phone rings, Brian said he picked up the phone and answered in his most professional voice, 'Century 21 Real Estate this is Brian." The last part was said with Lorelai giving the worst Brian impersonation Rory had ever heard.

"Brian does not talk like that."

"He does too, Luke loved my Brian impression. Anyway the voice on the other end of the phone said, 'Hello this is Mister Wonka.' Personally I think this is the point where Brian covered his face in blue ink."

"No way, is his first name Willy." Rory sounded incredulous, this was the reaction Lorelai had been hoping for.

"I have no idea but if it is I'm having his baby."

Rory now found herself interested in her Mom's story, "I wonder what property he wanted? I'm not aware of any abandon chocolate factories around Stars Hollow inhabited by small orange men."

"Guess." This was the best part of the story Lorelai wanted to drag it out a little.

"The Luxor Temple," Rory jokingly guessed.

"Is that the one with the stone rams out the front?"

"No that's Karnak, Luxor has the sphinxes with the human heads."

Lorelai frowned and concentration, "Huh, are you sure?"


"I'll take your word for it my little Zahi Hawass and as close as that guess was you are not right."

"I'm shocked, so what property is he selling?"

"The Inn."

"The in what?"

"No not in, inn. As in your inn, our inn, The Independence Inn."

Rory slumped in her chair, "Wow."

"I know."

"I mean we always knew it was going to sell one day but I kind of had this fantasy that you would buy it one day."

The excitement left Lorelai's voice, "You and me both kid."

"On the plus side it means it will be a working inn again." Rory was desperately looking for the positive in though it was becoming apparent that the Independents Inn was truly going to be out of her and her mother's reach.

"Yeah I guess that's a plus."

"Lorelai Gilmore, what are you doing sitting in your car, it's after seven."

Lorelai jumped at the sound or her mother's voice coming from just outside of the car window, "Opps."

Rory had heard her grandmothers voice clearly, "You are so busted by Grandma." Rory looked at the clock on the wall and could see that Lorelai had used up her nine minutes and had eaten into Friday night dinner time. It was now two minutes past the hour.

Lorelai smiled and looked at her mom, "Hi Mom, I was just on my way in when Rory called me."

"Hey! You called me."

Lorelai whispered into her phone, "Work with me here kid."

"Oh you're talking to Rory? Can I talk to her?" Emily reached into the car's open window and snatched the phone out of Lorelai's hand.

"Sure mom, here's the phone," Lorelai muttered under her breath.

Emily started walking towards the inside of the house, "Hello Rory, this is you Grandmother."

"Hello Grandma."

Emily turned and looked at Lorelai, "Are you coming into the house Lorelai, or are you going to sit out here all night like some policeman on a stakeout in a bad television show?"

Lorelai sighed and reluctantly got out of her car and followed her mother into the house.

Emily made her way into the sitting room and sat down on the couch. "So Rory you and Logan must be very close to moving into the new house?"

"We are the furniture trucks are coming Monday." Curtsy of the Huntzberger's Rory and Logan had purchased everything they needed to fully furnish the house and Rory had arranged for all the delivery's to come on the following Monday.

"What time?" Lorelai who had followed her mother into the sitting room was helping herself to a martini, looked up from where she was pouring her drink and could see the gleam in her mother's eye, she knew her mother was up to something.

Rory who was oblivious to an ulterior motive answered her grandmother, "First one is due at seven thirty in the morning."

"And what time does Logan leave for work?"

Rory was suspicious of why her grandmother wanted specific details but how much trouble could Emily do from the other side of the country? "Twenty to seven, why?"

"Wonderful, I will be around to the house at seven." Lorelai almost choked on her drink at her mother's comment.

"What? Grandma you don't have to do that."

"Nonsense Rory, it will be my pleasure. You have never had to set up a home before you have no idea how taxing it can be. Besides I know you and Logan are on a budget, I'm sure you have forgotten to buy something so I can take you shopping."

"Really Grandma we have everything, Logan's parent's helped pay for the furniture as an engagement gift."

"They did what?" Emily was clearly outraged by the Huntzberger's involvement.

Rory cringed as her grandmother voice went up several octaves. "I know I was just as surprised as you are. But they seem to be trying to be nice, I'm not sure how long it will last, but hey I got a house full of furniture out of it so I'm not complaining."

"Rory, dear, would you mind holding for a moment?"

"Sure Grandma."

Rory could hear a clunk when her Grandmother put the phone down on a table. "Richard! I told you we were too late." Emily shouted in direction of Richard's office.

Rory was forced to move the phone away from her ear at the sound of her grandmothers yelling. Apparently Emily had no concept of how good cell phone were at picking up sound, Rory was sure Emily did not intend on her hearing that.

Richard emerged from his office moments later, "Too late for what Emily. Ahh hello Lorelai I didn't hear you come in."

"Hi Dad," Lorelai had been sitting on the other end of the couch listening to her mother.

Emily looked at Lorelai for the first time since she had entered the house, it was almost like she had forgotten her daughter was there. "Lorelai how could you not tell us?"

"Not my news to tell Mom."

Richard was helping himself to a martini, "What didn't Lorelai tell us?"

"That the Huntzberger's have already bought Rory and Logan all their furniture. This is entirely your fault I told to you we should have done something sooner."

Rory could hear her Grandfathers reply. "Well how was I supposed to know that Emily? I am not privy to the inner workings of the Huntzberger's."

"Because you know how manipulative they are and now they are trying to worm they're way into Rory's life and take our place."

Rory could hear the genuine distress in her grandmother's voice, how was she supposed to refuse Emily's offer to fly all the way out to California without hurting her feelings further?

Richard's ever calm voice carried down the phone line, "Emily you're being paranoid, no one is taking our place in Rory's life, we are her grandparents and she loves us. Besides I was planning on us buying her a new car. She doesn't have a car in California and the one she has here is not suitable for a family."

Emily's face light up and Rory could hear it in her voice, "Ohh that's good Richard, a car is just as good as furniture."

"Some might say more important," Richard said.

"What type of car were you thinking of Richard?"

"Well come into the office Emily I was just looking at a luxury SUV that I think is perfect."

"An SUV Richard, is that really practical?" Emily followed Richard out of the lounge room without even glancing at Lorelai.

Lorelai made her way over to her cell phone had been left on the side table, her father's voice could still be clearly heard, "We'll they are a very safe car to drive and just in case an earth quake does occur…"

Lorelai picked up the phone, "You still there Rory?"

"Yes Mom I'm here. I don't suppose there is any chance you can talk them out of buying me a car?"

"Not a hope in hell. Hey can you still hear them?"

Lorelai held her phone up and Rory could just hear her grandfather's voice, "Don't forget Emily they are a young couple and four wheel drives are more hip than a traditional family car."

Lorelai brought the phone back to her ear, "Did you hear that?"

"Yes, apparently four wheel drives are hip."

"Lorelai!" For the second time Lorelai found herself jumping at the sound of her mother calling her name.

"Gees Mother there is no need to yell, I'm right here."

"Lorelai I have told you hundreds of time talking on cell phones in the house."


"Now get off the phone and come into the office and look at cars with your father and I, this is our family night after all and we should do things as a family." Emily marched back into the office.

"Grandma's forgotten I'm on the phone hasn't she?"

"I'm afraid so. I'd better go before I get yelled at again."

"Okay, bye Mom, love you."

"Love you too." Lorelai ended the call with Rory and made her way into her father's office with her drink in hand.