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Logan had been so engrossed in his meeting he almost missed the sound of knocking at the boardroom door. Logan hoped the clients hadn't noticed, he wanted nothing to go wrong with this meeting, if he could get these guy's to sign up others would follow and then the business would truly be on its way to revolutionizing the way businesses networked. Logan had all but made up his mind to ignore the knocking when the door opened and Ivy, the receptionist, walked in.

Ivy stood politely in the open door way, her short cropped red and hair gothic clothing more groomed than it would be on a normal day, "I'm sorry to disturbed you gentlemen but Logan, Rory is on the phone and she says it is an emergency."

Ivy's eye's widened when she saw Logan get out of his chair faster than she thought was possible, she stepped out of the way just in time for Logan to pass her and run down the hallway to his office.

The software company Logan was a partner in, held its offices in a building that catered to small businesses. Logan had been thrilled when he had found this space to lease, as it not only gave them the room to grow that they so desperately needed but it also gave them access to major facilities such as a boardrooms and reception areas. It made the company look bigger than it actually was without all the overheads or the need to rent rooms just for a day.

As Logan rounded the corner and entered his office he felt his hart thundering in his chest, it was as if he had ran a mile instead of a few yards, all he could think of was that Rory was almost seven months pregnant and she said there was an emergency. Logan took a deep breath and picked up the phone, "Rory what's wrong?"

"Two words," Rory sounded very distressed like she had been crying.

"What?" Logan was pacing his office trying to burn off his nervous energy. "Rory this is not time for a guessing games, what's wrong?"

"I told you I need to know two words." The desperation was clear in Rory's voice. "I know, I know them but I can't think of them. I need your help."

"So there is nothing wrong with the baby?" Logan paused in his pacing, his heart rate started to come down.


Logan was trying to get his head around the situation. "And you're fine?"

"No I'm not fine." Anger seeped into Rory's voice. "I need to know what the heck the two words are I'm trying to think of so I can finish this stupid article." Rory voice was getting louder as she carried on.

Logan barely kept the humor out of his voice, "So just to clarify, you and the baby are fine and you rang so I could be your dictionary?"

"No! I called you for help but if you're only going to make fun of me I'm going to hang up."

Logan winced he had not been as successful as he thought in keeping the humor out of his voice. "No, Ace, don't hang up. I'll help. Tell me about the words." Logan sat down on the edge of his desk, he knew this shouldn't be as important as the meeting he had just left but he couldn't bring himself to tell Rory that. He had notice a drop in Rory's vocabulary of late, she seemed to hesitate before saying some words and was describing things instead of just saying their name and for someone with a vocabulary as large as Rory's she was finding it incredibly frustrating. Scientists can say what they want but baby brain is real and Rory had it.

"Okay first word, it's the fancy word for money."

"Ahhh moolah?"

Rory laughed, "Moolah? You Logan Huntzberger, the heir of Huntzberger Publishing when thinking of a fancy word for money comes up with Moolah? Is Moolah even a real word?"

"Of cause it is," Logan said.

"Somehow I don't believe you."

"Well since you called me for help in working out what words you wanted, I think you will just have to take my word for it. And since you don't like moolah, I have other words, dosh, cash, loot, dough."

"No Logan, I mean a grown up word."

Logan thought for a moment, "I don't know... fiscal?"

"Yes! Fiscal that's the word. You're a good man Huntzberger." Rory had real joy in her voice.

"I do my best Ace, so what about the allusive second word?"

"Okay, umm it's kind of like a stimulant but a pill."

Logan guessed, "Ecstasy?'

"No, it's… Oh you know. Men having a midlife crisis, who have bought their first convertible and are sleeping with women half their age, are taking them." Logan had absolutely no idea what Rory was talking about.

"Ooo ooo, it's blue."

Logan laughed, "Viagra?"

"Yes! Yay," Logan could hear Rory clapping her hands, "I have my words."

Rory had perked Logan's interest, "Ace what kind of article are you writing where you need the words Viagra and fiscal."

"No, not Viagra fiscal, fiscal Viagra. I'm writing an article about the economic impact the collapse of the subprime market has had on small businesses and the government's proposals are essentially fiscal Viagra to try and stimulate the economy."

"So all is right in the world now that you can finish your article?"

"Yes as soon as the article is finished I'm going shopping for holiday decorations."

"Okay Ace, have fun."

"I will." Logan was just about to hang up the phone when he heard Rory's voice again. "Hey Logan, how did the meeting go."

"Don't know yet the meeting isn't over."

"Oh no," Rory almost sounded like she was about to cry, "Did I disrupt it?"

Logan, having heard how distressed Rory decided upon a little white lie to calm her down. "Not at all Ace, they are running late."

"Okay, good luck for when they get there."

"Thanks Ace, I'll see you tonight."

Logan ended the call and made his way back into the boardroom, he was happy to see Ivy had keep the clients happy plying them with coffee and pastries. "Please accept my apologies gentlemen."

"Ivy explained the situation. You have nothing to apologies for. Is everything okay?" The older of the two clients asked.

"Yeah, it was a false alarm." Logan scratched the back of his neck and couldn't keep the smirk of his face.

"Is it your first child?" The younger guy asked before he took another sip of coffee.

Logan nodded, "It is."

The younger guy smiled back, "I was a nervous wreck when my wife was pregnant with our first child."

Logan pulled up to the house, he was glad to be home, the business meeting that he thought had gone down the toilet with Rory's untimely call was in fact a screaming success and he couldn't wait to share the news with Rory.

When Logan got back to the meeting they had spent forty five minutes talking about Logan's pending fatherhood and then they had signed on the dotted line. Logan was on cloud nine, this was the start of something big.

Logan made his way in from the garage and into the kitchen, he set his briefcase on the black marble kitchen bench and loosened his tie. "Hey Ace, I'm home."

Logan paused and waited for a reply. "Ace?"

He knew she was home, her car the white Jeep Cherokee that Richard and Emily Gilmore had bought her was in the garage. Expectantly the car came with every bell and whistle that Roy would never need or use, including the unfortunate personalized number plates G1LBURG. Logan had offered to have the car re registered but Rory had refused the offer stating her grandparents would be crushed if they thought she didn't like the car.

Logan pushed up the sleeves of his shirt and made his way into the den. He wasn't concerned with Rory's lack of response, she was most likely asleep up stairs. Logan poured himself a scotch from the wet bar and stood sipping the amber liquid for a few quiet moments. After Logan had finished one drink and poured himself another and decided it was time to find Rory.

A loud thump sounded through the house, followed by a whispered "Shoot." Logan knew that voice, it was Rory, she was obviously awake and by the sound of it in the front sitting room maybe even hiding from him.

"Ace..." Logan waited. "I know your home." Logan approached the sliding door that lead to the sitting room, he was sure that was where her voice had come from, before he made it to the door, it slid open and Rory stepped out, quickly closing the door behind her.

"Hi Logan, I didn't hear you come in."

"That's understandable considering I made such a stealthy entry." Logan replied sarcastically, he then placed both of his hands on Rory's now protruding belly, and kissed her on the lips, it was meant to be a hello kiss but quickly turned into more when Rory reached her hands up and caressed the hair at the nape of Logan's neck.

Logan recognized the kiss, it was the one where she was trying to distract him, or was hiding something from him, or had done something she didn't want him to know about.

Logan pulled back from the kiss, "Ace what's in the sitting room?"

"Well there is a lounge suite, a hall table, coffee table, the lamp your mother gave us that I really don't like..."

"Okay let me rephrase, what's new in the room that you don't want me to see?"

"Well that's a completely different question. You know you should really work on your question asking abilities. I'd be more than happy to practice that with you now."

Logan smiled at Rory, "I'm not going to get distracted Ace, what's in the room?"

"Okay..." Rory took a moment to collect her thoughts. "You know how I was complaining we didn't have any Holiday decorations and you said I should go shopping, and then I said it would be weird living in a house that didn't light up at Christmas, and then you said I should buy some lights as well, in fact you said I should knock myself out, and buy as much as I want. By the way I knocked myself out once and it was not fun at all and shopping for me is fun, so it was odd you picked that phrase."

Logan smirked at Rory, she was being evasive. "Ace, is there a point coming any time soon?"

"If you would stop interrupting me I would be able to make my point."

Logan stood there, looking at Rory, waiting for her to make her point. "Rory, what is your point?"

"I went Christmas decoration shopping."

Logan failed to see what had caused all of Rory's rambling. "And..."

"And... I got a little carried away."

"How carried away?"

"I can take stuff back, really I'm sure I bought stuff we don't need..."

Logan tuned out from what Rory was saying, he was eager to see what she had brought. He reached his arm up above Rory's head and slid one of the doors open.

He was amazed at the sight before him, in each of the four corners of the room were boxes piled high, two of the piles were as wide as he was tall, and towered above his head. He had no idea how Rory had bought all of this in one afternoon let alone gotten it into the house.

Rory steeped away from the doorway allowing Logan to enter the room, she bit her lip nervously, worried Logan would be angry with her over spending.

Logan approached the biggest pile and peeked into one of the open boxes, he had no idea what he was looking at, it was a white metal frame that had lights attached to it. Logan pulled the box away from the pile so he could see the other side, the box was graced with a picture of a reindeer, and according to the writing on the box it was animated.

Logan looked at more of the boxes and found everything from, garden lights to a Christmas tree skirt, tinsel, boxes of decorations and trimmings for the porch, banister and fire place.

Rory watched keenly as Logan inspected random boxes from all of the piles. She didn't know what had gotten into her, she had never lost control while shopping like that before. She was sure Logan would take the black card off her, he had said she could use it any time as long as she promised to be responsible, Rory looked around at all of the boxes and knew she had not been responsible.

"Honest Logan, I didn't mean to spend so much, I just had this insane idea that our first Christmas together as a family had to be perfect and all this stuff would make it perfect. I've watched enough Holiday movies to know it's your family and loved ones that make the Holidays special, but..."

"Ace, stop explaining." Rory cringed at home emotionless Logan's voice sounded. "Did you know we never had any lights on our lawn when I was growing up? I always wanted them, but my parents never did it."

"The first year my Mom and I moved into the crap shack, we went light shopping, we got so carried away we had to actually cook for three weeks just so Mom could pay the mortgage that month."

Logan turned and really looked at Rory for the first time, "God she looked beautiful," he thought to himself.

Rory was wearing a burgundy colored bell sleeved knit dress, the dress clung tightly to her curves and her very noticeable baby bump. She was in knee high tan leather boots and black stockings. Her hair was out and curled, she was keeping it out of her face with a headband that matched the dress. Logan finally paid attention to her face and could see how worried she was by his reaction. It was true Rory had never spent up like that before but it also showed he had been seriously remiss in explain the family budget to her.

"Rory I have one question for you," Logan made his way over to Rory, he kept his voice as emotionless as possible. "How were you planning on all of this being installed?" Logan stopped in front of Rory, her head dropped so she couldn't have to look him in the eye.

"Well I figured since Colin and Finn would be spending Thanksgiving with us they could help you put it all up."

"And what makes you think three white collar guys would be capable of setting all of this up?"

"The fact that I have watched the three of you set up every Xbox, 360, Play Station, Hi-Fi, flat screen system you guys have bought since I've know you."

Logan gestured to the boxes around them, "And all of this would make you happy?"

Rory nodded her head meekly, and peeked up at Logan.

"I guess it's lucky then that we have the boys here for four days, because with all of this stuff it's going to take that long."

"I can keep it all." Rory tried to keep the joy out of her voice.

"Yeah Ace, you can keep it all." Logan watched Rory's face as it light up with the realization she would get to keep everything. She launched herself into Logan's arms, kissing him deeply.

Rory pulled back from the kiss just as suddenly as it started her face alight with excitement. "I'm ordering Chinese to celebrate."


Rory was already halfway out of the room looking for her cell phone, she turned around, "Yeah?"

"After dinner I'm taking you over our finances. I don't want you freaking out on me like this again okay."

"But Logan the trust fund is yours, I don't want to know about it."

Logan walked over to Rory, it never ceased to amaze him that a Gilmore could be so nervous talking about money. "Yes it is mine, but while we are together the income I get from it is ours."

Logan kissed Rory on the lips, "You order the food while I change."

Rory drew Logan in for a hug, her head resting in the crook of his neck, "Okay."

Suddenly Rory looked up, "Oh my god Logan I can't believe I haven't even asked you how did the meeting go?"

"It went really well, they signed the contract with only one amendment."

"What did they amend?"

"Instead of it being a one year contract they insisted on it being a two years."

"Logan, that's amazing. I'm going to order Chinese and pizza to make this a real celebration."

"Tell you what Ace, you order the food and I'll go pick up some ice cream so we can make tonight a real celebration."

Logan carried the last of the empty boxes into the garage on his way back to the front lawn he stopped and marveled at the domestic seen in front of him.

Colin and Finn were putting up the last of the decorations, Finn was working on the lights that went along the eaves of the house and Colin was making sure everything was plugged in and working.

The boys had flown in two days ago, with the day before having been Thanksgiving. The house had never been so full of life before and it only solidified that this house was home. Logan had really missed Colin and Finn, with them he felt no need to pretend to be any one other than who he was his friendship with them whilst slightly juvenile was incredibly freeing.

"Mate, I'm knackered." Finn stepped down from his ladder for the final time, he wiped the sweat from his forehead and stretched his back. "And I hurt in six different places."

"Finn if you had just stopped falling off the roof you would have been fine." Colin joined Finn and stood back admiring all their hard work.

"If it wasn't for me falling of the roof then the guttering wouldn't have those artful loops coming off it."

"Well you get to explain to Rory why the lights don't match the instructions she gave us." Logan joined his two best friends. In one day they had managed to put up all the outdoor decorations while Rory had worked on the inside. Logan started to make his way inside, the others followed.

"Speaking of the lady of the house, where is she?" Colin said while looking around the house, "We haven't heard her dulcet tones screeching at us for at least an hour."

"I'm sorry about that guy's. The pregnancy is just making Rory a little irrational at times."

"Rory is not irrational, she psychotic." Colin sat down in the leather lounge in the den and eagerly awaiting the promised alcoholic drink.

"Shhh, keep your voice down." Logan handed out the drinks, "You don't want her to hear you."

"Mate the devil is all knowing." Finn said he was sprawled out on the other end of the couch, he had already finished his first drink and he was motioning for another.

"That's God Finn." Colin joined Finn in motioning for a new drink.

"But God is meant to be loving." Finn replied, "And Rory at the moment is anything but God like."

"She wasn't always like this was she?" Colin seemed to be pondering as he drank his recently toped up drink.

"Guy's enough. She is not that bad... all the time." Logan paused thinking of Rory's last set of instructions she shouted at them hysterically.

Both Colin and Finn gave Logan a look of disbelief. "Fine she's crazy as a June bug, but just you wait until the woman you love is pregnant then we will see who is laughing."

"How can you say such a truly horrid things?" Colin said with a look horror on his face, he was on step-mom number seven and had no intentions of ever putting himself or any potential children through that.

Logan watched as both as his friends looked at him in disbelief, "Don't look at me like that it will happen... to both of you."

"I know my time will come," Finn sounded wistful. "One day Rosemary will give in."

"Finn why haven't you given up on Rose yet?" Logan had watched Finn pine over Rosemary since freshman year. He had never been able to work out how serious Finn was about his feelings were for Rose.

"Because she is my one true love."

"Who has yet to agree on a date with you," Colin pointed out.

"That's why I'm working on a plan."

"Tell, tell." Colin awaited to hear his friends latest crazy girl winning plan.

"Well I was reading that weddings are a wonderful place to meet single woman."

"Yes they are," Logan though back to the many weddings he had been to and the many dates that had resulted in his attendance. With a shock Logan realized it was at Richard and Emily Gilmore's vowel renewal that he had first kissed Rory and surly vowel renewals were in the same category as wedding.