They danced.

They knew other people were around them, dancing, laughing and drinking. But for the moment all they could hear was the music as they moved slowly in time with the beat, feeling the rhythm of each other's body movements. Rory rested her head on Logan's shoulder and closed her eyes. She was beyond tired but it was nice to be close to him. It was one of the few moments all night when it had been just them. She felt their son shifted in his sleep, his head rested on her shoulder whilst he was held in his father's arms. His blond curls brushed against her neck and cheek, they were soft, warm and smelt clean and fresh.

"Don't fall asleep on me Ace. I can only dance holding one of you up and if I have to pick between you and Quinn, I'm picking Quinn, he weighs less."

Rory smiled and looked up at her husband. "I'm not falling asleep I'm just enjoying the moment."

"Really because I'm sure I heard you snore." Logan smirked at Rory.

"I was not snoring! The only Huntzberger I know who snores is two and is currently drooling on me."

Logan laughed and reshuffled Quinn in his arms. For the briefest of moments Quinn opened his eyes, revealing the sparkling blue so like his mothers and grandmothers that there was no doubt he was part Gilmore. Quinn settled his head on his father's shoulder and was back asleep in the time it took to draw one breath.

Logan extracted an unused handkerchief from his pocket, Rory turned showing him her back so he could gently wipe the drool from her shoulder, miraculously the drool had missed the lace of her dress.

Rory wore a goddess style ivory dress, the dress flowed full length down her body with a small train in the back. Lace formed the straps of the dress, they swept over her shoulders and meet with a shear panel in the back, where pearl buttons lead down to more lace. The lower lace panel went down the crest of her buttocks and swept around her middle, where instead of the lace circling her entire waist, a gap of four inches was left. Three small strings of pearls that match the buttons in the back bridged the gap, giving the dress a defined waist. Every time Rory moved the dress floated and moved around her in the most ethereal way.

"What do you say we get this little man to bed?"

Rory shook her head, causing a curl to break free from her styled hair, "Just a little longer."

"Come on Ace, look at him, he's fast asleep. Let Luke and Lorelai take him."

"But Logan, I've never spent a night apart from him." Rory gently stroked the platinum blond curls on Quinn's head. Shira insisted Quinn's hair was exactly the same color Logan's had been at the same age and Lorelai said Rory's hair had had the same curl to it when she had been a toddler. "What if he needs me?" Rory moved in close to Logan again, she embrace both her son and husband. Logan whispered in her ear.

"Then Lorelai or Luke will call and we will jump in the car and be with him within ten minutes, five if you let me speed."

Rory pulled her head back a little so she could look Logan in the eye. "I'll let you speed." Rory looked at her sleeping son again, she knew he should be in bed, but her heart ached at the thought of parting from him. "Can I at least go tuck him in?"

"Yeah we can do that Ace. Besides I think your Mom needs to go to bed as well." The happy couple looked across to find Lorelai, asleep with her head on Luke's chest, her feet propped up on another chair, her hands rested on her pregnant stomach.

Lorelai and Luke had married the year before in a simple ceremony at a court house in Hartford in front of just a few witnesses. Not long after the wedding Lorelai had fallen pregnant and much their dismay and delight she was pregnant with twins.

Lorelai took much delight in reminding Rory of the dream she had had many year prior where she was pregnant with Luke's twins, saying the dream was proof of her psychic powers.

"I don't think it's fair us leaving him with Mom. Look at how tired she is."

"Ace you and I both know your Mom has been looking forward to this, I think if you don't let her take Quinn there will be blood."

"I cannot believe how demanding Mom is when she's pregnant." Logan gave his wife a look that clearly said she was a pot calling the kettle black.

Rory knew exactly what the look meant and she felt insulted, "I was not that bad."

"Really? And just how many times did I have to do a midnight run for orange juice? Or have you call me at work or wake me up to help you figure out what word you were trying to think of?"

"Well if you would like to trade the part of passing something the size of a watermelon through something the size of a lemon I would gladly buy all the orange juice you could drink and I would have no issues being a walking, talking thesaurus."

Logan cringed, he loved his son but witnessing his birth was one of the most amazing and grossest things he had ever seen. Logan did not envy Rory at all for what she went through, even if the labor was relatively short at just under two hours. In fact the experience of watching Rory give birth had given Logan a new found respect for every woman who had ever given birth.

"No I'm fine Ace, Tropicana orange juice was your favorite right?"

"Yeah that was my favorite, though I think it's a little soon to be reminding you of the fact."

"Well you did say no more kids after until we got married and..." Logan looks down at his watch, "We have been married for five and a half hours." Logan was amazed he had been able to talk Rory into more children. He thought it would have been harder than it had been, her only condition was that they had to be married before they even started trying for any more children.

"We can't leave the party yet," Rory told Logan, "Finn is still fully clothed and we have so few night's where we don't have to rush back home." Rory and Logan looked around the marque located in the back field of the Dragonfly Inn. Their friends and family we all gathered around them

"So let's get this little man to bed and then we will come back to party for a while." Rory nodded her head in agreement. "You go get your Mom and Luke and I will let a couple of people know what's happening and I'll meet you at the limo in ten minutes."

"Okay." Rory kissed Logan deeply on the lips before moving their son out of his arms. Quinn's black suit stood out against Rory's ivory dress. He watched her carried their sleeping child over to where Luke and Lorelai were. Logan smiled as he watched his family interact, he couldn't imagine being any happier than he was in that moment

Logan felt a hand grip onto his shoulder, "Logan can we talk for a moment."

At the sound of his father's voice, Logan's moment of happiness came crashing to the ground. Things had improved with his family over the last two and a half years, but there was always tension lying under the surface.

Logan always thought it wasn't fair how his father could still make him feel like a fourteen year old who had just crashed his grandfather's Jag. He was a grown man, he was successful, married and a parent in his own right and yet his father still had the ability to make him feel inferior.

"Can it wait?"

"Well it could, but I would really like to do this now." Logan could see the look of determination in his father's eyes. Logan shrugged his shoulders and led his father through the marque and into one of the smaller tents where the bridal party had gotten ready.

Logan had learnt over the years that it was usually quicker to humor his father and have these little talks than to try avoiding them.

Once they we safely away for the partying crowed Mitchum spoke, "You look happy."

"I am Dad, Rory makes me happy."

"Good, that's good. Your mother and I really like her."

Logan tried not to laugh, it was true, his families feelings towards Rory had improved over the years, his grandfather would tolerate her but only after they had had a heated debate in which she had called him a decrepit heartless old man. His mother in general was nice to Rory with only the occasional relapse into bitch mode. Logan knew the two would never really get along as they had nothing in common, Shira could never understand Rory's need to work or how she couldn't be content with being a 'trophy wife.'

"Dad stop beating around the bush."

"Logan I want you to come back to the family business." Logan rolled his eyes and turned away from his father. It was not the first time this particular offer had been made and the conversation never ended well.

"Dad this is meant to be a good day for me, full of happy memories, I don't want to spoil it with us fighting."

Mitchum inwardly flinched, it was sad his son still associated their interactions with conflict. "I'm not planning on us fighting. I'm making you a legitimate job offer."

Logan turned back to his father, "I can't come back, not now at least."

"Why the hell not?"

"Dad, Rory is not like Mom. She will not put up with me working ridiculously long hours, she will not become an office widow. She will leave me, she will take Quinn and go. And all of this," Logan gestured back to the grand wedding that his family had helped pay for, "Means nothing if I don't have my family."

"Your being a little dramatic don't you think?"

"No Dad I don't. I will not sacrifice my life with Rory and out family just to live up to my obligations.My obligations are first and foremost with them."

"Is there nothing I can say or do to get you to come back?"

"I don't know," Logan took a deep breath, "I suppose if you really want me to come back, you would need to make a legitimate job offer and there would need to be some strict ground rules about my working hours before I even contemplate accepting."

"If you're asking for a guarantee on working nine to five it's not going to happen."

"I don't even work those hours now. What I'm asking for is that I'm not expected to work 18 hours a day, every day, like I was before. No spur of the moment business trips just to yank my chain." Logan could see his father was about to argue the point, or defend his past behavior. "I know emergencies happen and that there will be times when I will have to go out of town, but I want them as planned as possible. No moving me from one office to another, I need a permanent base for my family."

"Anything else?"

"If work starts to interfere with the wellbeing of my family I reserve the right to re-negotiate these rules at any time."

"And if I don't meet these demands?"

"Then things don't change. I'll still be on the west coast, not working for the family business, happy with my family."

Mitchum paused to think for a moment. "Okay so my offer is this, you can pick between New York and Hartford as your home base. I can't guarantee not to ask you to move down the track, but you will have the right to turn down the offer. You have already shown a talent for developing new businesses, so you would be best utilized in our development sector, you can pick between innovations and new investments, or the development of our current holdings. Once a week we would have a meeting in regards to the business as a whole and once a month there would be a board meeting that you would be required to attend. You would be required to travel but most trips would be planned to coincide with the projects you are developing. There may be times when you would have to travel expectantly, particularly when I am unable to attend an appointment or if there was a clash in schedules."

Mitchum paused, his mind trying to make the offer a thorough as possible. "There would also be an increase in the way of family obligation, attending events and regular family dinners." Logan was shocked, not just with the job offer but also with Mitchum's request for more family contact, no doubt that condition had been one his mother had set.

"I need to talk to Rory about this." Logan found the offer tempting. He father was offering him almost everything he had dreamed of. Despite past events and his youthful fears that he would have no say in his future Logan was passionate about the family business. He was proud of what his family had achieved and one day he wanted to be part of it again. These realizations had only come to him after he was no longer involved with the business, his time away in California had been Logan's chance to work out who he was and what he wanted career wise without the pressure of being a Huntzberger.

"Talk to her, the offer won't be taken of the table any time soon."

"Okay I have to go, we're taking Quinn to Lorelai's." Logan was about to walk out of the tent, when his father's hand touched his shoulder, Logan turned around, wondering what was left to say.

Before his father could say anything, Lorelai shouted out, "Logan get your ass out here, you're eating into my grandbaby time."

"I know you said no gifts, but when I saw this your mother and I could not resist getting it for you." Mitchum handed Logan a small silver gift box. "Open it with Rory."

"Thank you." Logan took the gift without a further word, Logan was outside off the tent when his father called out to him, "Son?"

Logan looked back, "Yeah Dad?"

"I'm proud of you, of the man you have become."

Logan smiled, "Thank you. I'd better go before Lorelai comes in and gets me."

Logan walked out of the tent, feeling as happy and carefree as he had before entering it. For the first time in his life, Logan had had a conversation with his father. Huh, he thought to himself, so that's what a healthy parental relationship feels like. No wonder Rory was so happy.

Rory and Logan stood in the dark room that was Rory's old bedroom in her mother's house. They had just tucked their son into bed and were watching him sleep. This would be the first night Quinn had spent out of their care, Logan was handling the impending separation well, but Rory seemed anxious.

"I'm so glad I talked you out of naming our son after food." Logan said in a bid to distract Rory from her building anxiety.

Rory looked at Logan, "Who said I didn't?"

"Rory there is no Quinn brand or anything in the food world."

"I know but that doesn't mean I didn't name him after food."

"Care to explain?"

"Sure I mean it's really obvious and I would have thought you had figured it out by now. But I named him after Eskimo Pies."

"What?" Logan said loudly.

"Shhh," Rory frowned at Logan and then looked back down at Quinn who hadn't even stirred.

"Sorry but how earth is the name Quinn connected to Eskimo Pies?" Logan whispered.

"Well I was eating an Eskimo Pie and it made me think of the song written by Bob Dylan, but I like the Manfred Mann version, "Mighty Quinn" and in the song Quinn was an Eskimo, which brought me right back to thinking about Eskimo Pies."

"So Quinn makes you think of a song makes you think of Eskimos and Eskimos make you think of Eskimo pies?"

"That's right."

"Don't you think it's a bit of a stretch saying that you named our son after food if there is three degrees of separation between the food and the name?"

Rory shook her head, "No."

Logan shook his head in defeat, "Come on Ace, let's get out of here or you will never leave." Logan made his way to the door, he looked back to find Rory still standing over Quinn, stroking his hair.

"You know we can always take him back to the Dragonfly with us." Logan made the offer reluctantly, he had been looking forward to having a night alone with his wife.

"No it's okay. I just... it's just this is the first night we have spent apart. I feel guilty. I feel like I'm breaking the promise we made him."

"Is that what's wrong?" Logan made his way back over to his wife.

"It's big part of it." Rory's voice sounded so sad that he just had to embrace her.

"Ace this doesn't count, he is spending the night with your Mom and Luke. We said no nannies, not no Nana's." Logan looked at Rory he knew if he didn't get her out of there soon he was going to be spending the night on the trundle bed next to his sleeping son.

"Come on Ace, one last kiss and then we have to get back."

Rory reluctantly complied with Logan, she let he lead her out of the room, she said good bye to her mother and Luke, both of whom offered their final reassurances that Quinn would be safe with them and then they made their way back to the limo.

"My Dad offered me a job again." Logan was looking out of the window, watching the pretty town of Stars Hollow pass them by.


Logan looked away from the window and at Rory, "I don't know Ace. It was a good deal, I can pick between Hartford and New York. I would basically have the pick of which division I want to work in. Dad even said he would be reasonable on my hours and travel requests."

"So seems like it's the dream job."

"Yeah, but it seems too good to be true. He seems too good to be true."

"Well you know what they say when something seems too good to be true."

Logan sighed, "I know."

"But he has been really good lately."

"I know." Logan looked back out the window.

"You want to take the job don't you?" Logan couldn't bring himself to answer the question out loud. His silence was answer enough for Rory. "If you took the job and found things hadn't really changed you could always leave again."

"So you would support this?"

Rory reached out and held Logan's hand, "You always have my support."

Logan looked down at where their fingers intertwined, "You know one of the conditions is there would be an increase in attending family functions and he also indicated family dinners would be involved."

"It looks like your family stole a leaf out of Emily Gilmores book." Logan gave Rory a blank face, "You know bribed into attending Friday night dinners"

They were silent for a long time. Logan weighing up the pros and cons of his father's job offer. Logan wanted the job, but he wanted his family's happiness more, Logan looked up to find Rory watching him. Not for the first time Logan found himself overwhelmed with love for this woman, he cupped her face in his hand running his thumb over her soft skin, he leant forward kissed her lips.

Rory responded straight away, opening her mouth, welcoming Logan inside of her. With the kiss deepening Logan's hand made its way down Rory's leg and started to work the material of her dress up.

"Logan you cannot be serious." Rory said breathlessly.

"I am." Logan had finally lifted the dress enough that he could touch Rory's leg with the only thing between his hand and her leg was her stocking.

"Logan we are in a limo," Rory wanted to resist Logan but she was finding it very hard.

"Yes we are. Did you know we have never done it in a limo before?"

"Considering I have been present every time we have had sex I am well aware that we have never done it in a limo before and I'm not planning on this being the first time."

"But you promised Ace. You said as soon as we got married we could start trying for another child. Really you should just consider this a reward for me restraining myself for so long."

Logan went in for another kiss but this time Rory pulled back, "So how exactly do you think us having sex in here is going to work? The drive to the Dragonfly takes ten minutes."

"I've already told the driver to take his time getting back to the wedding, so we shouldn't waste this opportunity"

"Logan!" Rory slapped Logan's chest, "He will think we are having sex." Rory whispered scandalously as if the driver could hear them through the privacy screen.

"Well we wouldn't want him to be wrong would we Ace?" Logan moved in and started kissing Rory's neck, his hand reached down and started working her skirt up again. As soon as it reached her knee Logan slipped his hand under the silky fabric. Logan ran his hand over Rory stocking encased leg. The sensation of Logan touching her through the stocking sent shivers up her spine. Her breathing deepened and Rory could feel her center moisten.

Rory could feel her resolve weakening when the limo's speaker crackled to life.

"Mr. Huntzberger we're here."

Logan groaned and pushed the intercom button, "I thought I said to take the long way."

"I'm sorry sir but your father gave me different instructions." The driver was sounding worried.

Logan felt sorry for the driver, it wasn't his fault his father was a grade 'A' manipulator, "It's fine, thank you."

Logan looked back at Rory making sure they were descent, "Well it seems we won't be having limo sex after all."

"Logan it wasn't going to happen anyway."

"Sure it was, I was wearing you down."

"No way mister."

Suddenly the limo door opened, Logan stepped out into the night and reached back for Rory, she stepped out and looked down to make sure her dress wasn't too creased.

"What are we doing here?" Logan asked the driver, looking around at the unexpected surroundings.

Rory looked up and noticed that they were not back at the Dragonfly Inn.

"This was where your father told me to drive you. He said you would understand."

"Logan what's going on?"

"Just a second Ace," Logan patted down his pants and jacket, looking for the box his father had given him, he found it and pulled it out from his breast pocket.

The box was silver with a white ribbon, Logan untied the ribbon and found a folded piece of paper inside, he took the paper out and unfolded it to find his father's hand writing, there was just enough moon light for him to read the note aloud "Our gift to you on your wedding day, a new chapter of your life."

"I don't understand Logan."

Logan looked back in the box and found a set of keys and suddenly the note made perfect sense.

Logan had tried to get these keys for Rory, but he hadn't been able to. Logan wondered how his father had known about these keys. The one thing guaranteed to get his to say yes to his father's offer.

"Logan? Why are we at the Independents Inn?"

He looked up from the keys to find his wife looking at him questioningly. She looked elven like, with her porcelain skin and the moon light making her dress glow in the darkness.

Logan smiled at her, his mind made up about their future, "Welcome home Ace."

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