AN/ This is just something that popped into my heat at 3:47 in the morning.

AN/ okay I'm also rewriting this. In actuality I'll probably rewrite all of my stories. Some were from when I was super young, and now that I'm in a creative writing class it may be fun. Any way. I hope you enjoy :)

The old man from scene 24 stood there guarding the bridge after he had been moved to the labyrinth after some unfortunate accidents with trolls and billy goats.
"You there what are you doing?" The goblin king asked. Despite the fact that he had assigned the older man his post he didn't remember that the man and bridge were moved into his labyrinth.
"All that cross the bridge of death must answer me these questions three, if the other side ye see,' He replied.
Thinking it was all a joke you indulged him, "Then ask me your questions"
"What is your name"
"Jareth of the Owl. Ruler of the Labyrinth and occasional David Bowie stand in"
"What is your quest"
"To get to my castle"
Thinking the questions were easy he smirked at the old man.
"What ... is Sarah Williams doing right now"

With a guilty and slightly embarasses look he glanced at his far away castle.
"Fuming that I popped in on her while sleeping and laughing her head off that she wished me to go through the labyrinth without magick like she had"
With his own secretive smirk he said, "You may pass"

. Later that day .
"Hey Sarah, I got it all on film"
"Great, person of scene 24"
She logged onto her Internet account.
"Youtube here I come."

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