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Story: Laurence Dominic was told the Dolls couldn't think. Well, he believes otherwise with the Active Doll Echo. Now he's playing cat and mouse games. The question is, who's the cat…and who's the mouse?
Set after episode S1.11 ("Briar Rose").
Spoilers: Definitely, all vague now but there's specific mentions of things that happened in episodes. Major spoilers coming up. EDIT: watch for spoilers for episode "Omega" (S1.12).
Warnings: Violence, language, sexual situations, etc.
Pairings: Laurence/Echo, Topher/Claire, slight Paul/Mellie, slight Paul/Echo, and slight Boyd/Claire.

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Happiness in Misery
Chapter Ten: Saints of Anger

She was kissing a stranger. Everything in her told her to relax, but inside Echo was screaming at herself.

A picture of a more familiar blond flitted through her brain. Laurence, her mind whispered. But even as she tried to grasp onto him, her body relaxed against this strange man who she felt conflicted about.

She couldn't stop herself any more than she could stop herself from remembering the one man she couldn't truly forget.

After his little release, Laurence lay on the floor in the middle of the disaster he'd created, his mind completely blank. When his phone rang, he crawled over to it slowly, vaguely amazed it'd survived, and answered it as he curled into a ball on his side.

"Hello?" he answered hollowly.

"Are…you okay now, Laurence?"


"…It looks like DeWitt is considering sending me out with Ballard to look for Echo's location. I'm supposing on a guess that we'll be searching into Alpha's identity first. And also Laurence…her GPS tag was removed."

Laurence paused before awareness began creeping into his mind and he quickly grabbed a hold of it, desperate for any composure he could hold onto.

"Fine. Give me a report if you find out anything," Laurence barked out coldly, ignoring the tremble that went through his body at the mention of losing their best direction to finding Echo.

Boyd paused on the line, glad that Laurence seemed to be composed now.

"Understood, sir. What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to take care of some things and then I'm going to save Echo," Laurence felt his mouth automatically sneer.

He hung up abruptly and went to his bag, grabbing a clean set of clothing, one of his usual suits that he had stopped wearing in favor of casual clothing, and then went to shower. Under the spray of the hot water, water he'd turned up so high he could feel it burning his skin, he formulated his thoughts and started to plan.

Alpha was a dead Doll.

The water beat angrily against the top of his head and his upper back, as he hunched against the wall and under the showerhead. Clenching his hands, he finished up and then stood in front of the mirror. He stared at himself. He hadn't realized how much like shit he looked like, only slightly improved from the shower.

He hadn't taken care of himself for days since he'd last seen Echo, who had only really been Margaret Bashford.

His eyes were bloodshot, he had bags under his eyes, his hair was unkempt, and he had a five o'clock shadow. Frowning to himself he went to quickly set himself right, efficiently and uncaringly shaving and fixing his hair. He felt robotic, moving unfeelingly and working on himself in a mechanical manner.

But then again, he intended to go about this entirely as efficiently as he aimed to, in the same cold approach he was known for.

He slipped into his suit, took his brown Oakley shades from his bag, jammed it onto the bridge of his nose, and he strode coolly out of the apartment.

"Laurence, you're back. What the hell happened? Why'd you call about not being able to talk to us for awhile?" fellow NSA agent, Johnny Cobbs, asked him incredulously as he walked into NSA Headquarters.

"I'm busy, Cobbs. Don't bother me," he snapped at him and strode past the man to head to his own office. Hidden and secure, he swiped his card and entered.

He was out of ammo. The sniper rifle he'd borrowed off of Boyd was Dollhouse property and had to be returned. He needed one, so he had to gather his equipment before launching an attack on Alpha.

Finding his extra cartridges in his weapon case, he also found his personal sniper rifle. Thinking back, he probably should've worn a bullet proof vest and his field uniform, but he didn't have time, and those were left behind in the Dollhouse anyway.

He slipped out as suddenly as he had come in.

Meanwhile, in the Dollhouse…


She was still huddling next to her desk, and Topher was sure she probably didn't even hear him. He remembered she had pointed Victor out to them before retreating to her desk and that brief, uncomfortable, sort of talk she had with him, but now she was unreachable.

Coming closer, he tentatively laid a hand on her shoulder and she flinched back violently.

"Shh, it's alright. It's me. Topher," he tried to soothe her, ignoring the slight ache to his chest. Damn it if he didn't get Ballard back for that. He should've thrown eggs at the FBI agent back at the store, and blame the whole incident on him.

She slipped her arms around his neck, and sobbed into his shoulder. He froze, even though he'd automatically wrapped his own arms around her.

She wasn't supposed to let him comfort her.

She was supposed to hate him.

Afterwards, Topher hesitantly left her behind for her to get herself ready to start working on Victor. He went to do his own self-appointed task of searching through the wedges, trying to see what Alpha had taken. He paused and narrowed his eyes. All of Echo's imprints were gone. Everything they'd ever imprinted on her, gone.

"Shit," he muttered.

He resigned himself to going to Adelle and reporting the missing wedges. It took awhile before they're in his imprint room, and then he was imprinting Sierra and November to help out, watching in snide enjoyment at Paul's reaction to everything –specifically to November.

"Laurence, we just came back from meeting one of Alpha's victims…before he became a Doll. She was held and tortured at a factory," Boyd gave him the location in San Pedro, Industrial Road 7-18, and he made a suicidal turn and went the opposite way he was moving, breaking several laws, speeding, and running several red lights.

"He also has Echo's original personality…Caroline's. The backup is destroyed, so he has the one and only original copy. He also took all of the imprints that were used on Echo. Alpha was originally a man named –"

"Karl William Craft. I know. Rossum first started its neurological work and decided to experiment on prisoners. Something goes wrong, they won't be missed."

"That was the gist of what I was understanding from Miss DeWitt. Topher's off recycling through the backup memory of Echo's imprints on his computer, trying to find out which one Alpha is imprinting her with."

"All of them," Laurence clenched his jaw.

"What?" Boyd asked alarmed.

"He wants her to ascend, to be like him. He wants to create Echo into an amalgam of all her imprints like he's become. Probably inserted the imprint Crystal into her to make her come more willingly with him…"

"Laurence, Claire was freaked out by your imprint when he said whiskey. She played it off as if you wanted a drink," Boyd admitted, something that's been bothering him for awhile.

Laurence sighed, "You're new, Boyd. Claire Saunders isn't really Claire Saunders. She'd been a Doll, codenamed Whiskey. She must've instinctively reacted to my…imprint calling her that. The old Dr. Saunders was an old man that was killed when Alpha first escaped. We made Whiskey into Claire by imprinting her with the doctor's skills, programming her name to be familiar with the rest of the Dolls, and letting her be."

"I see…"

"I'm here. I'll move in already."

"We'll come meet you there."

He parked his car, adjusted his strap and held his sniper rifle steady in his hands. Calmly treading through the factory, he finally found them.

"Who are you?" he heard.

"I'm Echo."

He was close, and he peered around the corner at a surreal sight. Echo was facing who he knew was someone hosting Caroline's personality.

"And who is that?" Caroline asked.

"She's nobody. I'm just the porch light. Waiting for you."

'Not true,' he thought. 'You're Echo. You're my girl.'

"You have to put me back," Caroline said.

He saw the flash of hope cross Echo's face, and he clenched his hands around the rifle.

"You have to put me back in that wedge. We need to get Wendy back in to her body."

"Why do you have to go back into the wedge? Why don't you…come home?" Something was just stabbing at him repeatedly as he listened.

"I did sign a contract." Those contracts were bullshit anyway…

"I have thirty-eight brains? Not one of them thinks you can sign a contract to be a slave. Especially now that we have a black president." Smart girl. And he was right, Alpha did a controlled composite event on her.

"We have a black president? Okay, I am missing everything."

He watched Caroline smile and then a bullet suddenly pierced through her throat. Blood gurgled through her mouth and the hole in her throat, as her fingers went up to lightly touch it in shock. She fell forward into Echo's arms, dying.

He tensed, seeing Alpha holding a handgun to Caroline's wedge.

"Do what I say or I'll blow your brain out."

Laurence crept closer as Alpha forced Echo into his Frankenstein of a bastardized version of an imprint chair.

"What are you going to do? Wipe me?"

Like hell that'll happen. He'd kill the psychopathic Doll first. Which was exactly what he was aiming to do, as he lifted the sniper rifle in his hands and leveled the scope to his eye.

"You wish. I'm going to put her in you –then I'm going to kill you."

Sick fuck. Laurence always knew there was something wrong with Alpha. He remembered back when the insane Doll was still in the House, he went around having a bad feeling about him. He'd watched Alpha on several occasions, and it wasn't until Echo came in that he really became alarmed. He'd seen the way Alpha watched her (hell, he wasn't supposed to be watching Echo at all), noticed that Alpha had unnaturally stalked and kept tabs on Echo. It wasn't until he saw Alpha kiss Echo, when both of them were still in the tabula rasa state, that he was troubled. It was only as a favor to Blevins that he hadn't reported it.

He should have.

"It's a little elaborate. Why don't you just shoot me and the damn wedge? Every time you run this thing, you gotta be leaving a carbon footprint the size of a Yeti."

"I'm not gonna shoot the wedge. I'm going to keep the wedge. And I'm going to use the wedge. And I'll grab Wendys and Staceys and Beckeys all over this great nation. And every one of them will be Caroline. And every one of them will get carved up and their throat cut. Until I get bored."

That statement made Echo pause and look like she was remembering something, a shocked recognition passing through her eyes.

"You like knives…and scissors. You like to cut, don't you?"

Alpha started walking closer, meeting her eyes and starting to smile psychotically.

"Whiskey…You cut up that poor girl because of me –"

"For you! FOR YOU!"

And Alpha's obsession was going too far in his mind, never mind the jealousy he was steadfastly ignoring. He was quite aware of what probably went on before he'd showed up and Echo had started becoming defiant. He knew later he was going to vent on something while his mind was running scenarios of Echo and Alpha kissing heatedly without care, unlike himself. And he'll definitely remember the attention Alpha devoted to Echo when they were both in the House, and his own uneasiness seeing the two together.

Hell, had he been unknowingly attracted to Echo even then?

"Hey! Don't even try it! And don't hand me any more of this crap about you being some ascended being. To ascend to anything? At minimum, you can't cut up women."

"Lay back in the chair!"

"You lay back in the chair! I'm done laying back in the chair! I am ready to rinse and spit!"

"You've got some really sassy imprints, young lady."

Echo got up from the imprint chair.

"Hey! I'll shoot it! I'll blast the wedge!"

"So blast it. What's stopping you? Edward Scissor Pud?"

"I'm not fooling! He's not kidding! We're not bluffing! I'm bluffing. But the rest of us mean business!"

Laurence paused at that. Yeah, crazy. All 48 of the imprints in Alpha was making the Doll even more unstable and dangerous.

"I said shoot it! I don't care!"

"Yeah? Well, she might!"

"She won't know. She's me. And we're both coming to get ya."

Echo started stalking towards Alpha, and the male Doll began panicking, his movements jerky. Alpha was wavering, the gun going back and forth between the wedge and Echo. Then Alpha seemed to have made up his mind and pointed the gun at Echo, about to shoot. Laurence didn't give him that chance. He shot first.

Alpha violently jerked back, falling to the ground. Laurence kept his gun up, but revealed himself and steadily headed to Echo. She didn't seem wary of him at all, so he took that as a good sign. Once he was right next to her, he slightly lowered his gun and looked at her in relief.

She decked him. Hard.

"That's for trying to kill me. Twice, Laurence," she said calmly. But she didn't look angry. She even seemed vaguely amused.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, inwardly wincing.

She crouched down next to his fallen body and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer. His own arms wrapped around her and he finally let himself relax and be happy.

"He called me Omega…but I am still your Echo."

And things felt alright. She was aware of everything, her imprints, of Caroline…and he didn't feel like he was taking advantage of her right then like every other time.

She leaned in to kiss him, feeling him stiffen at her touch. And then there was the coppery taste of a liquid touching her lips.

"Laurence? Laurence!"

Alpha was behind him, panting and having stuck the scalpel he'd stolen from Claire into Laurence's side and having dragged it downwards. He coughed up blood and she gasped, Alpha scrambling backwards as Laurence painstakingly brought his gun up and shot up the place where Alpha had been, only the Doll had moved just a second before, running out the door.

Laurence cursed out loud, and Echo worriedly looked at his wound.

"I'll be fine, Echo. He has your wedge. You have to go after it," Laurence reluctantly gasped out.

"But –!"

She wasn't going to leave. Not without him.

Ignoring the pain his body was screaming in, Laurence forced his body to move and brought his sniper rifle in a ready position.

"Come on, Echo," he looked pointedly at her, and after a moment, her eyes hardened and she nodded determinedly.

They raced after Alpha.

"Be careful, Echo! Alpha has his gun again," he warned, pulling her back sharply and into him as Alpha shot at them.

He waited a pause and then gently pushed her onwards. They scaled the structures as Alpha did as well, following behind cautiously, with Laurence and Alpha shooting at each other whenever they had a shot.

Alpha started shooting below them and Laurence caught sight of Paul and Boyd running on the ground, towards them. Then he noticed that Alpha was only a level up and right on top of them, letting the male Doll shoot at them from above, missing only because of the metal between them.

Alpha grinned crazily and held up the wedge, "You want it? Go get it."

He threw the wedge and both Echo and he dove after it, and it toppled off the beam it had precariously landed on. Laurence muttered a curse, knowing Alpha would have gotten away with the both of them instinctively moving to save the wedge and consequently moving away from Alpha.

They watched the wedge fall and he held his breath, letting it go when he saw Paul catch it.

"For once, you're good for something, Ballard."

Paul turned flustered, "I…don't have anything to retaliate with."

"That's because your comebacks always consist of hitting idiotically first, ask idiot questions later."

"Do you always have a smart mouth?" Laurence heard Paul mutter to himself.

"Echo, if you hurry, you might be able to catch Alpha. If I'm right, he might be caught up against November and Sierra on the roof, and Boyd's probably right behind them."

"I don't want to leave you," she said panicking.

Laurence groaned in pain, "Alright, fine. Just help me up. Maybe we can make it to the tail end of the fight."

Pushing his body against its limits, he forced himself to run with Echo. He heard Sierra start talking.

"Fritz, what'd that bounty specify? Dead or alive?"

"Bigger payday if he's alive. More fun if he's dead," November answered.

"Hey, gals. Ready for your treatment?" He heard Alpha say. He gritted his teeth and put on a burst of speed, catching all three of them off guard, and seeing Boyd just making it behind him with Echo. Paul was slowly following behind.

The girls' 'what the fuck' smiles from Alpha's comment were wiped off their faces and they watched him warily.

"There are three flowers in a vase…" Alpha started saying in a perfect British voice.

Laurence cut him off, eyes catching the blankness November's eyes took on and how she started to turn to new targets –them.

"The last flower is yellow," Laurence finished off in his own perfect rendition of a British accent.

Alpha had taken that time to escape.

"Surprised you knew how to counteract that," Boyd commented, starting to calm down from the scare November put them all through.

"I was Head of Security, you know. Of course I would know the activations et al. I was always good at mimicking accents so we'd decided to keep that activation strictly British."

"Oookaay. Look, are we still gonna get paid or what?" Sierra frowned, interrupting them.

Paul stepped in. "It's okay. It's time for your therapy."

Sierra arched eyebrow and sauntered over to him, "Okay, cutie. If you're doin' the therapy."

Paul turned nervous and looked confused at an amused Boyd and Laurence, with Echo already moving to stand beside Laurence and watching him in mild confusion and laughter.

"Treatment. I told you it was treatment," Boyd clarified.

"What? You didn't tell me that," Paul said alarmed, trying to avoid Sierra's reaching hands.

"I did. Down there. You stood in front of November and tried to stop her, told her she needed therapy. She bashed your head with the butt of her gun."


Laurence couldn't help bursting into laughter at that, though he knew he was going to worry about Alpha later. Right then, blood loss was making him woozy and acting out of character. He almost felt like he was on drugs again.

"If you're done, Laurence, I think I may have good news for you," Boyd smirked at him.


"There isn't a time limit on this mission. We could…let you and Echo go for a few hours, be back before sunset."

Laurence's eyes widened and Echo looked eager. Paul watched in interest, engrossed in the proceedings and wondering about their relationship and what was going on.

"We won't be late," Laurence promised, and he turned to Echo and picked her up, carrying her off bridal style. He could barely feel the pain in his side with how giddy he was.

"So, uh, these two?" Paul eyed the imprinted bounty hunters anxiously.

"We'll entertain them until those two come back."

Paul moved away from the girls in slight trepidation.

"We're going to have to drop by Ballard's apartment so I can clean up this wound and then get a change of clothing," Laurence told her, well aware he was driving above the speed limit.

"Okay…can I wear your t-shirt again?" Echo asked shyly, toned down from earlier.

"Of course, Echo," he smiled tenderly at her. He was excited and a lot happier than he's been for the past few days. And he had all sorts of plans.

He reached Ballard's apartment quickly, and soon enough Echo was helping to dress his wound.

"Wasn't too long ago that you were doing this for me," she murmured softly.

"You remember that?" Laurence asked, wincing when the bandages moved against his stitches.

"Yeah. Don't really remember myself as Caroline, but I remember what happened when I was imprinted…and when I was with you."

She leaned down and pecked his cheek, bringing another smile to his lips.

"So what are we going to do? We have at least five hours to do whatever we want," she smirked at him.

He couldn't stop himself from smirking back, "Well, I want to take you out on a proper date."

"Wasn't the beach and restaurant a proper date?"

"No, I want to do something common…something that regular couples do," he added hesitantly.

She hugged him from behind, arms loose around his neck. "Taking me to a restaurant is normal."

"It was a five-star restaurant," he said wryly.

She laughed and shrugged, still not letting go.

"So what are we doing first?"

"A movie. And I want to introduce you to geekdom."

And so they headed over to the movie theater, where Laurence smugly wrapped an arm around her and entered in. Oh, it felt great to finally seem like a real couple.

"I didn't take you for a Trekkie," she flicked his shoulder.

He snickered, "Business and pleasure don't mix. Of course I'm not going to show that I can be as much of a geek as Topher…when it matters. And definitely not in the House. Besides, Star Trek is awesome, and I've been wanting to watch this movie."

"Business and pleasure don't mix, my ass. What do you call gallivanting around with me back in the Dollhouse?" she snorted, eying him playfully.

"You're special," he declared, earning him a smack to his shoulder and then a kiss in the same area.

They found a seat in the back and Echo cuddled into his side.

"Your t-shirt smells even more like you than it did last time," she commented, remembering finding herself giddy when she found his Metallica shirt she'd worn the last time, squealing happily and immediately changed into it in front of him.

"I've been wearing it to sleep more often," Laurence sheepishly admitted. "It's become my favorite shirt again, and it has…good memories," he gave her a soft look.

Then the movie started and they enjoyed it together.

After the movie, they had around two hours left together, so Laurence drove them back to the apartment.

"Hungry?" he teased her, hearing her stomach growling.

"Starving," she winked at him.

Not minding being the one to cook, he whipped up two ham and cheese omelets.

"Breakfast for dinner?"

Laurence gave her a lopsided grin.

They ate quickly before settling down on the bed, with Echo lying on her front and in between his legs as he sat against the headboard. He threaded his fingers through her hair.

"I've been sappy lately."

"Oh?" she asked, purring a little from his attentions.

"Very. I've even begun reading love poems."

Here she smiled and turned to lie on her back, "I want to hear one."

Laurence rolled his eyes but complied.

"Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory –
Odours, when sweet violets sicken,
Live within the sense they quicken.

"Rose leaves, when the rose is dead,
Are heap'd for the beloved's bed;
And so thy thoughts when thou are gone,
Love itself shall slumber on."

"Music, When Soft Voices Die by Percy Bysshe Shelley," Echo murmured happily.

"You know it?" Laurence asked, at the same time busy kissing her hand tenderly.

"Rebecca Mynor did. She liked to read love poems."

"Doesn't sound very romantic, does it? But it is. It compares everything to a faith in love immortal."

This time she couldn't help but truly laugh aloud, "You're right. You have become sappy."

Laurence stole a kiss in retaliation, and it quickly became hot and heavy. One of his hands supported her torso, holding her up by being placed in between her shoulder blades, the other firmly trailing down her left leg and grasping her calf. He hoisted it and hooked it around his waist, his mouth moving to land hot, open-mouthed kisses down her jaw, her neck, and past her collar bone.

She was already unbuttoning his shirt, and this time he didn't dissuade her from shedding both of their clothing. In no time, he was in his boxers and she was in the underwear Alpha had gotten her.

Both of her legs were wrapped around his waist and she pulled him closer with both her legs and arms. She repeated his earlier sentiment of trailing hot kisses on his neck, nipping lightly at his ear once. He groaned, but then his body had a spasm, and he collapsed onto her in pain, only barely managing to not crush her.

"Laurence, are you okay?" she asked worriedly.

"I almost reopened my wound. It just reminded me of its presence," Laurence sighed in irritation.

Echo shimmied down the bed, planting a soft kiss on where his wound should be, on top of his bandages.

"I love you. That's all that matters," she told him confidently.

"I wanted to be able to give you a good time," Laurence stated disappointedly.

"We can…still have a good time, that is," she smirked at him.

"Oh?" his tone was teasing, but his body was tensing in anticipation. He felt excited, but reluctant.

"You always try to make me feel good," Echo murmured, hand drifting down to his crotch.

He shivered and his own hand shot out and grabbed hers. "Because I want to."

"I want to make you feel the same."

"It's okay, Echo. You don't have to. I want to take care of you."

She firmly grabbed the hand holding hers with her other hand and looked at him determinedly.

"Look at me, Laurence. We won't get another opportunity like this for awhile. I am as aware as anyone right now. We can do things that you won't have to regret."

"What if I do regret it? I'll have a taste of what I could have with you, knowing I won't be able to do it again," he whispered unhappily.

"It's your choice if you want to make those regrets."

Laurence swallowed harshly, and made his choice.

"Those regrets will mean everything to me. I want to make those regrets."

Her slim hands moved to the waistband of his boxers and she slipped it off his waist and slid it down his legs, he providing help when she silently asked for it. In turn, he unhooked her bra and took a piece of her underwear between his thumb and index fingers, sliding them off of her.

Knowing he wouldn't be able to do the actual act because of his wound, he decided to slowly worship her body in compensation. His hands roved from tugging into her hair to light touches of her toes, touching everywhere in between in a loving caress.

Her moans at his actions caused him to grin smugly. And an idle thought weaseled its way into his head.

"Ballard's so going to kill me when he finds out what I did with you on his bed."

She lightly smacked his head, "That's if he finds out. Don't brag."

"I won't. Much."

He then proceeded to lean over her, quieting her next words with a kiss, ravishing her mouth with his tongue. Getting her satisfactorily distracted and occupied, Laurence moved to lie on his side beside her, still kissing the hell out of the aware Doll.

Echo arched up, trying to touch as much of him as she could, and he grinned into her mouth.

"Patience," he chided teasingly. She huffed, but waited for him.

Lying on her back, Echo shivered as Laurence gave her long, unhurried kisses, one hand giving deliberate soft strokes of his fingers against her belly. Then it trailed downwards, leisurely touching her neatly shaved pubic hair and then she gasped when he finally reached her folds.

"Is this okay, Echo?" he hesitated, asking her first, his eyes showing lust but also worry.

"It's fine," she reassured him with a kiss.

And then he plunged in two fingers into her.

He moved with measured strokes, scissoring the two fingers in and out as his thumb rubbed against her clitoris. She whimpered and clutched onto the bed sheets, spreading her legs wider, her right bumping into his muscled form.

His other arm snaked around her neck, cushioning it as its hand went to fondle her left breast. Her breathing started to get heavier and she couldn't help the moans and gasps that escaped into his mouth in their kisses, letting out a particular loud moan when he added a third finger.

When his rhythm stopped being torturously slow, and started to gain in speed, she tried not to thrash so much on the bed, her body fighting against her want to be still as it wanted to let loose and move around wildly to deal with the intense pleasure she was feeling. She made a whining noise in the back of her throat when he stopped kissing her, but then he attached his mouth to her other breast, suckling on it greedily as the other pinched the nipple hard.

The pressure in her lower stomach built up and then exploded in a brilliant display of colors behind her closed eyelids, climaxing intensely against his hand that still rested against her throbbing core.

He nuzzled her neck, "Happy?"

"Very," she purred and then pushed him onto his back and eyed her own prize hungrily.

His eyebrows raised in amusement, though behind the surface there was exhilaration there as well.

She licked her lips and gave him a lecherous grin, before sliding down and taking his cock into her slender hands. She moved her face closer to it, her tongue darting out to touch the tip and making a shudder run through Laurence's body.

And then her lips enclosed around the head of his member, tasting the slightly salty, bittersweet taste of his precum in her mouth. She moved even more slowly than he had with her, deciding payback was well earned for the slow torture he had put her through. Pushing passed her gag reflex, she took in all of his cock into her mouth.

She could feel how tense he was, hearing him panting above her. Upping the ante, she began to move, starting a steady rhythm as her mouth moved up and down on his cock, her tongue adding more feeling as it rolled around his cock at times.

"Echo, I'm going to cum," Laurence warned her in a strained voice.

But she didn't move, letting him ejaculate into her mouth and even swallowing.

"Oh God! Echo!"

Satisfied, she finally moved back, releasing his penis from her mouth with a slight pop and her own smug grin on her face from the disheveled and slightly out of it looking Laurence.

"Did I tell you I love you?" he dazedly asked.

"I want to hear it again."

"I love you."

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