Loz walks in and walks into Spider webs (Lots) and starts screaming and runs into wall

Kadaj steps on loose floor board and falls down

Loz starts laughing and swallows spider web by accident

Yazoo walks in and stands on a floorboard and other end whacks him in the face

Walking down a hall there's a noise

Loz gets scared and jumps on Yazoo

'AHHH!!', Loz screams

Loz falls off and gets up and sees a scary painting looking at him and screams

Yazoo 'why did you scream?'

Loz cries 'the eyes were looking me!'

Loz sees the eyes in the painting and screams

Kadaj rolls his eyes

Kadaj whacks him on the head with floor board

'Why did you hit me!'

Kadaj 'because you're an idiot paintings can't look at you'

Kadaj looks up and sees the painting looking at him

'Ahhh!!', he screams

Yazoo rolls his eyes walks around a corner sees a ghost then runs back screaming looking pale

'Ghost I saw a ghost!'

And runs into Kadaj they fall to the ground

Loz screams and hides behind lamp

Lamp turns on Loz screams then sees a moose's head on wall

'Ahhhh!' he runs, moose watches

Kadaj sees the moose's eyes move and look at him

Kadaj screams and runs after Loz

Loz sees ghost that looks like mother

And starts chasing it 'MOTHER!'