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Amnesia Nymph

There's someone I have to see first. A tall aqua haired girl thought to herself as she walked out of the hospital. This would be the last time for her to walk through these doors. She just talked to her doctor who gave her the news that she wouldn't live that long anymore. Not that it came as a surprise. She had been coughing blood for almost a week now. Not to mention how she had suffered trying to pick up things just because her muscles didn't work with her anymore.

It had been a week ago since her bodyguard and best friend died because of a rape inflicted by that damn Kaku. She sure as hell would make Kaku suffer a fate worse than that. But no, she wasn't the one she was going to see.

After walking straight for a half hour she finally reached her destination. A sigh escaped her lips as an uneasiness washed over her. What is she wasn't home. What if she wasn't interested in listening? She tried to shake the thought off as she knocked on the door. For a few seconds which seemed like hours it stayed quiet. And then finally she could hear someone move behind the other side of the door. She probably would be very angry. Yes, probably.

Slowly the door opened, revealing a blue haired girl with a eyepatch covering one of her eyes. At first the girl didn't look up, she seemed tired. Maybe hse had been up all night. But then when she realized who was standing in front of her she looked up in shock. Her eye widened, full of disbelieve. But mostly, full of hate and anger. ''Ryofu Housen.'' She spat.

The aqua haired girl smiled a bit. The girl in front of her was no one less than Ryomou Shimei. The girl she had raped when she had come for the man she loved. The man Ryofu had suppossedly killed. ''Ryofu Housen.'' Ryofu repeated, putting a hand through her aqua colored hair. ''You have no idea how much I had to suffer because of that name.''

''What do you want?'' The blue haired girl asked in anger. Ryofu was the last person she wanted to see. After their last encounter she had hoped to never see that person again. Unlike Ryofu who was dressed in Rakuyou's school uniform, a red blazer and matching skirt, Ryomou herself was dressed in a simple blue t-shirt and white pants.

''Can I come in?'' Ryofu asked, trying not to sound like her usual self.

''No.'' Came the reply. ''And if you have nothing to say to me that is of any use then....''

''You and Hakufu,'' Ryofu interrupted the other girl. ''You're going to fight Toutaku.''

Ryomou was taken aback by this comment. If Ryofu knew this then Toutaku surely knew too. ''Don't worry.'' Ryofu whispered as she bent over a little. Her face was close enough to Ryomou's to feel each other's breaths. ''I didn't tell him. Saji told me.''

'Ah Saji.' Ryomou thought. 'Ofcourse Saji, who else?' After what seemed like a few minutes she stepped aside. ''Enter.''