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Chapter Two

Bitter Beings

I can't do well when I think you're going to leave me

But I know I try

Are you going to leave me now?


''Toutaku-sama!'' A black haired girl with glasses yelled after her leader ''You can't. Ryofu's going to...'' She immidiately stopped talking the moment Toutaku turned around. He was looking at her with a crazed look in his eyes. Kaku couldn't help it but compare her master to a monster. After all, he was a monster. That was probably one of the reasons Ryofu was coming here.

Ryofu Housen had already made her way up to Rakuyou, killing every toushi who tried to stop her from reaching Toutaku. In fact, it wasn't Toutaku's life Kaku feared. But her own. By her hand Chinkyuu died.

As if to read her mind Toutaku smirked. ''Are you afraid of Ryofu Housen?'' He asked, licking his lips. ''I for one am not. I tried to think of a possible way to get someone strong enough to face Ryofu but that would be a mistake. If I truly want to overcome whatever destiny lies in store for me. I'll have to fix this little problem myself. And you're coming with me Kaku.''

The last part was added with such a tone of voice it send shivers to Kaku's spine. ''Me?'' Why? She couldn't fight. Although she was a toushi she was specialized in everything but fighting!

''Not to fight,'' Once again he answered a question unasked. ''I want to piss Ryofu off. You had that lapdog Chinkyuu killed. I'd like to see her reaction to you.''

Kaku swallowed hard, fearing for her life. ''Alright.'' She finally said once he kept staring at her, obviously waiting for a reaction.


Ryomou leaned against the stone wall, staring at the full white moon. It was such a pretty sight. A sigh escaped her lips as she closed her eyes. What was this nervous feeling in her heart? Why did she have the feeling something was going terribly wrong. Sonsaku was ok. She just confirmed it by calling Syuyu Koukin. But she knew that already, didn't she?

It was Ryofu she was worrying about. Since their last time together Ryomou had come to doubt a lot of things she thought she knew. She moved one hand up, placing it over her eyepatch. This fate, could she really change it?

She opened her eyes again. ''Ryofu,'' It was nothing but a whisper. ''I am going to change our fate. By changing yours first'' Quickly she dropped her hand and turned around. She had to go to Rakuyou. Ryofu might still be there.


''Toutaku Chuuei!'' A voice yelled causing Kaku to jump up and turn around. Toutaku on the other hand was still sitting on the ground, bend over his watermelons.

''Kaku?'' The aqua haired beauty in the doorway asked. She certainly hadn't been expecting that bitch to be here.

''You came.'' Toutaku stated as a matter of factly. ''How unexpected. Toushi are totally worthless, aren't they? Losing to one single girl. What kind of fighters are they if they can't even protect their leader from one girl?''

Ryofu clenched her fists. ''What are you talking about now?''

Finally he stood up, his back still pointed at the aqua haired girl. ''It doesn't have to be this way Housen.'' He could feel Ryofu's eyes burn through his back. ''Kaku...'' He paused for a moment to finally turn around to face the two girls. ''I'll have to sacrife your body.''

''W-what?'' Kaku took a step back into the direction of the entrance. In front of her stood no longer Toutaku Chuuei but a beast hungry for power. He pointed his hand at her. And in a flash of a second he blasted a chi blast into her direction. Unable to escape the attack Kaku could feel a burning pain in her stomach. And then, everything went black.

Ryofu just stared at Kaku who fell to the ground bleeding. The black haired girl was still breathing slowly yet painfully. ''A random act of violence, to scare me Toutaku?'' Ryofu demanded.

Toutaku smirked. ''It's her fault after all. If she hadn't had that little Chinkyuu raped then we wouldn't be standing here, right?''

''Do you really think this is going to help?'' The girl asked, raising an eyebrow. She had to look confident. One sign of weakness and he would use it against her. Then again, she wasn't sure whether he hadn't noticed already. She hadn't made one move since she threw those goddamn glass doors open. Her body was failing her already. She couldn't move her legs nor hands. In fact, she was completely useless by now.

''No.'' He said. ''Ofcourse not.''

With that said Toutaku started walking up to Ryofu who was still trying to remain her cool composure. ''Don't come any closer or I swear I'll kill you.'' Ryofu warned him but he just smiled upon hearing that.

''Try, Housen. Try.'' He was now standing close enough that he could feel her breath on his face. ''Or is there a problem?''

Ryofu's eyes widened. He knew. He had known all along. ''You bastard!''

The brown haired man laughed hard. It sounded completely inhuman, insane even. ''Human beings are so much fun! Trying to fight even though they're obviously too weak to even bother.''

''Toutaku!'' Ryofu yelled as tears fell down her cheeks. She knew he loved to see her like this but she couldn't stop. It was too much. At the end of the day she was just one girl. The man who was responsible for all the hurt in her life was standing in front of her and she couldn't do anything about it. There was no one left to save her either. She had lost the only person who gave a damn. 'I am sorry Chinkyuu. After all, I'm still too weak...'

She closed her eyes, letting the tears fall from her face. ''Go ahead. I'm tired anyway.'' She finally said. She could hear the man in front of her stop laughing and step closer. She could feel his hands around her throat. Yet she kept her eyes closed. She wasn't going to show him the hurt he had caused. She wouldn't give him that satisfaction. His hands were cold, surrounding her, choking the last bit of air out of her.


Just when she was about to lose consciousness she could feel his grip around her throat weaken and eventually he let go of her completely. She fell to the ground, landing on her knees just in time. Her eyes flew open. ''Toutaku!'' Did he intend on making her suffer? Wasn't it enough already. She was expecting to face him but instead she was looking right into the eye of a blue haired girl.

''Ryomou?'' She sounded shocked. Why was she here now?

The eyepatched girl smiled a bit and bend down, taking Ryofu's numb body in her arms. ''I promised didn't I?'' The girl asked. Her voice was full emotion. As if she was just two seconds away from crying. ''We kissed on it, didn't we?''

The aqua haired girl rested her head against Ryomou's chest and smiled. ''I didn't think...'' She coughed, blood dripping from her lips. ''You would come...''

''You bitch!'' It suddenly sounded. Ryofu was too tired to look up. She already knew what had happened. She even knew what was going to happen. Either way, only one of them would walk away breathing at the end of this evening.

Toutaku spit out some blood while placing a hand on his cheek. ''I hadn't seen that one coming. Ryomou Shimei.'' He said. The blue haired girl just glared at him. Could she win? Did she really stand a chance now he was expecting her?

''I'm sorry Ryofu. I have to leave for a moment.'' The eyepatched girl said with an apologie, gently lying Ryofu in the grass. It was strange to see Ryofu like this, so weak, so tired.

''You can join her soon.'' Toutaku smirked before pointing his hand at Ryomou like he had done earlier with Kaku. Without any hesitation he fired a chi blast at her which she avoided with ease. Immidiately she jumped up to him. If he would just stay where she was now she knew she could easily break his neck. She was, after all, the master in locks.

She wrapped one leg around Toutaku's neck, hanging herself upside down against his back, closing the lock with her other leg. At the same time she was holding one of his arms in her hand, making sure that if he tried to move either his neck or arm would break.

''It's really amazing.'' She heard him say. There was not even the slightest sign of pain in his voice. In fact, he sounded more amused by her actions than anything else. ''How you think this still counts as a street fight.'' He lifted his left, remaining arm up, taking Ryomou's leg in his hand.

''W-what are you doing?!'' The blue haired girl yelled. She could feel how he tightened the grip around her leg. If he continued to put that much strenght in it she was surely the only one walking away with broken limbs. In an attempt to keep him from doing so she tried twisting his arm. In vain unfortunately. He had too much power in his arm for her to even move it in the first place.

Was she going to die now? Was this truly the way it was going to end?

Then without any notice Ryomou suddenly fell to the ground. Not bothering to recover she looked up to see what just had happened. She was now looking at Ryofu who was lying on top of Toutaku. Her eyes were closed and for a moment Ryomou had rendered the aqua haired beauty dead. It was then she noticed the tightened grip Ryofu had on Toutaku's back.

''What are you doing now?'' The brown haired sadist wanted to know. He wasn't even bothering to push her off. After all, the girl was close to dying. There was nothing she could possibly do anymore.

''Going against my fate and actually causing it.'' She spoke in a whisper, her eyes still closed. ''How pathetic is that? But it doesn't matter. In the end I win.''

''Win?'' Toutaku laughed slightly. ''You won nothing woman! What can you accomplish by dying? There's only use in killing.''

Ryofu smiled a bit. ''How about it if I kill you?'' He just laughed giving Ryofu time to finally face the blue haired girl. ''Ryomou...'' She coughed. ''Thank you.'' With that said she turned her attention back to the man beneath her. ''Toutaku, you truly are a sad person.''


''You weren't capable of chaning your fate in the end.'' She knew he thought he had done just that by making sure she'd die before him. ''In the end, I did...'' She coughed again, spitting blood all over the man's chest.

It hadn't been until now that Toutaku started to fear the girl on top of him. What was she talking about?!

''You and I will die together,'' She closed her eyes again. ''I don't think that was in history.''

He sat up, pulling her up as well. Her hands never losing the grip on his back. ''I wear the magatama. Not the other way around!'' Her eyes opened, glancing at Ryomou. ''Remember that.''

''W-wait!'' The eyepatched girl yelled, trying to get up. Unfortunately her severed leg wouldn't let her move from her position.

''You bitch, let go!'' Toutaku tried to push the aqua haired girl off who suddenly was too strong again.

Ryofu smiled down at him. ''Jisai....Rekkouha!'' She yelled, blasting a chi blast through Toutaku's back and herself.

Ryomou's eyes widened in horror. All she could see was blood. And then she heard a loud thump of two bodies falling on the ground.


Finally, I can see the sky too...

The blue haired girl quickly jumped up ignoring the pain in her leg, running over to Ryofu's body. Something inside of her still hoped that Ryofu had survived that blast. Ryomou fell down on her knees again. ''Ryofu!'' She tried shaking the girl. When that didn't have any effect she lowered her head on the girl's chest to see if her heart was still beating.

A tear fell down her cheek when it hit her. When she finally realised that Ryofu Housen was no longer part of this world. ''AAAAH!'' She cried, burrying her head in the dead girl's chest.


One hour later Ryomou finally stopped crying. She had no idea why Ryofu's death affected her this much. It just did. She slowly placed a small kiss on the dead girl's lips before gently lying her down on the ground again.

'Ryofu, I hope you can find peace. Wherever you are.'

In the end...

No one could really escape their fate.

The End

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