I had been working at the hospital in Chicago for a while and still I had not found anyone as interesting as Elizabeth Masen. The love for her son was nothing I had ever seen before. The way she looked at him, through her weak, tender eyes. She was getting weaker though, as was her son, and sadly I couldn't do anything to prevent it. I was so lonely in my apartment, secluded to the indoors until dark by the bright, menacing sun. I had never thought anyone could be lonelier than me. No one to talk to, no one to care for. It was a horrible emotion.

I looked at the clock for reassurance and sighed. Only about 30 minutes until I could go out into the world and help, even if it meant I would only save one. I pretended to sleep for another half an hour then climbed in my car and drove to the hospital. First I needed to check on Elizabeth, who was as always, nursing young Edward from across the room. I watched her stress over the boy as he let out a painful, weak cough. He would go first; he was as weak as it is. I knew he couldn't survive this; he was strong though so maybe he would make it a little longer…

It was just after sunset when Elizabeth let out an exasperated cry, "Save him!" She didn't look weak but she was so sure that I could, that it would hurt too much to lie.

"I'll do everything in my power." I assured her. I took her hand and tested her temperature. It was extremely high.

"You must," she told me. "You must do everything in your power. What others cannot do, that is what you must do for my Edward."

Does she know? How would she know about vampires? About me? She can't! Its not possible. A wave of fear swept through me. Why would she want Edward to have this life? He would never find happiness.

Then her hand fell from my own. It lie unmoving on the bed. She was unconscious on the bed. I looked at her, felt her face. I waited and waited but she never came above water. She died. Her last wish was simple. That Edward will not die. Not now. But if I went through with this, he would never die. Never find peace. Edward would wander the world, a body without a soul. Without a heart, he would never be whole.

I looked at his body lying on the cot. Pure and sweet and young. His bronze hair messed and green eyes closed. He had only hours left on this earth, so what could I do? I saved him.

I wheeled him through the halls with a somber look on my face. No one asked, no one noticed. Humans were so unobservant. Finally, we made it into the alley and I ran with him from there. It was dark enough so that no one would see. I took him into the dark apartment and him on the ground.

A thousand questions went through my head. What if I hurt him? Or worse? What if it didn't work? I had been bitten but what if I do it wrong? I can't hurt her Edward. I won't.

I leaned down to his neck, as if to kiss him. I leaned in and rested my lips on his delicate neck, and bit.

His screams filled the room within seconds and I knew how he felt. Burning. I forgot about that. So in the end Edward would live but what if what I did was wrong? What if that wasn't what Elizabeth meant? What if Edward didn't want this?