It was a great day for hunting. I was bound to run into at least one bear. I planned on it. I have always been great at finding bears. It would be fun.

I smiled at the thought of catching a full grown grizzly. A large brown beast falling to the ground after a few shots of my gun. It would be entertaining in a very sick way. But that was the mind of a great hunter, like me.

In my peripheral vision, I saw something move not 100 feet from me. There sipping from the brook, was a full grown grizzly. I gasped, but silently for I would not lose this shot. I lifted my gun and shot.

Unfortunately, the grizzly was stronger than I thought. It looked up, saw me, and galloped toward at amazing speed. I knew that in seconds, it could tear me to shreds. There was nothing I could do, but I would try. I aimed and shot again, but from my anxiety I missed until I was out of rounds. My hands shook and finally it reached me.

It stood at least 7 feet tall on its hind legs. Its left paw fell down, ripping through my skin. Another swipe against my chest and I'd be dead. But instead it pushed me back against the tree, I felt my spine break. It took another hit, striking me against the head. I held my hands over my face to protect myself. I shrieked and shouted for help but I was so deep in the woods that no one could ever have a hope of finding me.

So was that it? No hope? I would rot in these woods, slowly deepening into the core of this colossal earth.

But suddenly all the weight of this beast was lifted off of me. Surprisingly, it felt like someone was there with me. There to save me. But how could they protect me from a grizzly? What is stronger than a grizzly?

"Henry?" A beautiful voice shrieked. "Oh no Henry! Please be okay!"

Who is this woman? Did she get rid of the bear? Why does she think my name is Henry?

"Its okay Henry, I'll make the pain disappear." She soothed.

Suddenly the ground was gone and I felt the air flying across my face. IT felt nice but since I didn't have to worry about the bear, I finally felt the pain. Aching pain from broken bones, Stinging pain from open wounds, and writhing pain as the cool air hit those wounds; all at once.

Then the sun was gone and all I saw was a light. It kept me going, I didn't want the angels voice to disappear. She couldn't.

"Carlisle! I found him in the woods. We have to save him! He can't die…" The angel yelled.

"Rosalie, I will help you. But are you sure you want to condemn this innocent human to this life? Would you want it this way?" A strange, yet glorious voice questioned.

The girl was obviously taken aback by the question. There was a long pause making the pain deepen.

"Yes. I do. I don't want him to die. We must." She whispered.

Then someone leaned in against my neck and gripped tightly to my shoulders. I felt a cold surge on my neck and then a pinch. Then the real pain began.

All of the pains from the bear were nothing compared to this. Burning, scorching, and dying. I shrieked after one loud gasp and kept yelling after. I wanted the angel to help me. I asked her to save me. To relieve me— to kill me.

Finally hours and hours of pain and it hit me one last time. Then nothing. And I opened my eyes to a beauty of nothing I would ever think to find. I opened my eyes to my angel.