Carlisle POV

I cracked open the door and looked inside hoping not to wake the sleeping child. I looked at her tiny delicate body and blond curls and just sighed. That poor tiny young innocent child. I felt so guilty about not being able to save her parents lives if not for them but for her who was now left and orphan. No child so young should have to go through what this little girl was about to go through no child at all should ever have to it was cruel and terrible a tragedy to leave someone so helpless to fend for themselves in the world. It made me rethink the kindness of God and everything that the bible stood for. Her parents were dead and she had no other family no grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins; she had no one. Nobody there when she was sad or sick or alone. Nobody to care for her the way a child should be loved. She had nothing.

I couldn't get her sweet innocent face out of my thoughts as I drove home. It was as if the image of her sleeping in that hospital bed knowing she had no one had been imprinted in my head and it was not going to leave. When I got home I quickly rushed to change my thoughts in fear that Edward would see that tiny girl's face in my mind and ask about it. I knew that hear that girl's story would upset my beloved Esme and that they all would be begging to bring her into the family.

As the night when on I began to feel the eyes of my family boring into me with every move I made; Edward, Esme, Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett, and Alice all stared at me. My face must have given me away.

"Carlisle, what's the matter did something happen at the hospital?" Esme asked concerned. I sighed I couldn't lie to them and say everything was ok.

"Yes, something happened at the hospital," I said slowly and quietly seeing them all tense in their places obviously thinking the worse.

"What happened?" Rosalie asked straightening in her seat next to Emmett and looking me straight in the eye as if she thought I might lie to her.

"There was a car accident with a family, two adults and a little girl," I said quietly slowing down and letting each word sink in, "the parents didn't make it but the girl is perfectly ok." I saw the pain the story of the girl shoot through the face of everyone if the room as they realized that the child was left an orphan.

"That's just terrible," Esme said slowly in a hush tone, "That poor child."

"What's going to happen to her when she leaves the hospital, Carlisle?" Alice asked though from the look on her face she already knew.

"She has no other family, she will probably go to a foster family for a little while and then possibly adopted out to someone who can look after her for a longer time."

"No!" Rosalie screamed jumping out from her seat, "Do you know how terrible most foster homes are? All they want is money they won't even care about that little girl they'll go and give her just enough to survive and then spend the money on themselves!" Emmett tightened his arms around her and she leaned her head into his chest. Esme was on the verge of tears along with Alice who was now pacing the room quickly deep in thought, thoughts that were obviously driving Edward mad.

"Carlisle," Esme said in a whisper, "do you think maybe we you know…" I might not be an Alice, but I saw that coming the minute we started talking about the girl. Rosalie who was now sitting sat up straight again and looked at me wondering, Alice stopped pacing apparently Esme had just asked the question she wanted to ask but couldn't find the right words to say. All eyes were on me, but I didn't have the slightest idea of what to say. It wouldn't be safe because we were what we were, but the thought had crossed my mind on taking the child in when I saw her lying asleep in that hospital bed all alone and so fragile.

"I… I'm not sure, it might not be safe," I stuttered, but then that tiny face that had been haunting my thoughts for hours now reentered my head and I knew exactly what I wanted and what my family wanted, "I guess we can try and foster her for a little while, but we will have to be careful hunting more often and such, remember children fall and get and bleed."

Esme, Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie all smiled at me widely the excitement of the thoughts of having a little girl come and live with us were setting in quickly. Esme ran over and hugged me. Alice was bouncing up and down in her place her thoughts racing, Rose was rejoicing and she began talking with Emmett and Esme about the different things they would need to buy. Jasper and Edward just stared; Edward's mouth looked like it was going to fall to the floor.

"Carlisle, have you forgotten everything. We are VAMPIRES; we can't have a little human girl around! Think of the risks not only she would be at but us to with the Volturi!" Edward yelled jumping out of his seat.

"A child's blood isn't nearly as potent and it will only be for a while, probably just for the summer before she would have to go to school and would need a more permanent place to stay."