Italy (N)/Finland/Canada- Italy and Canada finally snap (what causes it is up to anon) and join with Finland to show the world how much made of badassery they really are. (5)

Always overshadowed.

Never given a second thought.

His bear doesn't bother remembering his name.

His brother won't acknowledge him.

He knows he's meek.

He knows he's annoying.

He wants to be noticed.

But he can't change that.

Tino sits in his favourite chair, looking at his fellow nations. He sees their thirst, their hunger for power, for revenge.

"We want you to join us." Matthew says.

"Why?" Tino asks, cautious.

"Because you've felt it too, haven't you? You keep being left behind and ignored, too." Feliciano answers. Tino's never seen him so serious.

"They've hurt us. They keep on pushing, and we're about to break. They keep betraying us, like we don't even matter." Matthew's voice shakes.

Tino can understand their point of view. After all, it wasn't so long ago that Estonia- Eduard Von Bock- had stolen his rightful title.

His rightful title... He should have been the one to--

No. No. Don't think about that. You'll end up miserable and broken like them.

But would that really be such a bad thing? They're gonna be something unique. They'll be noticed. They'll change things.

But on the other hand, they'll hurt people...

...Who've already hurt you. Where's the problem? Exactly. So...

"Let's go." Tino's slightly surprised. He wasn't expecting the hurt, jealous feelings deep inside of him to win. But what would he have done? What would Canada and Northern Italy have done to him, Finland, if he'd refused?

"Good." Matthew breathed. "That's good."

It's late at night and Lovino is relaxing in the garden. Candles everywhere, their soft glow illuminates the plants, and the pebbles on the ground are a collection of pale shadows. Cicadas are chirping, lulling Lovino into a half-asleep state of being.

It's warm, and Lovino takes another sip of wine. It's the good stuff; he wheedled it out of Spain. To Lovino, it's a beautiful summer evening.

He hears the crunch of stones grinding together. It's more than one person- three or four, by the sound of things. Damn. Now he's wide awake, and the cicadas sound irritating to his fully-awakened ears.

"What do you want?" he asks, harshly.

"Hello, brother."

"Great. What do you want now, Feliciano?"

"I wanted to show you something."

There's something creepy about Feliciano. He is oddly serious; his smile dark and somehow malicious. There's something similar about... who are they again? Finland... Tino, and... Canada? He can't remember Canada's 'human' name. Whatever. It doesn't matter. It's not like they're important.

"What? Your latest retarded idea for ravioli? Sorry, but I've got better things to do." Lovino turns away, smirking.

Feliciano is quiet. Oddly quiet.

Normally, Feliciano would start crying or whine.

Slightly concerned, not that he'd admit it, Lovino turns again, to face his brother. Feliciano's fist connects with his jaw.

It hurts more than he'd have thought.

"Ow! Why'd you just do that?"

Another punch, this time to his stomach. Winded, Lovino stumbles backwards. He's grabbed by the arms and pulled up again. Noticing who these people were, he wants to know what the hell is going on.

"Wha...?" he croaks. "Canada? Finland? What are you--" A kick, this time. To what Prussia would probably call his 'vital regions'. Lovino barely holds back a shreik of agony.

"Retarded, am I?" Feliciano smirks. That's his smirk! How dare his idiot brother steal his best expression!

Lovino just glares. He's sure his voice is ridiculously high at this point. He nods, slowly.

Feliciano's face is blank.

Lovino smiles arrogantly.

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