, Finland, Canada- Italy and Canada finally snap (what causes it is up to anon) and join with Finland to show the world how much made of badassery they really are. (3)

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It's the next world meeting. Tino is the only one who shows up out of his new group of friends.

"Wha's wrong?" Berwald grunts, sensing something is wrong.

"It's nothing." Finland lies. "I'm just tired."

Tino resumes his thinking. Ludwig and Kiku haven't shown up. Lovino is also away. As for Matthew and Feliciano... Matthew telephoned him last night. Berwald hasn't said anything, but Tino is certain Berwald suspects something.

"You sure?"

"Yeah... I'm just worried about everyone who's away."

"I un'erstan'. 'S weird, Germany bein' 'way."

"Yeah. He's so efficient."

Tino keeps replaying the telephone conversation in his head. Matthew and Feliciano are terrifying. Just like Ludwig became back when he began his 'cultural reformation'. Tino doesn't want to relive that. Not ever.

"You understand, right? What you've got to do?"


"Make sure none of them suspect you. I'll cover for Feliciano- he's a little temperamental at the moment. Anyway, at the last second, you know what to do."

"Yes. I understand. I'll make sure."

"We'll talk again after the meeting."

"Okay. Goodbye."

Tino sighs. There really isn't any point in continuing this meeting. Alfred is spouting meaningless garbage. Arthur is hung over, screaming curses and insults at everyone.

"I'm sorry." He says. "I'm afraid I have to go now."

"What? Why?!" Arthur snaps. "In that case, I'm leaving, too! I can't stand any more of this bloody rubbish!"

"Oh, there's no point, is there-aru? Ludwig is the best for conducting these meetings-aru. We should wait until he gets better before we have another meeting-aru." Wang Yao sighs.

It's like playing with dominoes. One topples, and all the others crash too- a chain reaction. The other nations make their excuses, leaving as well. Tino begins making his way towards Matthew's house with a heavy heart.

Berwald's large hand clamping on his shoulder surprises him.

"Where y' goin'?" he mumbles.

"Just to see Matthew. Then we're going to Feliciano's house. He's not very well at the moment."

"Oh. 'Kay. Maybe I shoul' go see 'im too?"

"I'm sure he'll be fine. You're such a nice person." Tino smiles at his best friend.

"Mmm..." Berwald makes a non-commital noise and heads back towards their homes.

Tino sighs and trudges to Matthew's front gate.


Alfred's at home, reading a comic. He's grinning stupidly, slurping coffee and muttering to himself.

"Whoa! That's so awesome! We totally need some of these things!"

He almost doesn't notice Matthew when he walks in.

"Sorry, Alfred. Your back door was wide open and I really needed to talk to you."

"Oh. Cool. Uh..." Alfred gets that look on his face, the blank one, and Matthew knows he's been forgotten again. "...Uh... It's not like I've forgotten you, honest. Your face is kind of familiar, but your name is totally... um..."

Matthew waits patiently, as Tino and Feliciano slip into the room, unnoticed. The silently make their way to behind Alfred, who is still trying to remember Matthew's name.

"Um... who are you...?" Alfred gives up.

Matthew smiles and pulls a pair of knuckledusters from his pocket, each knuckle decorated with a raised outline of a maple leaf.

"Remember," he begins, as Tino and Feliciano reach towards Alfred, grab him, restrain him. "I am Canada."

He drives his foot into Alfred's stomach. The maple leaf is driven into Alfred's face, the simple pattern adorining his face- again and again until the marks began weeping flecks of blood. They're eventually going to scap ober and heal- if Alfred survives, anyway.

Alfred's face will look so much better this way.


Heracles is sitting in his garden, absent-mindedly stroking a kitten as he wonders where Kiku could be. Maybe he's ill. Maybe Heracles offended him. Maybe something bad has happened. Kiku is never late, and is far too polite not to call up if he can't come over. He'd also probably come over anyway, even if Heracles had offended him. Therefore, something bad really has happened. The question is, what?

Heracles sighs and leans back, pondering the possible answers to this question. Eventually, he puts the cat down gently and decides to look for his friend. The cats around him mew and rub against his legs as he strides towards his gate, purpose in mind. Find Kiku. Talk.


That voice... It's Sadiq!

"What are you after?" Heracles asks.

"Hah. Ya think I'd tell ya?" Sadiq grins, somewhat worryingly.

Anger rises within Heracles- he's not one to get angry, but Sadiq is an exception to this rule. Any of the other countries would lull him to sleep, but Sadiq...

"You're not going to steal my land again!"

"Ha ha..." Sadiq chuckles, vaults over the fence and almost steps on a cat. "Ya sure 'bout that?"

And so the argument escalates, and any thoughts of chasing after Kiku are abandoned.

"Bastard!" Heracles yells, seeing Sadiq pick up several of his adorable kittens. "Not my cats!"


Antonio looks sadly at Lovino again. The other man scowls towards the window.

"Stop lying to me, please..." he begs. "I know you can't have just fallen over. Those wounds... who did that to you?"

"Shut up. Give me some food. I'm hungry. Make sure it's pasta."

"Lovino..." Antonio sighs. "Please. I'm begging you. Why won't you tell me?"

"I told you I fell over. It was down three flights of stairs and then I tripped over my garden tools. Now give me the damn pasta!"

"Lov--" Antonio begins. He thinks better of it. "Very well. What kind of pasta do you want? Tagliatelle? Canneloni? Lasagne?"

"Whatever the hell you want to make." Lovino spits at him. "Stop annoying me, you bastard. Get on with it!"

As Antonio leaves the room, Lovino knows that there's no way he's going to say anything. It wasn't fair! Romano was a retard! How the hell had this happened?! No, he wouldn't say anything. Not a word. Not about his defeat.


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