Hey guys this is a stand alone fic that I made the other day, just a cute one-shot for you to enjoy!!

The young man could do nothing but weep for the life he never had. He let out a roar of anger toward the sky, directed at the god that had handed him his fate, given him nothing but misery. He sobbed in anguish and drew his body in, wrapping his arms around his small helpless frame. He shook in fear and loneliness.

As if to hearing his cry of pain the heaven's released their own tears drenching the boy. The rain pelted the boy relentlessly, challenging him to fight back, to argue for his case.

"Katsuya!!" He heard a faint call in the distance, but it couldn't be for him, for who would come looking for boy like him. One who had last his way and been shunned by the heavens. He was a token of bad luck, and no mortal would seek him and dare defy the gods. "Katsuya where are you?!" He heard the cry again, and this time he looked up in time to see a tall figure in the distance.

He thought he must have been dreaming, he tried to get up to quickly and a mixture of the cold rain and his heavy legs brought him straight back down. He looked up with what little strength he had "Seto…" he mumbled before the darkness over took him.

It was as if it was a dream from the point on. He felt warmth spread through him as he felt himself being lifted in his subconscious. He moved close to the warmth, it was a natural instinct on his part. He could not shy away, for such an action would be as if he asking for his own death. He slowly drifted of into the world of dreams.


He awoke startled but incased in a familiar warm embrace. He looked up to see his own personal god gazing at him with beautiful deep blue eyes that had the power of the ocean behind them. He attempted to look away, but a hand gently lifted his chin back up, while another arm brought him ever so closer. "I was so worried puppy. I thought I had lost you." The blond could see that the brunet was losing his cool, his hand shook and his breathing was uneven.

"Seto," Katsuya whispered in a hoarse voice, "please don't worry. I'm ok now thanks to you." The brunet looked at the angel in his arms, eyes shaking unable to contain his emotion, and pulled him close and placed a soft tender kiss on his lips. He pulled away slowly with a shaky breath. He brought a hand up to carefully caress the soft cheek of the man he loved, as if he held the most delicate and valuable treasure in the world.

"Don't ever leave me puppy I need you more than anything." The mighty Seto Kaiba admitted with a small blush on his pale cheeks.

"Thank you Seto, I Love you too." Katsuya said softly moving closer to his lover before falling asleep, giggling impishly at the mighty gods that could not take him from his beloved's protective embrace.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed it, and thank you for taking the time to read my work I really appreciate it. Until next time!