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I entered the room which was designed to be a learning environment but which I did most of my sleeping, I slung my bag down onto the floor next to my usual desk, I pulled the chair out and sat down. I sat back into the chair, so I looked like I was getting ready to learn, but my eyes drooped slightly, which gave me away; I rubbed sleep from my eye and tried to concentrate. After a few minutes all the students in my class had entered, the seat next to mine was empty...as usual, I was okay with that, until that is a pretty girl entered the room, she attentively knocked on the door folders were held tightly in one hand, she tucked her long purple hand behind one ear, she had a worried look on her face. Clear ID of a new student, she went straight to the teacher, telling the tutor, her name and everything else which my ears couldn't catch.

The girl looked doubted at the class, there were only a couple of seats free, but she chose mine. She was quite gracious I noticed, and she even trod purposefully on one of the boy's fee that had been put out to make her stumble.
As she made her way over, I could see that she was shaking, when she was about five foot away she raised her eyebrow in question at me, and I nodded, she calmed a bit then and sat down.
Everyone then lost interest...well some lost interest, the girls anyway. Most of the boys, me included were watching her like a hawk in the peripheral vision.
"I'm Zaharia" she announced to me a few moments after she had sat down, I looked at her and she smiled, blushed a little.
"I'm Daniel" I said trying to be sociable. I looked down at her books; most of them were on English, science and languages. "How many languages are you studying?" I asked in pure curiosity
"too many" she mumbled back, obviously not happy about it. I didn't ask any more questions as I figured that if she needed anything she would ask me in time. She didn't and for that I was glad, all the guys were already calculating how long it would take to ask her out, whether she would make them laugh. I thought of the possibilities until the bell went and she asked briefly "what lesson do you have now?" her voice told me that she was slightly scared
"math" I replied
"It's just I have French and I have no clue where anything is" I sighed and pulled my own map from my bag, and passed it to her, then walked out of the room.

Throughout the day I saw her studying the map with her eyebrows knotted in confusion, and she turned herself in a whole circle then said "no! I'm in the wrong building! GRRRR" I smiled at her confidence, and as the jocks started to help her I made myself the background again, and picked up little pieces of information I didn't know during the day.

By lunch she was sitting with a few of the jocks, the new boy next to her side like glue, obviously not possessing the same courage as her, I walked past to the playground outside, and sat down on one of the benches that lines the concrete rectangle which some of the guys were practising football skills.

"Hello again" a voice said next to me, I froze, sandwich in mouth. "Daniel? Are you okay?" I relaxed as I noticed the voice.
"Hi Zaharia, looks like you've made quite a few friends" I told her. Instead of smiling she just bit back a smile
"nothing like using the idiots of the school to help you find your way around. I wouldn't call them friends exactly..." she trailed off and I was in shock. Every girl on the year was trying to get into that group; she had been accepted and was refusing the invite?

"I copied your map, so you can have the new copy, as yours is kinda creased where I had to quickly stuff it in my pocket every time I thought..." she blushed leaving the sentence hanging. I realised immediately that she was embarrassed, and as I turned to talk to her, I looked straight at her, and saw at the base of her neck...blue skin.

"Hey erm Zaharia I don't know how but I think you've got some ink on your neck" I supplied for her, and she smiled thankfully and the wetted her fingers rubbed the section with the 'ink' on. Except the blue didn't go away...it expanded leaving the whole back of her neck blue.
"Gone?" she asked, obviously not aware of the fact that I'd seen the blue skin, it was the blue of a blue ink fountain pen. I finished my lunch in the sound of Zaharia chatting away to me, and when the bell went she stood up, and waited for me.
I stayed where I was, she sighed and spoke extremely softly "I'm sorry Daniel" and walked off. I watched her retreating figure, and picked up my own bags making my way to the lesson.

The lesson I had was biology, it was a great subject. Learning about how DNA mutated and so forth but my interests were on Zaharia who was next door in chemistry. The new boy sat next to her, making her smile now and then. He moved her hair slightly, and I could see his shock. There was some quick animated talking and then they continued on with their work.

After class I followed the two, to their home. Naturally they lived in the most expensive house on the small town, once I saw them go into the house I walked home.
as soon as I entered the rented flat I turned on my laptop and went into the school's website. Within five minutes I was on student files. I typed in Zaharia; sure enough her file came up, as did the other new boy.
I copied the information and printed it off, then evaluated what I'd seen, writing down onto a word document what I had seen on her skin, and the whole situation. I even wrote how I'd met her, referring to the fact that she was quite pretty, naturally I printed this off too.

I looked up the house they were staying, how long it had been bought for, apparently it was rented out in certain seasons, the owners had decided to take four years to travel the world, and were lending the house to friends.
smiling I typed up more stuff, and then looked on my list, I had gone over it, and over it. There was a small amount of normal homework which ad to be done.
I sat and completed the homework, putting the silly work to one side I thought up pork chop, mum and dad.
"This Zaharia girl sounds sweet" mum said after I had finished,
"looks like Daniel like likes her!" pork chop chanted, I gave her a stern look
"she's on the list?" dad asked completly bewildered.
"techniqually; yes. Her parents have gone..she was left to continue their work" dad nodded at this fact, then he read on the article a bit more
"when she was three Daniel" I went stiff, all over. I was rooted to the spot...When she was three her parents had been captured, taken then released as two slaves on another planet, it wasn't specified.

"Daniel, find more detail about this girl" dad suggested, "she like you in many respects, shes lost, doesn't understand and is probably bluffing her way around to stay alive" I closed my eyes to try and picture Zaharia killing. Instead I shuddered.
"no I can just go round and sort it out" I knew it sounded childish, mum rasied an eyebrow
"you are going to get to know this girl Daniel X, I don't care how long it takes your going to get to know her" my mum put in
"okay! Let me think!" the three of them went to the Tv, leaving me in peace, when I looked up they were gone, the TV on a documentary program, Pork-chops messy handwriting was next to me, in a note

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