Just because I felt like writing it.


"If you point that gun at me ONE MORE TIME, I swear I'm gonna rip incomprehensible parts off of your already splintering body!" Jeff yelled at Hamegn.

"Sorry, these days pointing a gun at anyone makes me feel a bit safer." Hamegn said defensively.

"Oh, yes, sure." Jeff said, rolling his eyes. "Our ship crashed in the outskirts of a Skaarj camp, three of us survived and we're all so LUCKY that we have a gun wielding maniac in our midst."

"At least he's not trigger happy." Quig said, not looking at them.

Quig was an optimist and tried to see the bright side of things. Jeff had a short fuse and snapped at things. Hamegn was a coward and ran away from things. The ISV Mishtiv had crashed on Na Pali at what was once Harobed village, but now a Skaarj training camp.

An energy wall separated the Mercenary establishment Terraniux from the camp, but there was no need to separate off the dark arena. That was under Skaarj control. The ship had crashed in the cliffs balanced above the abbey. Skaarj had taken away two bodies which had fallen from the wreckage so they knew what to expect. The only thing keeping the three surviving humans alive was that the Skaarj thought the ship was full of angry people.

Quig, one of the ship's mechanics, was pulling at the controls of an escape pod. It was broken, and had been for the last three days of their crash.

Jeff was a guard and Hamegn was co-pilot.