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"Humiliating" was the word that first came up into my mind.

"Just so extremely spectacular," Were the words I so sarcastically spat out at the world.

"We're just standing here, and I bet we look like a couple of complete noobs!"

In agony, I dramatically flung myself on the ground in front of the well we were standing in front of. I hurt my a** a little bit, but I didn't want to show it. So I folded my arms and crossed my legs and started to pout as Miyuki, my companion in crime; was worriedly scanning the moving crowd of people in front of us in search of someone to help us. I sighed, leaned my back against the wall and propped myself up on my arms. "What should we do, Sempei?" Miyuki asked after finally giving up on the search. "Everybody seems to either be in a rush, or too conceited to care about our problems." I thought, for a while in fact, and came up with the conclusion, "It's not all that bad. I mean, seriously, it could be… raining. And a car could splash mud on us or something."

My name is ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Hirata, Hira for short. Most people I know call me Hira-Chan, but Miyuki (who I call Yuki-Chan) titled me Sempei. We will admit and say proudly that we are anime/manga lovers as well as Narutards. Not only do we together share a mind about manga and anime, but we also love art- art of the Japanese manga-anime nature preferably. Speaking of art, it got us into a freak-accident… Being the good students we are, Yuki-Chan and I were working on an English project that involved pencils, markers, paper, and possibly some rulers. We were working on what you call a "poster", a poster that we were surely to get an A on… Or so we thought. I had invited Yuki-Chan over to my house to complete the final touches on our sure to be perfect score poster. The words now seem so distant, but before the happening, I had commented, "These seem like really good markers you have here, Yuki-Chan~." She had said in reply, "Why thank you Sempei, I got them for my birthday from my Dad. He said he got them from a suspicious looking street-vender in New York, but he thinks a lot of things are suspicious. Art can be suspicious at times, but it is never eternal." I started, "Alas, I have to disagree with you-" before I took a whiff of the marker. It smelt fairly pleasant, like art, but then it changed altogether. "Neh, Yuki-Chan… what do you think this marker smells like?" I handed the marker over to her; she took it and inhaled a great amount of the brain-numbing source. "It smells like-" Thud I fell over, unable to hear what she was about to say next.

Then BAM, we ended up waking up here, in this cold, unknown, and confusing place. Cold, no, because it was fairly warm, humid, but pleasant. Unknown, yes, how the hell were we supposed to know were you just appear after you were just sitting in your room engaging in a chat with your friend? Confusing, oh hell yeah, first off, why were people dressed in so many bright, painful to look at colors? Second, how on earth can ordinary people walk that figmin fast? Third, they weren't bumping into each other! It's part of life, confusion, but it didn't appear anywhere, at least not in front of our eyes. Miyuki sank down next to me in despair, which brought me back to earth, if we were there. "So what should we do, Sempei?" pleaded Miyuki, "We should do something." Looking ahead at the crowd, I sighed, "I dunno what we can do. Maybe we should just wait here, somebody'll do something eventually…"

"Where do you think we are anyway?" questioned Miyuki.

I shrugged, "Dunno, not in my room."

"I don't know why you seem so annoyed, Sempei." Miyuki replied hugging her knees.

"Well… I am a little bit curious, but we won't be able to finish the poster on time when we get back." I pouted.

"If we ever get back." Miyuki corrected in a solemn attitude, examining her red sock covered feet.

That was the first time it struck me, and it hit me hard, on the head, like an anvil soaring across a room at top velocity, hitting my head, hard. Dumbstruck, I sat there, mouth agape looking like an idiot, or a baka. Yuki-Chan giggled, "You look funny, Sempei~". Coming once again to my senses, I mimicked the curled up knee hugging position Yuki-Chan was in. She continued, "You space out a lot, 'specially during school." I sighed, giving her a sarcastic smile, I exclaimed, "Yep, not aware of my surroundings, I get an A on that," silence again, "like that A we were supposed to get on that advertisement poster we were making for English." I finished. Yuki-Chan obviously didn't want anymore silence because then she asked, "Do you think your iPod works?"

"I don't know, let me check."

There it was, my trusty blue iPod shuffle, chuck full with Japanese and awesome songs alike. Yuki crossed her fingers impatiently as I suspended my pointer finger in the air to turn the iPod on in slow motion. "Now this will determine our destiny between boredom, and entertainment. If the iPod showith red, our might be eternity here will be doomed. Beith green, we shall not be forsaken…" I droned on as to annoy Miyuki. "If the destiny-determining machine broadcasts the color of the orange fruit we shall-" Miyuki switched the iPod on without me. I was quite disappointed that my job had been taken away from me, so arms flailing everywhere, I shouted at Miyuki, "Hey! That was my job! I was only teasing, you know. You knew that! But nooo you have to go and take all the fun away from-" Miyuki stopped my pointless rant. "Hey Sempei, the light's green." I was silenced, probably for a while, so I pouted as I admitted, "Yeah, it is… So I guess we're not that forsaken…" Smiles went between the two of us, I handed her the right ear bud, and shoved the left into the designated area of my left ear hole. This time I clicked the circular play button at regular speed. Only to find out I had left the iPod on at a deafeningly loud volume. Both of us jumped up and sat up straight in alarm to the deafening sound, I could've sworn I saw yellow sound exaggeration marks around us. I finally slammed my finger down to press the button that would diminish the painful shrieking sound, we were still twitching a little, but most of the discomfort went away… Then it started raining.

"Oh, come ON!" It was Miyuki's turn to spew her feelings out at the world.

"I guess heaven has forsaken us," I groaned as I slumped back against the bricks. "Or else I would've remembered to bring an umbrella." No reply, this was nothing to laugh about. It started raining harder, and we recognized that L's theme was playing on the iPod still. We had nowhere to go, nothing to do, and nobody to help us because even the crowd thinned out to an acute minimum. Eventually, there were only hooded individuals scuttling to find shelter. "Problem 4, how does an omega huge crowd disappear so quickly?" I exclaimed. I guess Yuki-Chan fell asleep, because she replied to my remark with a faint giggle and started dozing off once the piano version of Nagareboshi followed River Flows in You by Yiruma. I allowed Yuki-Chan to rest her head on my shoulder, for I also forgot to bring a pillow as well as a blanket along with the umbrella. *Note: come on, grow up, you sick pervs out there, I know I've got a twisted mind too, but go somewhere else to read your yuri/yaoi crap, you creeps. * After the piano version of Nagareboshi ended, the full version of the original came on after it. I found myself singing along to it in a very soft voice as rain continued to cascade down onto our heads. I managed somehow to keep the iPod fairly dry, but we got soaked. Again, it was a nice humid temperature, just the way I like it. I don't really mind the rain after all… I wasn't entirely sure about Yuki-Chan, though.

A few minutes later, Miyuki stirred and mumbled something about spiders and how they crawl into your mouth when you're sleeping. But I could be wrong. Almost immediately after, I heard scuffling noises above the din of the rain. Miyuki probably heard too because she shot up with her back straight and her eyes half opened instantly. There was a silhouette in the foggy downpour of the rain, it was tall (we were sitting down) and it was hard to tell what it was… The figure seemed to have a bell shaped body, and what seemed like scissors coming out from the top. It looked as if it hesitated, but motioned toward us never the less. Seeming as if it glided through the fog, its face was still shadowed as it stopped about a foot or two in front of us.


The Akatsuki are feared, why shouldn't they be? They are evil and do they have a reason? Sure, it could be just this: Why not be evil? There's probably a deeper, darker answer to their participation in the organization, but who honestly cares? Possibly sympathetic people who have no life might, but that's beside the point. The Akatsuki consisted of ten members: Pain, Konan, Zetsu, Hidan, Kakuzu, Kisame, Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, and Tobi. Each and every one of them has their own, unique and questionable problems, enough said. Sure they're bad-guys, but even bad-guys have lives, right? Let's just agree that they do, for the sake of this entire fan-fiction.

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