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Summary: Five year old Harry Potter looked up and grinned. "They all have each other, don't they? When I grow up, we can be together just like them, Edward!"

Blue Hour

Chapter One

"Step away you foolish girl."

"No, please! Take me, kill me, instead!"

"Step away! I will not repeat myself again."

"No!" Lily Potter squeezed her tear laden eyes shut for a moment; James. I love you. "I beg of you, he's just a child!"

"A child that will be my death, and yours if you do not move, now." The tall, emancipated man spoke with a high voice.

As Lily continued to beg and plead for the life of her child, Voldemort sighed as he lost patience. Without any warning, he raised his wand to strike a killing blow upon the beautiful, intelligent muggleborn. "Avada Ke-"

"My Lord!"

Voldemort turned with deadly intent towards the man who had dared interrupt him. "Wormtail."

"My Lord, you promised you would spare her!"


Peter Pettigrew screamed with pain. Lily retreated closer towards the crib as she stared in horror and pity as her friend was tortured.

Peter lay panting on the floor as the curse was lifted. "Please…master…" He pleaded. Whether he pleaded against more pain or for Lily's life it was not clear.

Harry had already climbed out of the crib used to confine the five year old and ran to his mother, who clutched him to her bosom. "Wormy?" He lisped childishly.

Voldemort chuckled, a sound that made both Lily and Peter terrified. "He remembers you, Wormtail. Isn't that amusing?"

Lily shot a pleading look at Peter but he didn't have the courage to meet it; he simply lay curled on the floor, hoping to avoid Voldemort's further wrath.

Frantically, Lily lowered Harry to the floor where he clutched her legs. Unfortunately, the movement snapped Voldemort out of his trance. Lily moaned in fright as his demon red eyes pinned her in place.

"Yes, it would be shame to undo all your hard work, Wormtail. Especially as two of my Death Eaters have asked me to save her life. You must be quite unique, Lily Evans. A pity your son will not live long enough for that trait to emerge. I give you a last chance to stand aside."

"No," Lily whispered, unable to work up a scream. She spared a though for the other Death Eater who had asked for her life to be spared. She had an inkling who that man was. She ached for her suspicions proved correct.

"Avada Kedavra," Voldemort raised his wand again, and with a lazy, graceful sweep of his wand, sending her tumbling down to the floor. Her last thought was of Harry and the last thing she saw was him staring at her, aghast.

"Mummah!" Harry cried as he rushed to her side. He shook her futilely and wondered where his father was. If he was here, he would make the bad man with red eyes go away. Harry's eyes widened as the bad man raised is wand once again. He was doing bad magic again! Well, Harry was not going to allow his mother to be hurt again.

"Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort laughed in triumph as the deadly green light shot towards the small boy. Nothing would stand in his way now. He barely had time to stop laughing as the spell collided with the five year old boy's forehead and bounded back towards him. He screamed with fury and pain as his spirit was ripped from his body.

The botched spell caused a minor explosion to rip two of the room's walls off and cave in a third. It was the only the fourth surviving wall that held true, preventing the occupants from being crushed to death.

Outside, two men appeared simultaneously with a load bang.

Sirius felt his whole life come crashing down as he caught sight of James Potter lying lifeless on the doorstep of his own house.

He fell to his knees, head bowed in grief. Remus gazed up at the Dark Mark in the sky, unable to look at Prongs.

"Sirius," He whispered. "Sirius!"

Sirius Black turned blindly towards Remus. "Lily and Harry."

He stared incomprehensively at Remus for a moment ad then took off like a shot. Remus cursed and followed him. "Sirius!"

A wail of grief sounded from above and Remus' knees almost buckled. That means Harry and Lily are dead too, he thought, grief stricken.

He sped up the stairs; afraid Sirius would let emotions get the better of him and do something foolhardy, as usual.

Remus entered Harry's room and surveyed the destruction. Sirius knelt on the floor, Harry in his arms and Lily's body only a few feet away from him. Stirring at the sound of Remus' footsteps, Sirius raised his head. The tear marks were evident o his face as he whispered, "Something's wrong with him."

For one heart-stopping moment, Remus thought Sirius had finally lost it. The boy he had loved for years had always been passionate, angry. The madness of his family had always been evident in him, no matter how much he tried to deny it.

Remus felt his heart break as he passed Lily. He knelt beside Sirius and said gently; "Sirius, he's dead."

Sirius just looked back blankly. "What?"

"Harry- he's- the boy's dea-"

Just then, Harry moaned in pain. It was now Remus' turn to stare blankly. "What? How?"

Sirius gently brushed a hand across Harry's forehead, where the shape of a lightning shaped scar was evident. "This is curse scar."

"How? Sirius, I don't understand! What happened here? How did Harry survive when James and Lily-"

"I don't know- I don't know-" Sirius began chanting, rocking back and forth with Harry in his arms.

Remus watched worried. "I- I thought you were the secret-keeper?"

The entire story came spilling out, of the switch, of Peter's apparent betrayal. "I'm sorry Moony," Sirius whispered. "I'm sorry I didn't trust you."

Remus smiled wryly, hiding the bitterness he felt. "I trusted the bastard," Sirius muttered angrily.

Both of them stiffened as they heard a loud thump from outside. Sirius started rising to his feet but Remus pressed a firm hand on his shoulder. "Stay here."

Not giving Sirius a chance to protest, Remus pulled out his wand and crept silently and swiftly down the stairs. He was bewildered to hear sobbing from the direction of the main door.


"Remus? What 're you doing here?"

"I was with Sirius," Remus explained softly. "He was keyed in to the wards."

Hagrid sniffed and burst into sobs again. "Poor James. Poor Lily. They were too young to die."

Remus felt his throat tighten again. "Wait a second. What are you doing here?"

"Dumbledore sent me. Soon as he heard the news."

"What for?" A harsh voice questioned them. "It's too late now, isn't it?"

Sirius was walking down the stairs, keeping a firm hold on Harry.

Hagrid sniffed again, wisely ignoring Sirius' bad temper. "Is that 'arry?" He asked hoarsely.

"Yes," Remus answered.

"Dumbledore said to bring the lad."

"What?" Sirius roared. "How did he know that Harry survived?"

Hagrid shrugged his massive shoulders. "'E was keyed to the wards too, Sirius."

But Sirius was not finished yet. "That doesn't explain how he knew Harry was alive when even my wards didn't…" Sirius trailed off.

Remus did not like what this conversation was implying.

"Where are you taking him?" Sirius demanded.

"Dumbledore said to take him to Privet Drive in Surrey."

"Surrey? What's in Surrey?" Sirius asked, confused.

"Donno. But protection wards 'ave been put in place for young 'arry."

Sirius' shoulders slumped. Remus could see he was very close to giving up Harry.

My sister shifted to Surrey. I'm so glad, Remus; the Death Eaters don't target the suburbs.

"He wants to send Harry to Lily's sister and her husband," Remus said.

"What?" Sirius turned to look at him. "But they hate magic! What's Dumbledore playing at?"

Hagrid looked anxiously at them. "Dumbledore's got his reasons-"

"Reasons he won't tell us," Sirius snarled. "I won't send Harry to them. I'll look after him."

"You?" Remus and Hagrid exclaimed in disbelief.

"Yes, me," Sirius said stubbornly. "And I won't be alone, either. Remus will help me," Sirius turned to him, naked pleading in his eyes.

Remus swallowed and cursed himself. He had never been able to deny Sirius anything. Those begging puppy dog eyes washed away all the resentment and brought back a flood of love.

"Of course, Padfoot," He whispered.

Sirius smiled in obvious gratitude while Hagrid protested. "But Professor Dumbledore-"

"Can kiss my ass."

"You will probably have to cut down on the swearing now," Remus pointed out.

"I'll leave that to you," Sirius grinned.

"I knew it," Remus grumbled. "You'll probably spoil him while I'll have to be the disciplinarian."

After a roaring argument, Hagrid had finally left without Harry. The rage had mostly been on Sirius side though. They had only stopped fighting after Harry had started whimpering in his comatose state. Now Remus and Sirius were alone in the ruined house.

"I don't trust Dumbledore," Sirius said frankly. "How did he know Harry survived? And he wants to send him to that family!"

Remus kept quite, his mind occupied. Sirius was emotional now, and would get over his misconceptions of Dumbledore soon enough. But right now their main concern was Harry. Specifically why wasn't he waking up? What had really happened here? Where was Voldemort? They couldn't even take Harry to St. Mungo's. Voldemort's supporters were still crawling over the place and would be itching for some revenge. Voldemort was supposedly gone, but then why would Dumbledore feel Harry was in danger beyond revenge from his followers?

He and Sirius had talked about it all extensively, agreed that Harry could not be taken to Mungo's. But muggle doctors weren't qualified enough to-


Remus hit his forehead with his hand. "I am an idiot of the first order."

"Remus?" Sirius' worried grey eyes peered at him.

"We agreed that Harry needs medical attention, right?" Remus said excitedly.

"Right," Sirius agreed warily. "But the Wizarding world isn't safe for Harry. We don't know which Healers to trust."

"There is one!" Remus said triumphantly. "A man who works as a muggle doctor but knows all about magic."

"Who?" Sirius demanded.

"Carlisle Cullen."

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