Author: Sparta

Title: How To Be Casey Rhodes In Eight Easy Steps

Pairings: Casey & RJ

Rating: R

Categories: Slash

Series: How to Be…….

Genres: Action/Adventure, Mystery, Crime, Romance, Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort


Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Death, Mayhem, Past Abuse, Stalking, Femslash, Male rape, torture, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning

Chapters: 5/8

Completed: No

Summery: A funny look into who Casey really is, how he sees himself and how the rest of the world sees him.

Chapter Summery: The Ex

Authors Notes:

Step Five: The Ex

Casey Rhodes loved his job, to most people it wasn't much but to him it was his independence. Too long Casey had lived under shadow of his parents name; the Rhodes family name was always associated with new money, power and arrogance. His two older sisters where married off and parents before they were 18 and his brother ran his own business, Casey had always been the black sheep of the family not that he cared much.

At least working at JKP had given him a chance to be himself and live his own life, to make new friends and to fall in love. However, sometime he had to wonder.

Casey growled to himself as he his back ached, five months pregnant, staffing the kitchens, while Theo and Lilly were away and RJ was at Phi Zhuq with the kids. Therefore, JKP was in hands of Casey, Dom, Camille Flit and Jarrod, but Casey was in no mood for them.

He was feeling like crap, and was in no mood for Jarrod and his bitchy ways. Ever since he'd come back from being Dai Shi things had been ok, but suddenly over the last few months Casey found himself the victim of Jarrod's moods again. The only difference was this time Casey wasn't the weak, snivelling little child he'd been when he'd become pregnant with Penn.

Casey was sighed as the lunch rush came to an end, finally he was able to put his feet up and chill out for a few minutes.

"CASEY" yelled Jarrod making Casey growled as his ex came towards him.

"WHAT" growled Casey as he stood up, Jarrod was 6'2 and Casey was 5'7 and long ago, that difference might have scared Casey but not now.

Living with RJ and becoming a Ranger had taught him more then just protecting others, it had taught him how to stand up for himself and his family.

"Nice to see something's never change, your still a lazy bitch. Sometimes I wonder what RJ see in you other then sex and even that your bad at" growled Jarrod as Casey felt his anger rise.

"I can't remember you ever complaining, especially when you got your son out of it," said Casey though gritted teeth as he tried not to show his anger.

"Yeah, that's about the only thing you can do right except WHY THE HELL IS MY SON CALLING RJ HIS FATHER," yelled Jarrod as Casey drew himself up to match Jarrod despite the height difference.

"Maybe because RJ was more if a father to him then you have been his whole life" said Casey coolly as Jarrod growled and slapped Casey.

Dom leapt down the stairs having witnessed the attack, but Casey merely raised his hand to stop Dom as he wiped the blood from his lip.

"That Jarrod is why RJ is a better father, leave you uniform after your shift and don't come back. Don't ever expect to see your son again Jarrod and for the record I've changed more then you know Jarrod thanks to RJ. You on the other hand are a snivelling, low-down dirty, scum sucking bully that gets off on picking on weaker people then you.

Have a nice life Jarrod and don't let my brother see you around" said Casey as he grabbed his jacket and headed out of JKP with a smile on his face. Yes, sometimes life could be cruel but sometimes just sometimes, it could prove to be worth every minute.