I own only the West Wing on DVD, I lay no claim to the genius behind it. I would, however like to thank and curse OutCold, YouGottaSingAlong and Andrew for helping and making me do this.

Previously on the West Wing...

President Matthew Santos walked into his Chief of Staff of almost seven years office. The calendar read 3rd September 2012. "Josh, I'd like to introduce you to Junior Senator Simon Fuller." A blonde thirty- five year old sidled into the room...

... "You want me to get him elected." Josh gave the President an incredulous look while flourishing his hand in Fuller's direction.

Santos walked to the door and put his hand on the doorknob before turning his head. "Oh, and Josh, I meant to tell you. You're fired."


"You might want to find a job..."

... Donna ran down the street grabbing Josh from the back. "Josh, Ray Sullivan's running for Republican candidate." Josh turned and bashed his fist against the nearest wall.

Fuller grabbed Josh's arm. "There's something I meant to tell you..."

A voice boomed from the television, "In a surprise twist, it has been revealed by Governor Sullivan that Democrat nominee for Presidential Candidate, Junior Senator Simon Fuller of Massachusetts has been in a same-sex marriage under the State of Massachusetts for little under ten years, with singer and actor Gordon Peters"

Ray Sullivan was shown on screen, a reporter holding a recorder to his face.

"Governor Sullivan, if you receive the nomination who do you hope to be running against?"

"It would be interesting to run against a gay candidate, but the challenge would all come from Congressman Beaton. So, Beaton, yes."

"Excuse me, Governor, but a gay candidate?"

Ray Sullivan looked slightly confused by the question. "Senator Fuller."

As footage followed of Fullers and his husband kissing at the Massachusetts Gay Pride, Josh turned on his heels to face Fuller.

Simon met his eye. "Will this be a problem?"


Josh ran down a corridor bashing into Annabeth Schott. She gave him a wide smile. "Well, howdy. You going to welcome me to the campaign. By the way Donna is looking great, two kids and tucking in nicely. Congratulations."

Josh brushed of the hyperactive rant and continued storming down the corridor, "Annabeth, have you seen the news?"

Annabeth rolled her eyes as she chased after him. "I got back from an eight hour flight half an hour ago. How could I have seen the news?"

Donna's head peered out a door to see her husband/boss charging towards her. "I take it you've seen the news."

"What's on the news that has everyone so worked up?" Annabeth squealed as Donna's assistant, Chloe Beckman pulled her into the office, Josh and Donna followed. As Annabeth watched the news an expression of confusion entered her face. "We didn't know this? About nine years ago, they ran out of stories and it was all over the news. Upstart politician Simon Fuller and singer/songwriter Gordon Peters, married exactly twelve days after the ban on gay marriage was lifted in Massachusetts. None of you knew this?"

"Santos." Josh muttered, flipping out his phone. "Ronna, it's Josh get me Matt.

"Mr. President. It's pleasure to hear your voice, too. Why have you been trying to lift the federal ban on same-sex marriage for the last year?"

Santos answered on the other end of the line. Josh breathed deeply. "And you chose not to tell me this."


A tall dark haired man knocked on the door before sidling into Josh's office. He put the small girl attached to his sided down. Donna and Annabeth smiled encouragingly at her as she walked unsteadily towards them. Josh looked up. "We're kind of busy here..."

"Simon told me to come. I'm..."

Annabeth looked slightly flustered as she breathlessly finished his sentence. "...Gordon Peters."

Gordon nodded keeping one eye on his daughter clambering up Josh's desk, at the same time flashing a brilliant smile. "Would you like an autograph?" Annabeth coloured but Gordon smiled again, cheerfully.

Josh cleared hi throat. "And moving away from the realm of pop-"


"-stars and autographs. How are you planning on addressing this, then?"

Gordon gave Josh a look like a deer in the headlights. "Addressing what?"

Josh heaved a sigh of resignation. "I thought Santos was bad..." He stormed out of the office. "FULLER!"

Donna, Annabeth, Gordon, and even little Sophia all stared after him. Donna smirked and lifted Sophia onto her lap. "There goes what was left of his hairline."

Annabeth grinned back. "We could buy him a toupee."

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