Love Story

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Summary: For as long as she can remember, Bella's parents have hated the Cullen's. She has been forbidden to ever speak to them and that's perfectly fine with Bella. But what happens when she gets stuck at a party with Edward for three hours? How much can change in such a short period of time? Will Bella discover that there is something worth fighting for when it comes to Edward Cullen?

Author's Note: This story was inspired by Taylor Swift's song Love Story. Every time I hear that song, I think of this story. Gotta love Tswift! I really hope you enjoy it!

September 8th, 1996

Today is my first day of kindergarten! I'm going to make a whole bunch of friends and color lots of pretty pictures and play in the sandbox. I'll show everyone the pretty pink dress my mommy bought for me and the new Keds I got just for today. And I can tell all my new friends how still I sat while I mommy brushed my hair nice and straight. I wonder if they'll think my hair looks pretty? There's gonna be so much to do, I'm gonna wanna come back tomorrow. And I can! Today is gonna be a fun day!

"Bella," my mommy knelt down next to me. She worries about me all the time! She is always telling me that I need to be careful, that I can't eat sand, not to cross the road without a parent, and all of her silly rules. "You're gonna be a good girl today for your teacher, right?"

I nodded my head. "Of course mommy! I'm always a good girl."

"Yes you are." She smacked a kiss on my cheek before standing up. "If you need me, just tell Mrs. Clearwater and she'll call me to come get you!"

"I'll be fine mommy," I told her. I didn't need her to come get me early, I wanted to stay here! "Go to work, I'll see you later!"

"I love you sweety," she said before finally walking away. I waved after her for a long time before turning around to look and see who was there. There were a few girls sitting at a table together, coloring pictures. I skipped over to them, ready to make new friends! They all had on pretty dresses and their hair was nice and shiny. We'd be the best of friends!

"Can I color with you?" I asked in the sweetest voice possible. The girl in the middle of the three looked at me. Her hair was much longer than mine and very yellow. I wasn't sure if I liked it. She had on a purple dress that looked a lot like mine, but she had on a cool jean jacket as well. I'd have to ask mommy to get me one of those!

"Ew no," she said. I looked around, wondering if she said ew to me. "Yes I'm talking to you! We don't want to play with you."

"But you don't even know me," I told her. How could she not want to play with me?

"We don't want to," she said back quickly. The girl on her right nodded her head fast, her black curly hair bouncing around her face. The girl on her right didn't look at me, she just continued her coloring.

I felt tears welling up in my eyes. Why were they so mean? "Why not? What did I do?"

"You're ugly and I don't like your shoes," the yellow haired girl explained. "We only play with pretty girls."

"I'm ugly," I asked, my lip quivering. My eyes were wet now and I could feel my cheeks getting wet too.

Before the yellow haired girl could answer, someone spoke up, "You're not ugly."

I turned around to see a boy a few inches taller than me smiling at me. His eyes were greener than grass and his hair was the color of pennies. He was really cute.

"Yes she is," the yellow haired girl said.

"Stop being mean Lauren," another girl said. She came and stood right next to the boy. She was much shorter than him, with dark black hair that almost went past her butt. She had the same pretty green eyes. They were really pretty people. "Come with us, you don't want to talk to a meany butt like Lauren."

I looked at the girls who were mean to me then back at these two kids. The girl who was nice to me stuck her tongue out at Lauren before grabbing my hand and pulling me off. She dragged me over to a table in the corner, the boy following behind us. At the table, three little kids were already sitting there. I was very nervous. I didn't want these kids to be mean to me.

The black haired girl stopped me right in front of this new group, "Is she ugly?"

They all looked at her, then stared at me. After a very long time, the yellow haired girl spoke. She was really pretty, her hair a much prettier yellow than Lauren's. "No, she's got really pretty eyes."

I touched my eyes. They were just brown. That was the color of dirt. She had the pretty eyes; they were blue just like the ocean and the sky. "Thank you."

"I like your shoes," a boy with black hair said. I smiled at him, happy that he liked them. He smiled back, his cheeks getting big. He reminded me of a teddy bear.

"And your dress is very pretty," a blond boy said. His voice was very soft, but he looked really nice.

"You guys are nice," I told them. Why did I think they'd be mean to me? "I'm Bella, what's your names?"

"I'm Alice," the girl who dragged me over announced happily. She hugged me quickly and then pulled away, holding onto my hand. "Wanna be best friends?"

"Yea!!" I had a best friend! I couldn't wait to tell my mommy. She'd be so happy. I made five friends my first day of school!

"I'm Rosalie, but I like to be called Rose," the yellow haired girl said. Rose was a good name for her, because roses were pretty and so was she. "This is my brother Jasper," she pointed to the blonde boy. I'd never heard a name like that before, it sounded cool.

"Hi Bella," he waved. I waved back, happiness filling up my whole body.

"I'm Emmett! Alice and Edward's brother," the curly haired boy announced proudly.

"I'm Edward," the pretty boy told me. "And I don't think you're ugly at all. I think you're very pretty."

I blushed bright red. "Thank you."

"It's only the truth," he explained before sitting down with the group. I sat next to him and Alice sat on my other side. We all started coloring together at once.

I spent the entire day with my new friends. It turns out Edward, Alice, and Emmett were triplets. That means their mommy had them all at once. Rose and Jasper were just twins. The only bad thing about being a triplet or a twin meant they shared birthdays, at least that's what Alice told me. She said she'd rather her birthday be on a different day so they could celebrate just for her. I didn't see a problem about it. They were lucky to have brothers or sisters. This made me jealous about them, I didn't have any siblings. It was just me, mommy, and daddy. I wanted a little brother. Maybe if I tell mommy, she'll give me a brother!

It was time to go home, but we were allowed to play until our parents came and got us. So Alice, Edward, Emmett, and I were playing in the sand. Rose and Jasper went home early. Their mommy had to take them to the dentist. I felt bad for them, I hate the dentist. When my mommy came, we were playing in the sandbox. Edward and I were working on a sandcastle, while Alice made a sand angel and Emmett pretended he wasn't eating sand, even though we knew he was. At first my mommy had a big smile when she saw I made friends, but when she got closer her smile turned upside down.

"Bella, what are you doing?" She shouted at me. What was going on? Why did she sound so mad? Did I get my dress dirty? I didn't mean to! "Get out of the sandbox!"

I scrambled out of the sandbox quickly and ran over to my mother. "What do you think you were doing?"

I looked at her. I was so confused. "I was playing with my friends."

"They are not your friends Bella," she exclaimed.

"They're my best friends' momma, they're so nice," I told her. I was about to tell her about the mean girl and how Alice and Edward stood up for me, but mommy cut me off.

"They are bad kids! Do you know who they are?" She asked me. I shook my head yes. Of course I knew them! "Obviously you don't. Remember daddy and me telling you that you aren't to play with the Cullen's?"

"Yea, you told me a hundred times," I reminded her.

"Those kids," she gave them a dirty look, "Are the Cullen's."

My face dropped. My mommy and daddy hated the Cullen's. "But why? They are so nice mommy. I love them."

"You are never allowed to play with them again."

My eyes were wet again. This wasn't fair! "But mommy!"

"No buts," She grabbed my wrist and began to drag me out of there. I turned around to see all three of them looking at me with sad eyes. None of us understood why we couldn't be friends. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye before my mom pulled me inside the school. She rushed to grab my stuff. We were almost out the door when a woman stopped in front of us, her hair looked like Edward's.

"Renee Swan," she said in a very sweet voice, "Long time, no see. I didn't know your daughter was going here. I heard you Charlie were having money problems. I assumed you were home schooling? That would probably be your best bet; it would be such a shame if little Bella here didn't make any friends."

"My daughter," my mommy pulled me closer to her. I hid behind her leg. This lady didn't seem very friendly. "Is none of your concern. Whatever you heard was lie, we're doing fine. Bella will be attending all year."

"Yes, I'm absolutely sure she will," the lady said before she rolled her eyes. "Are you done wasting my time?"

"You're the one standing in my way," my mommy then pushed past her and I scurried in front of her and went to run out the front door. I just wanted to go home. "Tell your little brats to leave my daughter alone, or else I'll write them up for harassment."

"As if they'd ever want to play with her, she's poor, remember?" It looked like my mommy wanted to lunge at that lady and rip her hair out, but we left instead. As soon as she buckled me up, we drove home. She looked at me in her mirror.

"If I hear you're playing with those Cullen kids, I will take you out of school and keep you home. Do you hear me? They're bad people," she looked very serious. I nodded my head as my eyes got wet all over again. I wanted to play with them, they were so nice and we had fun. But their mommy was so mean. Why was she like that? What did we do to her?

"I'll never play with them again."

"You can't talk to them either. I don't want you anywhere near them. If you can, don't even look at them. They are scum Bella. You're so much better than them. Do you understand me?"

As much as it hurt to say, "Yes mommy. I'll never look, talk, or play with the Cullen's again. They're bad people."

"Good girl, you always listen."

And she was right. I always did."

Present day – February 18th, 2009

I woke with a start, falling right off my bed, my blankets and sheets coming with me.

Why was I dreaming about that again?

Before I even got a chance to think about my dream, a loud knock came to my door and then I heard honking outside. I didn't even say come in but the door opened anyway. Leah barged into the room. I stared up at her from my heap on the floor. She smiled at me momentarily before she noticed my current state. I wasn't even remotely ready to leave for school.

"Bella," she groaned. I didn't even try and protest my case. This was the fourth day in a row that I over slept. "What's been up with you girl? You're so out of it lately."

Was it because of the dream? This was the fourth night in a row I had that dream. Every time I woke up, I was incredibly late and totally out of it for the rest of the day. This couldn't really be a considered a coincidence anymore. But it didn't even make sense. That happened so long ago and didn't even matter now. So why was I still dreaming about it?

I wasn't sure if I should say anything to Leah. She'd heard this story so many times, she was probably sick of the whole matter. Don't bother her with it, I decided after a moment or two of thought. "I think I'm getting sick."

"Wanna skip?"

I looked blankly at her. Leah never skipped school. She was a straight A student, our class president, and president of the National Honor's Society. Skipping school was her taboo. She'd never do it, in a million years. Anytime Jake and I skipped together, she scolded us and told us we weren't going to graduate. So the thought of her wanting to skip, it was absolutely absurd. She thought something had gotten into me, what the hell got into her?

"You're real funny Clearwater," I laughed, taking off my pajamas before stumbling around to find something to wear. I settled on some light jeans and a black Northface. I threw on a pair of UGGs and turned back to her. She was looking at me, as if I'd insulted her. "What?"

"What do you mean I'm real funny?"

"Do you remember who you are? Leah, you've only missed five days of school since we were in kindergarten," I explained to her. "You were in the hospital for the first one, you got really sick another day, and the last three days were after your dad died," her eyes dropped to the ground. I felt bad for mentioning that, but I had to emphasize my point. "You yell at me whenever I do it, so what makes you think I'd believe you want to?"

She rolled her eyes at me before sighing dramatically. "I always do what I'm told. It's really tiring you know, trying to be perfect all the time. I just want to blow off some steam. I mean, it's really nice out today and its Friday. When does that ever happen here in Forks? Besides, you and Jake have skipped before I want to see what its like."

My ears perked up when I heard her mention Jake. That was it! I smiled slyly at her, "And this has nothing to do with you spending time with Jake, right?"

There was no denying Leah's love for Jake. She was far too afraid to say anything to him because she was afraid it would ruin their friendship. She was also convinced he was in love with me. I didn't see it, but according to her the signs were all there. She was crushed by this. She had been with this guy Sam a few years back, but he wound up leaving her. For her cousin. After that, it was really hard to get her back to the same happy Leah, but we did it. Jake spent a lot of time with her, down at First Beach and I was convinced that's what made her fall for him. She never flat out told me, but I just could tell. She looked at him with big doe eyes whenever he wasn't paying attention. She did anything to spend time with him. And she owned half of his sweatshirts, claiming she always got cold whenever we were at his house. I could tell they would date soon enough; I just wasn't sure what I'd do when that time came. I'd turn out being the third wheel and that was never a fun feeling.

"I didn't ask him to skip with us," she finally said, avoiding my eyes. I knew very well why her lack of eye contact meant.

"But you want me to," I said, completely able to see her train of thought.

She beamed brightly at me. "Would you please Bells? I'd love you forever!"

"I thought you already did?" I said with a laugh.

"Of course I do! Best friends for life" I only laughed at her before leaving my room and going to the bathroom. I started to wash up when Leah caught my attention again. I looked at her; she looked like she just remembered something very important. "What's up Lee?"

"Totally forgot, but Mike Newton is having a party tonight," I looked at her as if she had three heads. Since when was she friends with Mike Newton? "He's in my Bio class! I was talking to him about something when he told me. He said we had to be there."

"He said we had to?" I wasn't really sure if going to Mike's house would be a good idea. My parents were bound to find out and they'd get pissed as hell. There would be a chance of the Cullen's going and they'd automatically assume I was breaking the rules and talking to them. It would be really stressful for me the entire night and I probably wouldn't enjoy myself.

I was ready to say I wasn't interested when I looked up to see Leah smiling brightly at me. She looked like she was ready to beg me to go. This was nothing like her. Leah never bounced up and down. She didn't get happy about parties. And she never thought about skipping school. But she looked so excited, I felt bad for even thinking of saying no.

"Okay, as long as you cover me all night," I told her.

And then she did a very un-Leah like thing. She wrapped her arms around me and starting jumping up and down. I contemplated checking her pupils to see if someone had drugged her, but I decided against it. There was some reason for all this happiness and she'd tell me eventually.

"You're going to explain this sudden rebellious streak of yours," I told her when I was finally done getting ready.

"Sure, sure," she said before dragging me out of the house. I only sighed when I saw Jake sitting in the front seat of the Rabbit.

"We're late as fuck," he said, looking at the watch on his wrist. Leah hopped in front next to Jake and I slid into the back seat. I leant in between them.

"Change of plans," I announced. "We're skipping!"

Jake looked from me to Leah. When she saw Leah beaming at him, his lips curved up into a gigantic grin. "We've finally cracked Leah!"

"You have," she giggled. "So, what should we do?"

We all sat in thought for a moment before I got a brilliant idea. I always knew what to do when we skipped school. "Cliff dive!"

Leah nodded her head enthusiastically, "Sounds great, right Jake?"

"Did you drug her Bells?" He turned to me, I shook my head no. "I'm liking this little outburst Leah. It's defiantly hilarious!"

"Thanks?" She said before slapping his hand, "Drive, I'm not getting any younger."

"Okay, okay," Jake said. He put the car in drive and we started on our journey to First Beach, laughing the whole car ride there.

Despite how much fun we had during the day, I couldn't get rid of the nagging feeling that my dream had something to do with tonight. Was it some sort of omen?

What do you guys think?! You won't find out why the Cullen's and the Swan's hate each other for a little while. All the Cullen kids will be in the next chapter, this chapter was basically introductory. I hope you enjoyed this, let me know what you think.