We Are The Ones

Just looking around this place, I can see that there are many different people and the reasons that they are in here are varied. Most of the people that I know why they are here are in medium risk- Murderers Row, for obvious reasons- I'm here. Of course, I've come to learn about other patients in other wards- not everyone, of course.

But the people in here… well, there's few that I know.

There's those that I heard about or met on my first day: Sasuke, the suicidal brother-killer. Chouji, the gentle cannibal. Temari, the blood enthusiast. Sai, the socially retarded blood artist. Naruto, the schizophrenic 'monster' carrier. Sakura, the one who needs anger management. Shino, the bug obsessed drug peddler. Tenten, the weapon fanatic. Hinata, the mystery. Gaara, the rabid psycho.

Then there are those who I've discovered during my stay: Ino, the vapid shoplifter with an eating disorder (she refused to divulge any more information).

Neji, cousin of Hinata, obsessed with the idea of hate and destiny. I think he ate his victims' eyeballs? I don't know. He's kept in high risk because he hates his cousin for some reason, and I think has threatened her. In my opinion, it's as much for his own protection as well as hers, because I've bumped into him once and living with that stuck-up, self-righteous bastard for any length of time would make me want to kill him. And I'm one of the more stable ones (even if I do say so myself).

Then there's Kiba, the dog lover. He kinda acts like a dog sometimes. With full on growling and stuff. I'm a little hazy on the details, but I think he went after animal abusers. Dog abusers, more specifically. Killed them like a dog. Now how a dog would be killed, but how a dog would kill. He ripped them to shreds. I actually think I remember reading about 'Dogboy' (media name) in the papers. I never thought I'd end up in the same place as him.

Then- Lee. He's an interesting case. He accompanies Sasuke in the manic depressive ward, but to meet him you would never think it. He seems to be the happiest person in the world. He's constantly smiling- but at the same time, he never smiles. He's obsessive compulsive as well. He wants to defeat his depression, so he models himself on who he believes is the happiest man in the world- his psychologist. I don't know how wise that is, because I don't think that man is entirely right in the head himself. Anyway, Lee's OCD is that he is obsessed with being the best he can be. He will work himself into the ground if not watched carefully. I think that hard exercise might also be his way of staving off the depression, so much so that it became an OCD. It's not healthy how much that man pushes himself. I'm not entirely sure why he's in here. I think it has something to do with alcohol. Yeah, I think it was drunken public indecency and malicious damage of public and private property. I don't know. His false, forced, over-exuberant cheeriness kinda scares me. It's too forceful.

I've come to the conclusion that all the people in the institution are really normal, functioning individuals, and I'm just as sane as the rest of them.


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