Her life wasn't what you could call typical…

Nope. With a capital 'Noh.'

Technically, she wasn't supposed to see two feet in front of her shoes—not that that was such a surprise, what with all the crap running a murderous course through her body.

Especially as she clumsily hurled herself through the air, feeling the wind whip around her matted hair, the ever familiar sound of sirens blurring below her, the snarling mess that was Erasers behind her. If it wasn't for the metal blind fold on over her eyes, she could've given them the shock of their disgusting little life…but no. She couldn't.

She had to stumble over the grass while running at breakneck speed, pushing herself right off the ground, ignoring the uncomfortable sting in her hands from being scraped on some random rock and continuing her sprint for life.

Trees, tress, oh look, more trees! She though foully, letting her fingers brush feather-lightly against the bark of another offending pine.

Dang it! She bared her teeth, turning on her heel and sprinting hurriedly, hearing the heavy pants of the Erasers and the taunts of the ones who had not morphed again.

Muttering a soundless swear under her breath, she leapt into the air, a barely noticeable silhouette of wings catching air and flapping frantically.

Howls of disgust were heard before she heard more whooshing sounds. They have wings as well? She thought hysterically.

This time, she didn't sprint along the fields of the Facility, scraping herself on everything in sight.


This time, she was launching herself through the open air more or less at speeds of one hundred and forty miles an hour—judging by the wind whistling by her ear, that is.

But no, what type of an escape would be completed without injuries?

And that came in the form of an Eraser—slow and bulky compared to her, she guessed—clawing his paw into her calf, causing her jaws to clench with pain.

What the H-E double-toothpicks was with people wanting to hurt her today? She just wanted to escape!

Okay, so maybe that was exactly why they wanted to rip her throat out.

Her eyes, hidden behind the stupid metal, watered when she felt another clawed hand dig into her flesh, feeling the blazing agony melt into her blood.

She literally launched her fist out in a blind attempt at shaking off the Eraser, as her body instinctively fell to the ground.

Dang it!

Another one punched her, this time her face.

That's gonna bruise…She noted morbidly before swinging her leg around to kick another Eraser, fist punching another before she took off again.

Her body was giving up on her, so it was no big surprise when she felt the left side of her body smack into something.

All the sounds melted away, but not before she heard the distant sirens of ambulances.

Anyone else think that this was the least bit suspicious?

Cause all it needed was a giant neon sign above it flashing trap.

So why, then, were we actually helping this kid?

Well, I made a list.

(1) She was shredded, almost as much as Fang

(2) She was wearing the standard scrubs an Experiment from the School was given

(3) Did I mention that she was practically bleeding to death?