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So, we're on my second piece of fanfiction, and my first attempt at drabbles. Note that if all goes well, this will not be the only one; I plan to alternate between different franchises for each volume.

==Chapter 1==

Zoro grimaced. They had the terrible luck of meeting up with the butt-ugly Foxy and his crew again, and thanks to Luffy's easily-riled up personality, the Strawhats had found themselves in another Davy Back Fight.

Granted, the first round had been better than he thought, what with Robin using her powers to put Porche in a multi-armed headlock. The look on Sanji's face, seeing one beautiful woman threatening to kill another, was worth this entire match.

Now, he was facing off against the all-brawn, no brains trio known as the Groggy Monsters. Again. This time, at least he was paired with people more level-headed, he thought wryly as he shot a glance at Brook. Despite his terrifying appearance, the skeleton swordsman appeared to be terrified of the giants that stood before him.

He turned his head to look at Usopp, the cowardly sharpshooter's face was even more terrified-looking than Brook's, though that may have been because he had a fully-functional face instead of a chalk-white mass of bone.

Either that, or it was because he was the ballman.

The referee's whistle blew.

In an instant, he found the ball-like Pickles charging towards him, brandishing huge swords the size of rowboats in each hand (naturally, the referee was looking the other way). Since he had no katana, Zoro sprang towards the green-clad monstrosity...

... and found his feet firmly on the green grass.

"What the hell is this?!" he roared at Foxy.

"Phephephephe! The rules prevent us from interfering with the players, and vice-versa, but no one said anything about tampering with the field!"

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me, Zoro thought grimly as he tried, in vain, to remove his feet from the glue-covered grass. Apparently, the grass was not only glue-covered, but was strong as steel rope, because they would not break, either. Evidently, the Groggy Monsters were wearing something on the soles of their footwear that warded off the glue.

"You're all mine, now!" Pickles chuckled as he whipped one of his swords at Zoro. Zoro bent his body backwards as far as it would go, passing beneath the blade neatly. A slight frown came over Pickles' face as he brought his other sword down in a chopping motion at Zoro.


Pickles' sword halted in mid-chop as both he and Zoro turned to look at Hamburg (who had gone for Usopp). The huge gorilla-like man was stumbling around, gloved hands pressed to his tiny eyes. Evidently, Usopp had hit him with some sort of blinding agent.

"Hey!" screamed Foxy from the sidelines. "That's illegal! You must have distributed that with a weapon!"

Usopp grinned. "Nope. I was just carrying a packet of Sanji's curry powder in my mouth!"

Zoro smiled. They were all pirates, after all. What was a little chea-er, rule bending?

==End of Chapter 1==

If you couldn't tell, the trope known as "No Purple Dragons" refers to when someone in a contest utilizes something that should be illegal, but is not covered in the rules. The name comes from Merlin and Mad Madam Mim's shapeshifting showdown in Disney's The Sword In the Stone.