Just Too Loud

By: Night Flame Miko

Summary: What if there was a reason Naruto was so loud?,,,

AN: Don't even ask where this came from, my muse just suddenly attacked me with an idea, and it wouldn't leave me alone…and this is where it got me.


Sometimes Naruto wondered why his friends never questioned it. Why they never wondered why he was so loud all the time.

He supposed he had been doing it for so long and so often that to them it simply was who he was. Like Sasuke was brooding and Sakura was obsessed. He never questioned them so it was all too reasonable that they wouldn't question him.

But there was a reason. A valid one.

It being that it was the only way to block him out.

He had the voice with him so long, constantly commenting, constantly criticising Every. Little. Thing.

That even when he could finally put a name to the voice it changed nothing.


The nine-tailed demon fox. Lord of the demons and most powerful of all the bijuu.

It made sense that he would find his vessel lacking when you considered those titles. Yet, this did nothing.

The hateful comments, the ever-constant belittling.

And considering he was the only one who could hear it, he was also the only one who could drown it out.


Even he cringed inside at how loud he was. But for that brief moment, there was blessed silence. His voice drowning out the spite in his mind. And then it began again. The hate flowing with every growled word.

Stupid, idiotic unworthy human. You think you will ever amount to anything? Ha! Why would your pathetic village ever consider you for Hokage?! It would be –

He vaguely heard the insulting greeting Sasuke gave him, but it was all the excuse he needed to start on a nice long loud rant.

"What'd you say Sasuke-bastard! I'll beat you down you brooding asshole. Just you try say that again!"

All the time he was yelling there was still a large grin on his face, even as Sakura hit him over the head for 'being too loud' and 'threatening her Sasuke-kun'. It didn't matter to him, because even as he complained loudly about the unfairness of it all; his mind was blessedly quiet. The fox, for whatever reason, never spoke when he did. It was simply a fact, something he didn't question, merely took advantage of.

But as usual. The silence didn't last long.

You are a disgrace boy, even to your own kind. Constantly making an idiot out of yourself, hardly getting any stronger. You think you'll be able to protect your 'precious people'. Don't make me laugh! You're too weak to so much as protect a-

He drowned out the torrent of words with a joined yell of "You're late!" at Kakashi-sensei. Then, before the words could start up again he proceeded with "Liar!" and finally went into another rant about loosing his respect and then asking about the missions they would do that day.

This was how it happened all day, every day for as long as he could remember. You would think that with how constant it was, he would be able to ignore all the hateful words and spiteful comments. But they only hit harder, dug deeper and even he knew that he wouldn't be able to last forever.

Stupid. Pathetic. Weakling. Idiot.

And to think they never wondered…


An: I know. Not written very well, I'm just glad to have it done in the first place.

I love the idea of there being reasons behind what Naruto does. You know, the orange jumpsuit, loud and smiling exterior. This is just one of those little ideas I had about it, and look what it formed :D

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