Chapter 1 - The Dungeon

A/N- this is my first ever fanfic so if you have any advice please make it constructive! I just had a brainstorm one day and decided to write this.

Basically Bella gets captured by "someone" (it's quite obvious who that someone is after you've read it) and is all alone in a dungeon...

Locked in a gruesome, terrifying dungeon. Forbidden to return. The walls are creeping closer, the darkness dominating me. I see no light, I hear no sound.
My whimpers unanswered, my cries ignored. The cold, hard ground and the stone wall is all I feel. My mind is empty, and my heart is numb. I need no company, for I never have. I reach out, hoping to feel something. Anything. But all i feel is the cold, bleak air. I clench my fist, and draw it back down to my side.
I hope for an answer, to why I am in this horrific place. But all I can think about is him. My sweet, caring, wonderful love, my life. I have not yet forgotten him. For he is all that has ever mattered to me. That will matter to me. The only reason I hope for a way out of this torture is because I know he exists. He will come for me, he has not forgotten.

I crawl across the rough, pebbled rocks, but only able to go a couple of inches before the chain stops me. it tightens around my ankle as I reach out. I scream in agony as the metal cuff tugs me back and rubs against my sore skin. The pain is unbearable, and I shuffle back to my original position. Every day I attempt the same, hoping the chain has lengthened. Every day it gets shorter. The pain worsens. But I never lose hope, and I will continue trying. I hear a click above me, and the small basket lowers itself once more. It stops inches from my face, and I take what it contains. The basket is then taken above, and it disappears into the darkness. Every day I have the same. A loaf of bread, and a small container of water. Quickly, I force a piece of bread into my mouth.
The bread is stale, but I do not care, for this is all I am fed. It tastes both delicious and foul at the same time. After finishing the loaf a short time later, I wipe my hands on my stained and ruined gown. Such a beautiful dress, what a waste for me to wear it here. The beads have mostly fallen off, the ends of the gown ripped, once a bold cream colour, now stained with blood and dirt. But it is still beautiful to me. It will always be my favourite dress, no matter how ruined it is.

I take the container filled with water, and quickly gulp it down in a matter of seconds. It feels smooth and cool against my dry, aching throat. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand, feeling my dirty, unwashed hair brush my face, I tuck the small curl behind my ear. It is still the same from when I came in here. Still high up in a ponytail, along with the small tiara on my head, with strands of curls loose around my pale face. I have no reason to take it off, but no reason to keep it on. It sits there, and in some way makes me feel special. Perhaps I am going insane, and all of this is a figment of my imagination, but I do not care. I do not know what or who is keeping me here, but they have a reason. A good enough reason to keep me here for such a long period of time. A good enough reason to keep me locked in this horrific, frightening tower. To keep me in such a state. I have not seen another human being for a very long time. Sometimes I wonder, will I ever see another human being. I only wish to see him. To feel him. To hear him,

I do not even remember how I ended up in such a place. I only remember the happiest day of my life. Such a perfect,blissful day. Flowers decorated the staircase, Chairs filled the main living room, along with a beautiful arch at the end of it. Everyone had such beaming smiles spread across their faces.
Everything I could possibly wish for was right in front of me. After the ceremony, we all headed to have our first dance together. After only a few minutes of him holding me in his safe arms, he looked behind me and I heard him growl. I hear shrieks, and the hairs on my back rise unexpectedly. All of a sudden he is thrown against the wall in front of me, and I feel an incredible blow against my head. My vision turns pitch black. I wake up in this exact position,
completely fazed and confused by where I am. Since then the only thing accompanying me is the darkness. I have not seen light since.

I wail, tears streaming down my dirty cheeks. I always cry, but I try my best not to. There is nothing to cry about anymore, I am alone. My life has been taken away from me for no apparent reason. I'm beginning to lose faith in my love. After having my daily sob, I lean to my side, and tuck my knees under my chin. It is extremely uncomfortable to sleep in this tower. The chain makes a sound as I move my leg to my sleeping position. I wrap my arms around myself,
wondering if it is day or night. I get ready for the noises to come. Suddenly the familiar buzzing sound of a small crowd begins above me. I hear the same booming voice repeat the same words every day. It goes silent, for less than half a second, and the screams begin. I clasp my hands around my ears to try and block out the noises. The screams continue, turning from frantic cries to agonizing screeches. The noises finally subside, but still linger in my mind as I think of those on the floor above me. How I wish I could take their places instead of spending my days in this hellhole. Finally, I fall into yet another restless, recurring nightmare that haunts me every time I close my eyes.