A/N - Sorry this chapter is so short, i swear they are getting shorter and shorter.I have to admit I was shedding a little tear myself towards the end. I'm such a wuss!

At first I was immediately overwhelmed by the fact Edward was just a few feet away from spending so much time away from him,I wanted to entwine my hands into his messy hair, I wanted to tell him how much I missed him, how much I love him. I was glad he was here with me, I was not afraid anymore.

But then I became suspicious. What was he doing here? why hadn't he come for me sooner?

Edward got up from the chair, and quickly caught me as I fell into his arms. My emotions soon took over, and I wept. He buried his face into my hair,
whispering softly into my ear, comforting me.

We were like that for a very long time, the cloaked figures never made a move, nor did they speak. I was glad, I didn't want anybody interrupting me while I had my reunion with Edward.

I was hyperventilating, so it was difficult for me to get my words across.

"Wh-Wh-Where have you b-b-been?"

"I'm here Bella, that's all that matters. I finally found you, my love."

I glanced upwards, and saw the pain in his eyes. He had been suffering just as much as me while I was in there. Perhaps not physically,but emotionally.

I was confused. Why had it taken him so long to find me? What did the cloaked figures want to do with me?

Finally, one of them took his hood off from his head, and the memories came back.

The Volturi. Aro. All of them, held me captive. But why? What had I done do deserve it? Had i broken any of their laws?

"Edward. You must tell her of the proposition we have for you, and for Bella."

my gaze flickered back to Edward as Aro spoke. A proposition?

He didn't speak. He just looked at me. I saw the emotions on his face. Sadness, guilt, anger. What had he agreed to do?

"Bella...as you know, we have strict rules about Humans and our kind. You and Edward have broken many of our rules, and so you both must do a favour for us in return if you both wish to live."

More confusion filled my mind as I thought of this. Were we both going to die?

"As you know Bella, you have an extrodinary gift that none of us can aquire, even as the Immortal. We have come to the conclusion that you will be a very useful gift for us as part of the Guard."

My gift. Even as a human I have a gift, I'm completely unsure why the powers the Immortal have to inflict on the mind do not work for me.

"We are certain that you will become a strong part of the Volturi if you joined us Bella."

My mind froze. They wanted me to join them? The thought made me feel sick to the stomache.

"Of course, it is not as easy as it may seem. If you do not join us, we shall kill both of you."

I finally mustered up the courage to reply.

"What if I Join your Guard? What will happen to Edward?"

"He will return to his clan, and live life before you existed."

"W-will I still be able to see him?" I stuttered.

"I'm afraid you will never know he existed Immortal's mind is erased once they transform. You will not remember him."

I collapsed to the floor, clasping my chest. The pain is unbearable, I slump to my side with a loud thud. Still clutching my heart, terrified to let go. An Agonizing cry erupts from the pit of my throat, my eyes close and I lay there, sobbing.

I feel Edwards cool grasp around me. His lips brushes my ear, and he gently whispers.

"I'll always remember you, even if you don't know I exist. You will always be my one true love, Bella. I won't give up. I'll come looking for you, and I'll convince you to remember me. I know you will."

"I'll never forget you." I weep into his chest.