The Space Warrior's.

Pokemorph Tournament.

Arceus Decision. A new Rival.

We find ourselves in the realm of Arceus where he was talking with Justin, after Stephanie, Katie and Myself left the two of them.

"So how are they doing?" Arceus asked.

"All of them are improving, I think they are ready," Justin said.

"Perfect, give them the location, I am sending a message and the location to their Author Friends to watch this tournament." Arceus said. As Justin nodded.

"Very well, good luck trying to keep that under control," Justin chuckled before teleporting away.

"I know what you mean, the third Pokemorph Tournament is about to begin," Arceus said.


The Space Warriors where busy taking another break, after there first one was broken by Stephaine the Giratina Pokemorph who had returned to the Distorted World. We Decided to focus on fun today. Which to us Pokemorphs means fighting or watching fights.

"Kabu! Megahorn!" Hinaten yelled. As Her Heracross Kabu charged at Me and Beldum.

"Beldum! Take Down!" I yelled. As Beldum charged a Kabu head on. After a quick power struggle, they where both send back.

"Your getting better Hinaten," I said with a grin.

"Thanks Otou-san, it's thanks to You, Kari-nee and Hareta-kun," Hinaten said as I smiled at the last bit, Hinaten had told us about what happened to her and Hareta. Hareta was a Shaymin Pokemorph.

"Then let's keep going," I said as watching was Marissa, Micheal and Alistair, nearby lying on a hill was Andy who was snoozing away.

"When do we get to have some fighting?" Micheal asked as he sighed.

"Be patient, Hinaten needs some Pokemon Battle Training," Alistair said.

"Yeah, well I am going to start on some food," Marissa said as she started to cook some Burgers.

"I didn't think a Water Pokemorph could cook," Micheal said getting himself punched.

(Meanwhile nearby)

Suddenly in the forest nearby, a blur suddenly passed by.

"Heheh!" The Blur chuckled as he noticed The Space Warrior's.

"There you are Guardian!" He said as he used a branch as a springboard to jump up high.

(Back with the Space Warriors)

"Lunchtime!" Marissa called out. Causing Me, Hinaten and our Pokemon to stop.

"Alright food!" Hinaten cheered as Marissa handed Kabu a jar of Honey. While Handing me and everyone else a Burger.

"Heheh!" A voice chuckles. Causing all of us to stop.

"Can't we get a break!?" Micheal yelled eating his burger.

"I finally found you Ross!!" A voice yells as we turn to see...

"A kid?" Alistair said, The kid looked to be about 15 years old, he had White Hair with Green and Brown Streaks. He also had on each of his face cheeks where three Spots. He was weaing a White Shirt that was a little ripped, he also had shorts and sandals.

"Hey! I just became 15!" The Kid said.

"Alright who are you?" I asked.

"The names Shawn! I am here to defeat you, Guardian of the Life Auras," Shawn said with a Luffy-like grin.

"(Sighs) Fine let's get this over with," I said taking a stance.

"Come on don't you know the rules?" Shawn said getting all of us confused.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"When two Pokemorphs fight, we fight in our Pokemorph Limits, to win, you have to make your opponent change back to his or her human form," Shawn said as he started glowing.

"Fine with me! Chaos Deoxys!" I yelled becoming Deoxys.

"Hahah! That's more like it!" Shawn said as the glowing nearly covered him, as unknown to everyone else a faint image of Regigigas appeared.

(That's part One. Next time, Shawn faces Ross in a true Pokemorph Battle, as Justin shows up to give The Space Warrior's the Invitation.)