Musical Interlude

This came from one of those suffle meme things over on LJ. 10 songs, 10 little fics. I picked Jason/Spinelli. I know, what a shock, right? xD Ugh, they seem to alternate between fluffy-scmoopy things and tragic things, so, yeah. None are really higher than K+, though. Boys aren't mine. Enjoy!

Love Me Like The World Is Ending // Ben Lee

They're trapped in the burning mess that was once 122 Harbor View Towers. It's going down in flames, smoke is filling every inch of the building and there are only two people still trapped within the inferno. Jason Morgan and Damian Spinelli.

The elder is holding tight to his self proclaimed protégé. "I'll get you out of here." He coughs through the smoke filling his lungs. "Come on, Spinelli. You have to keep moving." Jason begs, shaking his younger comrade with everything he has.

He brushes the younger's hair from his face and presses a soft kiss to ash covered lips and then throws Spinelli over his shoulder in a fireman's lift.

"I'll get you out." He promises again, as he tries to kick out the door trapping them.

It doesn't budge.

Lie To Me // Stacy Wilde

Spinelli can't believe he's doing this. The lies come more fluidly and naturally than he thought possible. And just like that he's lying. Lying to Jason, to Maxie, to everyone. Believe it or not, lying to Jason hurts more. He tells his master that he's trying to change the way he looks to impress Maximista and the elder believes him without hesitation.

"I think that Maxie likes you for who you are and not how you look." Jason tells him, honestly.

It's better this way. Spinelli makes himself think. He can't drag Stone Cold Down with him in the FBI hunt. Jason is needed here and the Jackal is not. It's better if he runs solo. Better for everyone involved if he just disappears. If it's like he'd never been in Port Charles.

He raises a protest to Jason's comment and finds himself promptly cut off. "Look, we… we need to talk about something. Right now." Jason finally gets out, the words tense and desperate. Spinelli knows he's going to tell him about the plan to run together.

And before Jason can say anything to jeopardize Spinelli's plan, the younger man is making up some excuse about a rendezvous with Maximista. More lies that come so easily.

How Far We've Come // Matchbox 20

Can it really have been nearly three years since Stone Cold saved him from the clutches of Darth Alcazar?

It certainly doesn't feel like it, Spinelli muses, lounging quite sleepily on the bed in Jason's room. Their room, really. They've been together for several months now, and living together is something they've long since mastered. Working together, living together, and now just taking that one step further.

"You still awake?" Jason asks, falling into bed beside the younger man upon stripping down to his boxers.

"Affirmative. Just musing on how far we've come since you locked me in a closet so long ago."

Jason ducks his head with an awkward laugh. "That was a long time ago."

"Indeed. I suppose we're even. I did drag you out of one, anyway." He muses, and grins like lightning when lips press softly against his own.

I Wanna // The All American Rejects

How did he miss this?

He watches his young protégé with hawk eyes as he dances happily at the party. Spinelli keeps shooting him looks that Jason had been having trouble identifying up til just now.

"Go." Maxie pesters him, for what is not the first time, and now he gets it. How did she see this?

"Are you-?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Now go." She demands, shoving him rather ungracefully towards Spinelli.

His hand lands on Spinelli's shoulder, and the other man beams up at him when he realizes what's going on. "Wanna dance?" Jason asks awkwardly. And since when is he a nervous highschooler? What is this kid doing to him?

"Most definitely, Stone Cold." Spinelli answers, and suddenly they're touching and moving and Jason hopes Spinelli knows that he's trapped now. Never going anywhere.

Six Days // DJ Shadow Ft. Mos Def (Tokyo Drift)

It takes six days for everything to come crashing down in the town of Port Charles. Sonny and Jason have been in negotiations for weeks now over how they're going to go about working together again, combining Zacchara and Corinthos-Morgan territories. The day after they finally seem to agree on anything, Jason gets the news.

"Jason!" Maxie tells him. "Jason! Oh, God… You have to get to the hospital right now. Spinelli's been shot."

And he does. He's broken nearly every traffic law ever made in order to get there, and he's nearly too late.

It takes six hours for Spinelli to fade out of existence. Six hours of torture for Maxie and Jason, who can only watch on while the doctors try to keep him comfortable. Six hours in which Jason is planning revenge.

"It was Sonny." Maxie tells him, in between hoarse sobs. "Sonny did this."

"Okay." Jason agrees, and now he has a target in mind for that revenge. "Okay, don't worry. I'll make him pay."

It takes six minutes to find Sonny on the docks and six seconds more to end him.

How To Be Dead // Snow Patrol

"Stone Cold?" Spinelli calls hesitantly from the door of the Penthouse. It's dark, and until Jason speaks, he'd been convinced the older man wasn't home.

"Yeah?" Comes the reply from the man hidden in shadow on the sofa.

Spinelli snakes in the door, crossing the room to sit beside his master, the lights still out. "I, ugh, that is… The Jackal thought about the confession you made to him. Concerning your feelings, and, ugh, I reciprocate them, as it were."

Jason looks up in something between surprise and confusion. But the look on Spinelli's face tells him in sincerity that he means what he's said. "You're sure?"

"Indeed I am." He answers, and his hand lands on Jason's.

No Matter What // Stephen Gately & Ronan Keating

Neither of them cares what is made of their relationship. It's new and vulnerable and fragile and they are both willing to ignore the insults and attacks made against them because they don't want to hide.

Out of everyone, Sonny's been the worst, but that's hardly surprising. He's always hated Spinelli, so Jason giving him one more reason to do so was kind of an expected caveat. They've gotten to the point of restraining orders against him.

But, neither Jason or Spinelli are concerned enough to stop their normal activities. It's only fair that they should be able to act like a couple when they're in public. Spinelli's always touching him, and Jason usually has an arm thrown over Spinelli's shoulder's if nothing else.

Plus, they do have some people on their side. Robin and Patrick and Matt don't seem to care. Maxie, while still a little miffed at Jason for stealing Spinelli from her - through no intent of his own – is usually saying something about how cute they are.

Such remarks never go over well with Jason, though.

But no matter what, they're not letting anyone else affect their interactions in public because they're in love and no one is stopping them.

Starfish & Coffee (Live) // Matt Nathanson

Jason often comes home to Spinelli doing something strange or odd. This one takes the prize, though.

"If you asked her what she had for breakfast, this is what she'd say… Starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam. Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine, and a side order of ham. And if you set your mind free, baby, maybe you'll understand. Starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam…" Spinelli is singing a purely ridiculous song.

"What are you doing?" Jason asks, a wide smile on his face even as he questions the ostentatious music. It's also radiating from the stereo system, so clearly someone else is equally as unhinged.

Spinelli jumps at his voice, having been intently lining up a shot on the pool table. "Oh! Stone Cold! There you are."

The elder grabs his own pool cue and joins Spinelli at the game. "What are we listening to?"

"It is a cover of a Prince song. Catchy, wouldn't you agree?"

"It is… something. I'm not sure catchy is the word."

Spinelli laughs and changes the track to a more well-known song by the same artist. "Better?"

"Not really. It's stuck in my head." Jason responds, because the chorus is evidently now on permanent repeat in his head.

Spinelli nods and changes the song back. "I feel your pain, as it were."

One Night Love Affair // Bryan Adams

Spinelli wakes up alone in Jason's bed. And then it hits him that this wasn't what he'd wanted out of last night's rather drunken and desperate endeavor. "Stone Cold?" He calls out, just in case this isn't what he thinks it is.

No answer comes and he climbs out of bed, still naked and a little bit sticky. He pulls on his hurriedly discarded shorts and heads for the door, finding the penthouse deserted and quiet.

"Stone Cold?" He repeats, and by now he's wandered downstairs. The lights are off, but there's a note tapes to the front door.

Be back later. That's all it says, and Spinelli slides down the door to curl his arms around his knees. He resolves that if this is how Jason is going to handle the situation, like a one night stand kind of thing that doesn't matter at all, he'll do the same. Or… he'll try to anyway.

The door tries to open behind him and he quickly scrambles out of the way, frantically wiping at tears that he hadn't known had fallen.

"Spinelli?" Comes Jason's concerned voice. He has breakfast from Kelly's in one hand and his keys in the other. "What's wrong?"

"I… nothing." He answers quickly. "You went out to get breakfast?" He asks, taking in the bags.

"Cody called me about some trouble on the docks, I got the food on my way back." Jason explains. "I didn't think you'd be awake yet." He sets the bags down on the desk by the door and moves closer to Spinelli. "What's wrong?" He asks again.

Spinelli is almost smiling now. "I… I thought that… Last night…"

Jason cuts off such thoughts with a deep kiss.

Never Gonna Leave Your Side // Daniel Beddingfield

When Jason first sees Spinelli alive and okay and also slightly in trouble in LA, it feels as if a thousand pound weight has been lifted off his shoulders. That aforementioned trouble is dealt with quickly enough between himself, Sam, and - as much as he hates to include her - Agent Leeds. And, despite the fact that his actions are very much out of character, he pulls Spinelli into his arms. "you're never, ever doing anything like this again, got it?" He asks, and it is very much not a question.

Surprisingly, Spinelli relaxes against his hold and nods against his chest. "Affirmative, Stone Cold."

"Good." Jason says, and his arms reluctantly release his younger friend. "You're stuck with me."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Spinelli grins, and Jason can tell he's been missed as much as Jason's been missing him.