"So she's trying to invade your privacy. What else is new?"

That was the only thing Huey got out of Caesar when he stormed back to his best friend's house last night. They had spent hour upon hour fighting back and forth about what he was going to do with Cindy and how Caesar intending on 'taking care' of everything. At the end of it, Caesar had just rolled his eyes, tucked his dreads behind one ear and told him that. It was the truth, more so than Huey was ever willing to admit. But that didn't mean he wanted to hear it. Which, considering the way things had been going lately, was probably why Caesar had said it. He didn't see a reason for Huey to get so incredibly bent out of shape over Cindy and her accusations. It didn't matter that they were right. All that mattered was that he was 'overreacting', and that said a lot considering what Caesar tolerated from him.

The only thing Huey had been able to do once the conversation reached that point was to storm out or just sit there. He decided to stay, sitting on his best friend's bed, legs pulled up and an angry scowl on his face. Caesar had stared at him for a minute or two before going back to watching some movie on the internet. He didn't push for anything, he just let the revolutionary vent however he felt like venting, so long as he didn't start pointing fingers anymore.

It wasn't like Huey couldn't blame him. He had only done the competition in order to help Riley win his heart. Caesar had helped them left and right to avoid being caught by anyone. And all the while, he had a crush on Huey. Watching him click away on the computer, downloading something illegally for sure, the revolutionary felt guilty for constantly slamming him with all the blame. Like he'd said, Cindy prying into his business was nothing new. And it most certainly wasn't. She'd been doing that since they were kids, always trying to find out more about him so they could be 'homies'.

After coming to that conclusion, Huey just laid down on his friend's bed and stared at the wall for quite some time. Eventually, he must have dozed off because the next thing he knew, there was light shining on him from the window and Caesar was nowhere to be found. He rubbed his eyes and yawned a little bit, not bothering to call for him or even to sit up. He was far too worn out from the previous day and how badly everything was going to hell again. He wanted to stay there for awhile, actually. Let his granddad calm down and give Cindy no reason to doubt that he was dating Caesar.

But he knew he couldn't. He had to go home and figure out what he was going to do about that stupid white girl. He had to go home and reassure Riley that they were still very much in love and that there was absolutely nothing between him and Caesar. And, of course, he had to go home so that Caez wouldn't start getting the wrong idea himself.

As he was pushing himself into a sitting position, he heard it. Shouting in a slang voice that had to be his brother. The older Freeman closed his eyes, pressing two fingers against his forehead as the voices came closer, accompanied by the sounds of footsteps. Caesar's light Brooklyn voice joined the noise, saying something Huey didn't quite catch. Then all of a sudden the bedroom door swung open, crashed into the wall, and Riley stormed in.

"Wha' the fuck you been doin', nigga?!" he spat out, jerking one hand in his brother's direction. His eyes were narrowed, filled to the brim with a fire that would have frightened a lot of other people. But Huey wasn't other people and he just return the look with a hard stare of his own. Riley gritted his teeth, clenching his hands into tight fists. "Don't jus' sit there, nigga! Answer me!"

"Hey, chill, man. Don't go breakin' my door!" Caesar chimed in, stepping around the younger, running a hand through his dreads. He moved his door, checking his wall to see if it was dented in any way. While the brothers glared at one another, he sighed and shook his pretty head a little. "Man. . ."

"Why are you here, Riley?" Huey finally answered, moving a little so that he could climb off the bed. When he did, his brother stormed closer, stamping his feet on the ground in a rather immature way. He grabbed his shirt and jerked him forward. The revolutionary grabbed one of his arms, narrowing his serious eyes. "Don't, Riley."

"Don't gimme that shit! I wanna know why ya didn't come home last night! Too busy up in this crib wit this bitch? That the way it is, nigga? Huh?" Riley snapped out, pushing him back. He made an almost disgusted face, glaring with all the hatred he could muster. Then he stepped back, straightening his loose shirt and looking away from him. "Why you always gotta be like that?"

"Like what, Riley? Caesar's trying to help us. And it'd be a hell of a lot easier if you didn't act so damn jealous all the time," Huey replied, gesturing off handedly, first to Caesar, then to his younger brother. At the word jealous, both of them looked his way, Riley with a bitter look and Caesar with wide eyes. He looked from one Freeman to the other, but didn't say a single word.

"Why the hell shouldn't I be jealous? You got this bitch wrapped 'round ya finger! You bangin' 'im on the side? 'Cause you sure actin' like it," he snapped, thrusting a finger into Huey's chest with nearly every word. The revolutionary grabbed his wrist, refusing to let go when his brother tried to pull it away. He gave him a wicked look, not letting his thug persona drop for even a moment, despite the fact that there was no way he could back up what he was saying.

"Stop it, Riley. I'm not doing anything with Caesar and you know that. I fell asleep here, that's all. We didn't do anything and we never have," Huey calmly answered, keeping his voice as close to normal as he could. He wanted to scream it at his brother, hit him for even suggesting he was cheating on him, but he didn't. He just slightly narrowed his serious eyes, knowing that the thug had gotten the message. Riley gave him a roll of the eyes, jerking his wrist away from him. Huey let him, watching as he stepped back, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Whatevah, nigga," was all he said, turning his head away from his brother. The revolutionary didn't bother to argue any further with him. He just flexed his hand a little and turned to where Caesar was. He twisted the doorknob in his hand absentmindedly, still glancing between the brothers. He raised his eyes to his best friend as though he knew he was being watched. He gave half a smile, but still refused to say a word, most likely because of what Riley might say or do. Huey gave him a nod of thanks for not getting in the middle, and received one in return. Then the revolutionary turned back to his younger brother.

"Let's go home," he stated, motioning towards the door. Riley gave him another 'whatevah, nigga', but headed out of the room anyways. Huey followed, nodding again when Caesar gave a small wave goodbye. He probably watched them leave, but Huey didn't look over his shoulder to find out. He merely watched his brother head out of the house, ignoring any stares Caesar's parents might be giving him. The older did the same, pulling the door shut behind the two of them as he left.

The brothers headed down the street towards their house, Huey two steps behind Riley. Neither of them looked happy to be with the other, so the one good thing about them being in a fight was that if Cindy or Jazmine saw them, they wouldn't start to think they were lovers. It did nothing to ease Huey's mind, but he still kept it in his mind. However, his thoughts kept traveling back to his lover and how utterly upset this whole thing was making him. The revolutionary scanned over his small frame, from the way he stormed down the street to the way he had his hands thrust into his pockets to the way he glared at anyone who walked by them. He was furious that his older brother had spent the night at Caesar's, especially without even telling him. Considering how well aware they both were of the Brooklyn boy's crush on him, Huey could understand why Riley was pissed. He had worked hard to be with him and he was afraid of losing him.

The older Freeman reached out and grabbed Riley's shirt. He stumbled, nearly falling backwards from the sudden grab. Then he turned around, opening his mouth to swear at him, stopping short only because Huey covered his mouth. Riley muffled out a long string of curses, but the older just held tight until he was quiet, squirming around to be let go.

"What the hell, nigga?!" he hissed out under his breath once he was released, smacking Huey's hands away from him. His brother just grabbed his wrists, holding his hands down so he wouldn't punch him. Huey looked around, making sure no one was out and about or had heard Riley's muffled shouts. When he was sure no one was around, he turned to his furious brother and pressed his lips against his.

The kiss caught Riley off guard. He stood still, those beautiful eyes widened as he stopped fighting. He just pressed his lips back, falling into the kiss with passion. Huey drew him to him, lightly tugging on his wrists until their chests were touching. The kiss was chaste and remained chaste, though they had no idea how long it lasted. Just the feel of Riley's soft lips made Huey's head spin, willing him to do more, to kiss harder, rougher. But he just stood their, sliding his fingers in between his brother's and lightly kissed him.

Huey gave a rare smile when he pulled back with a small pop. The thug just rolled his eyes, grinning a little, though more to himself than the older. He released Riley's wrists, pushing his own back into his pockets. Riley did the same, following him as he started back down towards their house. Neither of them said a word, because neither of them had to. A single kiss was all Riley ever needed to be sure of their relationship and the revolutionary was more than happy to give it to him, even if he risked exposing their entire relationship by doing it in public.

Once they reached their house, they glanced at each other. Riley motioned for Huey to go in first, arching his eyebrows and tilting his head a little bit in the direction of the door. Huey let out a small sigh, pushing open the door and walking in. Riley waited to see if Granddad were awake and going to scream at them. When nothing happened, he hurried in, bumping into his brother before pushing the door shut without looking. It slammed, they jumped, and still nothing happened. Assuming that Granddad must either still be sound asleep or he'd left without telling them, the brothers hurried up the stairs and into Huey's room.

"Shoot, man, I hate that. It's like we in prison," Riley sighed out, running a hand over his cornrows. Huey just locked the door, nodding a little bit. His little brother, on the other hand, looked around the room as he strolled his slender frame over to the bed. He kicked one of the legs lightly, slowly turning towards the revolutionary. Huey watched as he arched his eyebrows and shrugged a little. "So. . . .uh. . .you think Granddad's home?"

"Dunno," he replied, shrugging a little of his own as he said it. Riley frowned rather deeply, tilting his head to the side, staring off at the wall for a moment. As he did, Huey made his way over to the bed. "Probably not."

When Riley's harsh eyes met his, things seemed to speed up. One moment he was just staring into those gorgeous, sinful eyes and the next he was slamming him onto the bed, lips over his, tongue down his throat, and hands all over that small body. He groped his hips, grinding his body against his as though he couldn't wait to be inside him. He ran his hands over his arms, waist, hips, butt, even his thighs as he pressed his mouth hard over Riley's. He drank him in, moving his tongue over and under his brother's so rough it was almost hard to breathe. The younger let out a small moan, arching his back, pressing their groins against each others so hard it hurt. He grabbed Huey's arms, scratching at his back as he desperately tried to get him closer.

Another kiss and another thrust and Huey couldn't take it anymore. He drew out of the kiss, gasping for air. Riley rolled his head back, panting as they rubbed their hardening shafts against each other's. He pressed his lips firmly over the younger's throat, kissing him passionately as he reached for the lube in the end table. He moved on top of his brother, gripping his hip rather tightly to keep from falling off the bed. He barely reached the knob and tried to pull it open. Riley tugged on his arms, letting out a whine.

"Come on, nigga. We don't know when he gettin' home!" he spat out in an incredibly annoyed voice. Huey shot him a dirty look, pushing one hand down on his chest and moving more to the end table. "Ow! That hurts, fucker!"

"You said hurry up, didn't you?" was all the revolutionary had to say as he pulled the drawer open and grabbed the small bottle of lube he'd gotten shortly after he and Riley started to date behind the scenes. Then he pushed the drawer shut and shifted his position back on his brother, giving him a kiss on the lips to make sure he knew he wasn't mad.

Huey placed the bottle on the sheets next to them, moving on top of his brother. He opened his mouth, pressing his tongue deep into Riley's mouth. He tasted him, drinking it down greedily as he rubbed their shafts together. The younger Freeman let out a moan, a groan, and grabbed his upper arms tightly. He moved his legs, arching his back on reaction. Huey pulled out of the kiss, moving down to his neck. He licked the soft flesh, running both hands down his sides. He pushed his shirt up, only his fingertips on his slender body. It sent an obvious shudder down Riley's spine and he arched his head back into the pillows. Huey felt his throat pulse with his deep breaths and gave him a kiss. He moved further down his neck, pulling his loose pants off with ease. Riley lifted his butt to make it easier, but only pressed their shafts harder against each others. They both drew in a sharp breath, Huey exhaling it in a hot sigh against his bare throat.

Once his pants were off, he made quick work of his boxers. Riley shifted around, kicking off his sneakers as well. Huey kissed his chest through the tee-shirt as he made his way down further and further. He grabbed the lube as he tugged one sock, then the other off. He quickly tugged his shirt off, tossing it on top of his brother's pants. Riley moved around under him, yanking the tee-shirt off haphazardly while Huey finished stripping out of his own clothes.

"Aiight, let's go," Riley said, grabbed the bottle of lube and tossing it to his older brother. Huey nodded, twisting the cap off. He squeezed a handful into his palm and started to rub it over his shaft.

"I love you, Riley," he breathed out, leaning over his brother as he pushed those slender legs where he wanted them to be. Riley gave him a small smile, nodding and mouthing the same back to him. Huey nodded, pressing himself up against his brother's entrance.

The next moment, he was deep inside him, thrusting slowly at first. He leaned close, pressing his lips to his shoulder as he pushed in further and further, having to fight for every inch. Riley let out a sound, his nails running along his shoulders and back harder with every thrust. He moaned, arching his back as his brother drew out slowly. He pressed back in harder and faster, gripping one of his thighs tightly. His brother breathed out, his entire body shuddering with absolute pleasure. Glancing up, he saw those beautiful eyes rolling back, his face flushed as he tried to catch his breath.

Huey kissed his shoulder several quick time, licking his sweat, before he pressed his hand into the nook of his neck. Riley let out a moan of 'yes' when the thrusts started to become faster, quicker. Their bodies rocked together, Riley shuddering and twisting under him in the most delicious way every now and then. It made Huey's head spin and he found himself desperate for air. He pressed his hands into the bed, moving on top of his brother as he pushed deeper than before.

It made Riley scream. He bent his back, his head pushed against the pillows. He rolled his head from side to side, moving one of his legs up. Huey felt one hand dragging nails through his skin, the other grabbing at the sheets for some sort of support. Huey drew nearly all the way out, letting out a moan of his own before pushing his shaft that much deeper into his brother. He felt him shudder, heard him shout, and that was enough to nearly send Huey over the edge.

He squeezed his eyes shut, giving Riley's neck several passionate kisses as he pumped a little quicker. Each thrust drew a louder and louder sound from the younger until he was shouting his name, pressing his hand against the wall as he tried to give himself steady. Huey held his hips, rocking them both harder and harder. Each thrust nearly made him black out and he bit Riley's shoulder to keep from screaming, wanting nothing more than to listen to the pants and moans of his brother.

Several thrust later and it was hard to keep from letting the orgasm overtake him. Huey thrust hard, hitting Riley's sweet spot, he knew from the way he shouted and convulsed under him. He slammed his head back against the pillows, shouting out something Huey didn't catch. He just struck his sweet spot one more time and just let go. His orgasm slammed into him, followed a moment later by his brother's. They rode it together, shouting and shuddering and convulsing. Riley arched his back, digging his nails into his shoulder and the bed. Huey bit his throat, squeezing Riley's hips so hard it made his brother flinch.

A moment or two later, they were laying in the bed, covered in sweat and cum. Huey moved his head and Riley released his shoulder, letting his arm drop on to the bed. He turned his head to one side, taking several deep breaths. Huey kissed his neck before easing himself out. It sent a shudder through the thug, but he didn't say anything. Huey rolled onto his back, laying down next to him. He drew in a few breaths of his own before nudging his brother.

"Hmmm?" was Riley's only answer as he absentmindedly fanned himself. He didn't even look at him, he was so dazed by the orgasm. Huey smiled lightly to himself at that, but just nudged him a little more until he turned his head. "What, nigga?"

Huey gave him a small kiss on the lips. It made Riley blush, then grin. The revolutionary smiled before turning his head away. The two of them laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling as they tried to catch their breath. Then, the older turned back to his brother, waiting until he was looking at him to stroke his cheek a little.

"Promise me something, Riley," he said in a low voice, his eyes scanning over that beautiful face. Riley narrowed his eyes just slightly as though he hadn't heard him, but then just nodded. "Promise me you won't forget I love you."

That got another smile from him. He nodded happily, moving a little closer to Huey, slipping one arm over his chest.


Huey kissed the top of his head, smiling to himself again.

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