The Inquisitor's Son

Part One: Three Christmases

Draco Malfoy was rushing to the hospital. He had received an urgent call while he was out of the country and had to take a portkey back. His stomach was wringing as he raced up to the maternity ward. The hospital was filled with people who had had too much cheer, but considering the season it was expected. Draco soon found the maternity ward. "Hello, Draco Malfoy," he said to the nurse. "I'm looking for my wife. She should already be here." He was out of breath for more than one reason.


"Astoria. She's having a baby."

"Yes, I suppose that's why she would be here," said the nurse in an almost lackadaisical fashion that irritated Draco.

"Where is she?" he demanded, using his haughty tone.

The nurse looked up at him. She paled when she saw him giving him a look that he was used to seeing. "She's in room three," she replied.

It made a little difference because Draco heard a loud scream. "Give me some damn potions or I will kill you!" shouted his wife. He ran off to join her. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea because his usually serene and utterly beautiful wife looked like a demon possessed. The poor intern healer looked petrified of her. Her blue eyes were ablaze and she glared at Draco. "Where the bloody Hell have you been?"

"I came as soon as I got the owl," said Draco. His wife who had been a pillar of calm throughout the pregnancy was now a scary demon and he had never heard her swear before.

"I want potions! It hurts!"

"You said you didn't want any," he reminded her.

"Shut up! You're not the one who's in pain! You had to have an heir!"

Draco was about to tell Astoria that the baby was just as much her idea as his, but he chose to stay quiet. They had been married for a few years and had tried for a while before she had gotten pregnant. The pregnancy had been uneventful up till this point. Draco came up to her side and Astoria grabbed his hand.

"She's only five centimeters dilated," reported the intern as he trembled with fear.

Draco was about to say something, but a contraction hit just then and Astoria didn't scream this time. She heaved and squeezed his hand. "OW" he exclaimed as he felt his bones being crushed. The contraction ended. He glanced at the intern as his wife looked up at the ceiling. "Get her some potions!" demanded Draco.

"I'll see what I can do, Mr. Malfoy," said the intern as he scurried out of there.

Astoria moaned in agony as she asked, "Where were you?"

"I had to settle something in Berlin," replied Draco.

Astoria gave him an expectant look. "Well, did you?"

"Yes, I believe so," he replied. "But it's not worth talking about now."

"Just as long as you were able to finish," breathed Astoria.

That was all they had to say about Draco's work for the moment. They had to be careful about what they said even in the maternity ward of St. Mungo's. The healer came in and said that they couldn't administer any potions for Astoria because she had changed her mind again. She would change her mind back and forth no less than three times that night. Ultimately, by the time she wanted the potions, it was too late. The rest of the labor was painful for Astoria, who was a woman less than average size, and it was almost too much for Draco to see her in that much pain.

Just before dawn, their son was born. Draco cut the umbilical cord as Astoria cried. She held him to their son to her chest. "He's gorgeous," she whispered. "He's so tiny. So, you're the one who's been using me as a Quidditch field?" The baby had very little hair that was platinum blond like his father's.

They were in a world of their own for the hours it took to bring their son into the world. "You want to hold him?" asked Astoria. Draco had never held a baby before. He gave his wife an uncertain look. The baby grunted a bit and cooed towards Draco. "He wants you to hold him, Draco."

"What if I break him?" asked Draco.

"He's a Malfoy, my love. He's not going to break that easily," responded Astoria with her confident tone that made Draco believe in almost anything. He came forward a bit and gathered the infant in his arms. "Hold his head steady," instructed Astoria as she gave her husband an encouraging smile. The baby settled into Draco's arms. "See, you're a natural at this." She sat up as her smile widened.

"You do know what day it is right?"

"His birthday."

"Yes, it's also Christmas, Astoria."

"Oh my goodness, you're right," laughed Astoria. "Happy Christmas, Draco."

"Well, now what I got you for Christmas is really sad compared to him," grinned Draco. "He's the best Christmas present ever."

Astoria stroked the hand that Draco had under the baby's head. "What should we name him?"

"My mother's family has a tradition," replied Draco. "We're named after constellations. Most of us are. We'll have to think about it some more. Just get some rest."

"I don't know if I can sleep now, all I want to do is just look at him," said Astoria. "He's the reason why we have to keep doing what we do."

"Yes, he is," agreed Draco. He turned to look at his wife who was gazing at their son. He watched over them as sleep gently took them both. When his wife finally fell asleep, he stood up and walked up to the window to look outside of it. "Happy Christmas and Happy Birthday, son," he whispered as he kissed his son's head.


Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy was completely devastated. His parents told him that they would be spending Christmas at Malfoy Manor with his grandparents. It was the last place he wanted to spend his birthday. Sure, they always gave him double the presents for each occasion, but the price of admission was too high for Scorpius to take.

Draco and Astoria were in deep discussion prior to going to Malfoy Manor. They didn't notice that their son was moping around nearby. He heard them talking about something. "I'm not so sure that Hogwarts would be a good idea," he heard his father say to his mother.

"I agree with you, but what are the other options we have?"

"Drumstrang, but I don't think that's a good fit either. Perhaps a school in America or the one in Switzerland."

"America is an ocean away and I don't think I want him going to school in Switzerland."

His parents were talking about him again. They like to talk about him late at night when they assumed he was in bed. "We have to make a decision. We've been going back and forth for months now. The letter from Hogwarts is coming, Draco, and we still have to look at other schools. They all start on different dates. Hogwarts needs a response by August 31st, so there's still lots of time to consider it," continued Astoria. "What are we going to do?"

"There are more schools in Europe to consider," he said musingly.

Scorpius' parents were strange. The Malfoys moved often because of Astoria's career as a musician. She was a violinist, sometimes performing as a cellist, who played with wizarding orchestras around the world. From the age of two, Scorpius had moved to Paris, Monaco, Tokyo, Brussels, Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Oslo, Moscow, Hong Kong, Venice, and Cairo. Every time after each engagement, they returned to their home in England. They lived near the Muggle city of Sunderland in Northern England.

His father went on business trips frequently almost every month. Scorpius didn't know exactly what his father did nor did he care to ask because it looked pretty boring. His father had nothing but maps and paperwork in his office, and Scorpius saw no point in his father locking his office. No one would want any of his father's boring paperwork.

"There were some good schools in Asia as well. The one in Hong Kong was an international school," said Draco thoughtfully. "But that would be too far away as well."

Finally, Scorpius couldn't take it anymore. He was nearly eleven years old. "I want to go to Hogwarts," he announced quietly.

Draco and Astoria turned and looked at him. Obviously, they hadn't expected him to be awake. "Scorpius, it's late. You should be in bed. Your birthday is in a few hours," said Astoria.

"No, you're talking about me, I want to know what what's going on," said Scorpius.

Draco and Astoria did that irritating thing that parents did. They silently communicated with each other using their eyes. Scorpius watched this exchange, looking back and forth between them. The first one to speak was his father, "Scorpius, we're just discussing where you'll be going to school next September. You won't be starting for months."

"I want to go to Hogwarts," repeated Scorpius stubbornly. Draco glanced at his wife. He blamed her for their child's stubborn streak.

"Darling, we don't think it would be the best place for you," said Astoria.

Scorpius asked, "Why not? Didn't you and Dad go, Mum? And didn't the rest of our family? Why can't I go?"

"That was before the war, Scorpius," said Draco bracingly. The plan was to decide where he'd go to school and then explain some very important family history. He and Astoria had agreed that they would explain to him before he started going to school about the family's role during the war.

"What about the war? You never talk about it," said Scorpius.

Draco said, "The reason is because our family was on the wrong side. In every war, there are two sides. We were on the side of Voldemort. Your grandfather served him during the first war. On the second war, I served him as well."

"Your father didn't have a choice," added Astoria. "He and your grandparents would have been killed."

Scorpius grew quiet as he listened. His parents went on to explain it all. His father spoke with regret as he told Scorpius their family. It made sense now. His father worried about how what they did during the war would affect Scorpius in school. He warned his son that they would judge him based on his family. Some of them wouldn't even give him a chance and his parents didn't want him to go through that.

"I still want to go to Hogwarts," said Scorpius. "I'm not afraid of what they'll do or say to me. It's not my fault."

Draco and Astoria agreed to wait. The next day the letter from Hogwarts came.


For the first time ever, Scorpius Malfoy was allowed to do exactly what he had wanted for his birthday. He got up early for it. There was no need drag himself half-heartedly out of bed like the previous year. His parents normally reserved the night before as the celebration for Christmas, so that they could really celebrate his birthday.

This time on his thirteenth birthday, Scorpius had asked for nothing other than a trip to the city of Cornwall. Cornwall was mostly populated by non-magical people. It was winter time and there were fewer tourists about, both Muggles and wizards took vacations there during the warmer months. Scorpius had really wanted to see the domes of the Eden Project, which were marvels of engineering by anyone's standards. There were other draws like the surf culture and the vineyards where the Muggles produced sparkling wine.

Scorpius' mother had convinced his father that it would be a change of pace away from his father's family. Scorpius' birthday was normally a stuffy, formal affair at his grandparents' house where he was forced to wear his finest robes and sit through a family dinner. Scorpius dreaded his birthday and Christmas every year as a result.

Most people wouldn't recognize Scorpius outside of school. For one thing, he was laughing and talking. He went out of his way not to be noticed in school. His grades were almost the highest of his year, but he hadn't done as well mostly due to lack of class participation. It was just as well because his parents were satisfied with his performance nonetheless.

"Mum! Dad!" called Scorpius from the door that connected their rooms. He got his own room that was connected to his parents through a door. "We have to get going!" The door swung open. His father who was usually so tidy and neat poked his head in. His platinum blond hair was thinning a bit and he looked like he had just gotten out of bed. "We'll be ready soon. Most of the places are closed today, Score."

"I know that," said Scorpius, "but you said that we could go out."

Draco sighed, and then laughed, "Very well. It's your birthday. Let's get all get ready and head out."

Within the next half hour, at Scorpius' unyielding insistence, the Malfoy family were ready to go out for a Christmas Day picnic despite the chill factor. When Scorpius was around his parents, he was more himself. His excitement for the day was catching.

"I have no idea where he gets that energy," said Draco as he took his wife's hand, watching their son. He called out, "Be careful!"

"Let him be, Draco," said Astoria.

"I just want him to be careful," said Draco softly.

His wife gave him a sidelong glance. "There's nothing to worry about here. Everyone assumes we're at your parents. No one would think of us coming here."

Draco said," I hope you're right." He looked at the seashore. It was so serene and calm. He had never seen such tranquility. Astoria knew that Draco was worried about something. She and he had talked about it long into the night as their son slept peacefully in the other room. They had to maintain an appearance of normalcy at least until after Scorpius was safely back at school.

Draco had to admit any good that Scorpius had in him came from Astoria. It had taken a very long time before Draco allowed himself to be a bit happy. He always said that his wife had given him the greatest Christmas gift in the world.

Scorpius was ahead of them. He heard a sound like a swoosh. Something had come at him at an incredible speed. He stopped dead in his tracks. Looking down, he saw red coming through his coat and a sharp pain followed.

Draco noticed he had stopped. "Scorpius, what's wrong?" he asked.

"Dad," he called in a shaky voice. He turned slowly. He was clearly in shock.

Astoria screamed, "Scorpius!"

Draco apparated to his son's side. He had his wand at the ready. Scorpius almost fell as he started to blackout to the screams that he couldn't understand. He heard his mother's voice shouting incantations then her voice was cut off. His father shouted his mother's name. There was nothing he could do. Scorpius prayed for it to end, closing his eyes until the very last moment. He could hear his father screaming and his body hovering over him, protecting him. Then, it all stopped just as quickly as it had come.

Draco shifted his body weight and collapsed right beside him. His face was next to his son's. He labored to breathe. He saw the fear on Scorpius' face. "Don't be afraid," he whispered. "I need you to be brave." He gave Scorpius a weak smile. Scorpius swallowed hard as his father's lips brushed beside his cheek. He felt his father breathe in and out. It was his last breath.

Scorpius held in a scream. He closed his eyes. The next few bits were in flashes. He listened to the roar of the sea. He breathing grew shallow. The sound of a dog barking, followed by anxious voices. Bright lights and sharp things going into his arms. A series of shocks hitting his chest.

When he regained consciousness, he was in a hospital. The odd thing was he felt tube running down his noses and needles in his arms. He groggily noticed that there were bags with clear fluids hanging on metal poles with tubes running down to the needles that were pierced into his skin. There was another contraption with numbers and squiggly lines beeping.

"You're awake," said a nurse in a gentle voice. She peered at his face. "Thank God." Scorpius didn't know what was going on. "Hang on. I need to get Dr. McKellan. I'll be right back," she told him.

The nurse walked by a police officer who was stationed at the door. The police officer walked up to the bed. "My name is DCI Ian Larson. How are you feeling right now, son?'

"Where am I?" croaked Scorpius.

The DCI went to a nearby pitcher and poured some water. He pressed a button to raise the bed. Scorpius was a bit startled by that, but he was even more surprised when the Muggle police officer offered the cup of water to his lips for him to drink. He sipped it gratefully. "We almost lost you back there. What's your name?"

After taking a sip, Scorpius answered, still sounding hoarse, "Scorpius Malfoy."

"You are in the hospital. You lost quite a bit of blood and the wound on your midsection was hard to close up."

"DCI Larson, please save your questions for later," interrupted a man from the door in a white coat. He looked to be about Scorpius' father's age. "I need to tend to him."

"With all due respect, Dr. McKellan, I need to ask him some questions," argued the officer.

"Not without a guardian or child advocate present," retorted Dr. McKellan. "Now please step aside so that I can check his vitals personally."

Scorpius asked the question that no one else seemed to bring up. "Where are my mum and dad?" The three adults froze as they looked at each other. "Where are they?" he demanded as the machine beside him started to beep faster.

"Scorpius, calm down," said DCI Larson as the nurse dashed to the monitor. Dr. McKellan went to he other side of him. "I'm sorry," went on DCI Larson. "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your parents are dead."

Scorpius began to shake his head furiously. "No, no, no," he muttered as he started to thrash about.

"Shh," hushed the nurse as she reached out to grab his hand.

"Relax, son," said Dr. McKellan. "You'll reopen the wound if you keep moving like that."

"It's all right, darling," said the nurse as Dr. McKellan pushed buttons that were on the bag. It was then that Scorpius started to sob. Dr. McKellen placed his hand over his shoulder. "I wish that was something I could heal," he said. He glanced at the officer, who looked ashamed of himself.

"I'll come back later," said DCI Larson. He left.

Scorpius vigorously rubbed his eyes with the one hand that the nurse wasn't holding. "Is there anyone we can call for you?" asked the nurse.

He thought about it. His grandparents didn't have any way to contact them by Muggle means. He shook his head. "I'm alone," he replied.

"No, you're not," said Dr. McKellan. "You have the entire staff here."

The nurse brought a box of tissues. She offered them to Scorpius. He grabbed a couple of them. "Thank you," he whispered, remembering what his mother said about manners.

"I need to check you," said Dr. McKellan as Scorpius nodded. The doctor pulled the sheets up a bit first before pulling the gown up. "I must say that this is most unusual. The wound looks like ti was done clean, but there were no bullets or any weapons of any kind. I'd say it was a stab wound, but I'm still not sure. It's like you stabbed from the inside going out."

Scorpius was only half listening. He asked, "What's in the bags?"

"Medicine," answered the nurse. She pointed to one of them. "That one is for the pain." She pointed the one next to it, "And this is to keep you hydrated."

"What day is it?"

"It's the 27th of December," answered Dr. McKellan.

Scorpius nodded. "I don't feel any pain," he said. This conversation didn't make any sense to anyone.

"That means the medicine is working. How old are you?"

"Twelve—no thirteen," corrected Scorpius. "My birthday's Christmas." He swallowed hard as he looked up at the ceiling. The doctor gently said, "Rest now, Scorpius."

Author's Note: Not all of this story will be sad. In a way, Scorpius' life will be much like Harry Potter's. If anyone is interested in previews for upcoming chapters and stuff that doesn't make the final cut, I'll post them on my journal. The twitter is for real life excuses. This story starts at the worst possible time for me.

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