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Lois paled and looked to Clark. "It's my father" she hissed. She jumped away from the door as if she expected the General to kick the door down. What was he doing here? She hadn't seem him in at least a year and had only talked to him a handful of times during that year.

Clark saw the confusion and panic sweep across Lois's face he sped to action. Superspeeding he changed into his regular clothes and ran into her bedroom and grabbed her some clothes. He threw them to her and as she attempted to straighten herself up a little. She stuffed her robe behind the cushions of the couch. Clark quickly sped through the apartment tidying up and making the bed. He came back to the kitchen where he saw the kitchen table. Not having too much more time he grabbed some glue and stuck the table top onto the legs. It probably wouldn't hold a piece of paper but at least it didn't look suspicious.

Seeing everything cleaned up Lois opened the door.

"Daddy" she said with a smile. "What are you doing here?"

"Hello Lo, well I was in Metropolis on business and thought I'd stop by and see you. I'm surprised I wasn't sure you would be home. You do still work at the Daily Planet don't you?" he asked roughly.

"Yes of course I do, but it's Saturday, I don't have to work Saturdays unless my editor calls me in." Lois said. She ushered him inside and made eye contact with Clark. He gave her a reassuring smile and she suddenly wished they were still alone, making love on some other piece of furniture that could use a good breaking.

The General turned to look at Lois. "You look tired don't tell me you've slept half the day away?" he said.

Lois refrained from rolling her eyes at her father. He was the only person who could make every word out of his mouth sound like an insult.

"No Daddy I've been awake. I'm getting over a stomach bug so I'm taking it a little slow today." She said not mentioning the fact that taking it slow had consisted of hot sex with Clark on her kitchen table. Speaking of Clark it was probably time to bring him into the conversation. "Daddy, you remember Clark Kent don't you?" she asked gesturing to the man coming into the room from the kitchen.

"Kent huh? Young man from Smallville. You're parents took in my Lois for some time. They were good people." He said holding his hand out to Clark. Clark took it and returned it with a firm handshake. The general was surprised to see the young boy on the farm was standing here shaking his hand and looking like a real man. He was also surprised that Kent was here with Lois. He was always under the impression they hated each other.

"Daddy Clark and I work together at the Planet now." Lois said.

"It's good to see you again sir." Clark said with a nod.

The General scrutinized Clark for a minute. Lois could see the wheels turning and knew the General was thinking of ways to make them very uncomfortable.

"Clark stopped by this morning to see if I needed anything. He knew I wasn't feeling good yesterday at work." Lois was in no way ashamed of her relationship with Clark and had every intention of one day telling her father about their relationship but her instincts were telling her that right now was not the time.

"I should probably get going and let you catch up." Clark said and Lois sent him a panicked look. No she didn't want him to leave, she wanted to go to bed and make love some more, she hadn't even got a chance to snuggle with him after their first round.

"You don't have to leave Smallville, you just got here." She lied.

"Actually Lo I'm only going to be in town for a couple hours, I was hoping to take you to lunch but if you aren't feeling well." The General said and Lois suddenly felt bad. No matter how complicated or frustrating their relationship got he was still her father and she loved him.

"Well I'm not really hungry." Leaving out she and Clark had just eaten breakfast. "But I'm feeling better and going out to lunch would be nice. I can get some soup or something." She said with a smile.

"Great, Kent why don't you come with, I'm sure we can find something to talk about." The General said. Clark smiled and nodded.

"That would be great." He said.

"Let me go change." Lois said. She left to run into the bedroom and threw on some clothes and make-up. She could hear her father and Clark talking sports and she smiled. Maybe this wouldn't be so awkward. She walked out and into the kitchen to grab her purse she had left on the counter. When she turned she brushed the table slightly and it collapsed in pieces on the floor. Clark and the General jumped up at the noise and saw Lois staring at the broken table.

"What the hell happened to that table?" The General asked befuddled.

No, this wasn't awkward at all, Lois thought to herself.

At Lunch

Lunch went surprisingly well. Lois managed to keep her father off her back by telling him about all she did at the Planet. Clark charmed him with his small town manners and love of sports. Lois heard her phone buzz and she grabbed it. It was Chloe.

"Excuse me" she said to the guys and snickered when she noticed they were so deep in conversation about the latest draft pick they didn't hear her. Well her father didn't hear her, Clark however squeezed her knee gently.

"Hello." She answered the phone.

"Wow I wasn't sure if you were going to answer or not. I figured you'd be exhausted from all your crazy monkey love." Chloe said with a chuckle.

Lois grinned. "Actually I'm at lunch with my father and Clark." She said.

Chloe paused for a second. "Um so how did that happen?"

"Well I got the stomach flu last night and Daddy stopped by to take me out to lunch." Lois said.

"Uh huh and where was Clark in all of this?" Chloe asked.

"Well I'll have to tell you all about that later." Lois said mysteriously.

"Ok so come on I've been dying of anticipation, just tell me yes or no, did you guys do the deed?" Chloe said with a giggle.

"Yes and goodbye" Lois said hanging up the phone before Chloe could reply.

She looked up to see her father looking at her and she tried to remain from blushing. There was no way her father could know what she had just been talking about.

"That was Chloe she says to pass on her love." Lois said with a smile.

"How is Chloe? Is she still married to that Olsen character?" he asked.

"Yes she and Jimmy are doing well and our very happy. Jimmy is still with the Planet and Chloe is working for Oliver Queen." Lois said.

"Queen?" her father asked. "Isn't he the one you used to be head over heels for?" he asked.

Lois swallowed. "Yes, well that was a long time ago." She said glancing over to see Clark. Even though he and Oliver were best friends there was a guy code and they didn't discuss their individual relationships with Lois with each other. The same way Lois didn't want to hear anything about Lana.

"Runs a strong company, seemed like a decent man. You shouldn't have let him get away." Her father said and Lois cringed when she felt Clark stiffen beside her.

"Well Daddy, I didn't let him go anywhere. It wasn't going to work and I realized he wasn't all my type anyways." Lois said squeezing the napkin that was folded in her lap.

"Well have you found your type? Lo I worry about you, as many mistakes your sister made she still found a good man and settled down. I want that for you."

Lois refrained from letting her head drop to the table in frustration. Was this really happening, when did her father ever give a rat's behind about Lois's love life? Maybe now was the best time after all to let him know about her and Clark.

"Actually Daddy I have met someone and I'm very happy." Lois said as she took Clark's hand under the table and squeezed it.

"Oh and who would that be?" The General asked with a raised eyebrow.

"That would be me sir." Clark said, his voice confidant and strong. Lois wanted to kiss him right there and then.

"Kent huh?" her father asked if mulling over the idea. After a moment he held his hand out and Clark and he shook hands. "You're a good man Kent, and even though she doesn't need it because I raised a strong independent woman, take care of her."

"Of course" Clark said seriously.

"Wait that's it?" Lois asked her mouth dropping. "What was all of that before about Oliver then?" she asked.

Her father chuckled. "Lo I was just wondering if you were going to tell me about Kent. When I arrived this morning you were wearing a flannel shirt that was inside out, your robe was stuffed into the couch and you were as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof." The General said with a grin and Lois groaned. Clark blushed but said nothing. "Now let's enjoy the rest of our lunch and afterwards you and Kent can go get you a new kitchen table. I hope you didn't just buy it, it's a piece of junk that when you bump into it, it falls apart." The General said shaking his head. "Things are just not built the way they used to be." He said and Lois refrained from bursting into fits of laughter, at least her father hadn't figured that part out.

Later that afternoon

"Oh my god" Lois said as they stood in the aisle of the furniture store. They had said their goodbyes to the General and were now looking for a new kitchen table. Clark had offered to fix her old one properly but Lois shook her head. The way things went earlier she was probably going to need a reinforced steel table. That thought brought a smile to her face. "I can't believe how awkward that got. Thank god he didn't ask more questions about the table." She said with a shake of her head.

"Yeah that was close, but on a good note he didn't seem like he would be pulling Kryptonite out on me any time soon." He said with a chuckle.

"Don't joke about that." Lois said seriously. She flashed back to the night that he had collapsed on her balcony the effects of Kryptonite running through his body. It was the first time she had ever seen Clark that sick and in pain and it terrified her. If she could she would single handedly rid the world of that horrid green rock.

Sensing her displeasure, Clark took her by the shoulders.

"Hey" he said gently. "It was just a joke and I won't make anymore ok?" he said and Lois nodded. Clark leaned in and kissed her gently. The kiss deepened and they had to pull away when they remembered they were in the middle a furniture store.

"I think we should go home and soon." Lois said breathlessly, her body was humming for him and she wanted him bad.

"What about the kitchen table?" he asked as he saw the raw lust in her eyes. He felt his own body respond to her need.

"I can't wait," she whispered. She licked her lips "I don't know if I will make it home at all." She said running her hand down his chest.

Clark wasn't sure exactly what would be the best course of action, either super speed them home or take the car. Lois had other ideas though. She grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the store. She looked around and saw something down the road, it was a hotel.

"There" she said pulling him into the alley so he could super speed them there.

"Are you sure, I can take us home." Clarks said moaning as she began to kiss his neck.

"Hotel now" she demanded and seconds later they were in the lobby as Clark checked them in. When he had the key, Lois took his hand and led him to the elevator she had plans of just having him there in the elevator but an elderly couple got in next to them. Lois felt like her body was on fire and desperately needed to be quenched. She watched as the numbers of the floors ticked by. They were on the 7th floor and the car stopped on the 2nd. A mother and young boy got on and Lois watched as the kid began pushing all the buttons.

"Billy don't do that." The mother said with no force behind her voice. Lois wanted to slap the woman, she was probably one of those idiot new age mothers who didn't believe in disciplining children because it would hurt "little Billy's" feelings and he'd grow up with insecurities. Lois hated parents like that, they had no clue that without discipline "little Billy" was more apt to grow up to be a serial killer. "Oh Billy we're on the wrong elevator this one is going up." The mother took the child quickly off the elevator car just as the doors closed. Lois thought about prying the door open and killing the woman but refrained, she had other ways she wanted to relieve her frustrations. Thanks to "little Billy" they were forced to stop at every floor until finally reaching the 7th floor. Lois dragged Clark towards their room. The hotel was actually very fancy and one of the nicest in Metropolis. Normally Lois wouldn't spend this kind of money on some afternoon delight but at the moment she just didn't care.

She fumbled with the key at the door and Clark was not helping as he pressed himself fully against her back, his arms around her waist and his mouth was nibbling delicious trails along the back of her neck. If he kept this up they were just going to have sex right here in the hallway.

Lois couldn't get the damn door open and she moaned as Clark hit a particularly sensitive spot on her neck. Giving up she turned in his arms and their mouths met in a sensual kiss. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck their tongues dueling sensually. He pressed her against the door and she could feel his desire pressing into her. She just needed this little taste of pleasure to take the edge off so she could calm down enough to open the stupid door. That wasn't to be the case though.

"Clark? Lois?" came a voice and the couple pulled away reluctantly to see who had interrupted them. They swallowed hard when they saw….

A. Oliver Queen

B. Lana Lang

C. Martha Kent

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