Pokemon – Cruel

"Go Pikachu!" Ash shouted.

Pikachu shouted his name (Coz that's all he can say really…that and his name shortened) and lightning flew from his cute little cheeks.

The Magikarp went flying back and finally fainted. This had been the hardest battle of Ash's life.

"Well done Pikachu!" Ash praised.

The gang ran off to find another battle.

On their random run they were suddenly stopped by a large man.

"I am Lord Coolness!" The man announced.

"Do you want to fight?!" Ash challenged.

Lord Coolness kicked Ash in the crotch and punched him in the eye.

"No! I meant a Pokemon fight!" Ash groaned in pain.

"Ah…" Lord Coolness nodded "Yeah okay,"

Ash readied himself and predictably sent out Pikachu. Lord Coolness smiled.

"GO Mankey!" Lord Coolness shouted and thus sent out a Mankey.

The two were about to fight when there was a shout.

"Stop this fight!" The voice commanded.

A small podgy man ran into the middle of the battleground.

"What do you want?" Ash said aggressively.

The small podgy man glared at Ash "I'm putting an end to this 'Pokemon Fight'!"

"What?! Why?!" Ash cried.

"This is animal cruelty!" The man explained.

He then confiscated all Pokemon from the gang and Lord Coolness.

Pokemon fighting was over. The Pokemons' troubles had ended.