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Harry Potter and the Weaver's Diary

Chapter 1

Everything was quiet at number four, Privet drive. The only sound breaking the silence being a lone stray cat that had taken up wandering around. Slowly the sun dropped below the horizon, staining the skies a deep red as day slowly gave way to the night. It wouldn't be long before Vernon, Petunia and Dudley Dursley would go to sleep. Meanwhile, their live-in cousin, Harry Potter, was sitting on his bed, reading through some of the books he'd gotten earlier.

To most people, it would be a relatively normal situation. While there were the obvious differences between the Dursleys and Harry, most notable the weight difference between the males, it could be accepted as your everyday situation in your everyday household. Things had abruptly changed however. Mere days beforehand, Harry had found out something that was quite unbelievable. He was in fact, a wizard, capable of performing the most stunning magic one could imagine. This, combined with the appearance of Hagrid only a few days before, had caused some big changes in Harry's life.

While he never really got along with his surrogate family, now it was different. Whereas they usually yelled and shouted at him for doing things wrong, in their eyes, they still talked to him nevertheless. It was nice to have some human contact, even if it was a bit primitive. Now though, they ignored him. They went out of their way and hardly even spoke to him. Sure, he'd gotten a real room instead of the cupboard under the stairs and he didn't have to do as many chores as before, though they still left a paper with a list of chores, but that didn't change the fact that he having a bit of a dire need for contact. Hedwig, his owl, was good company, but she couldn't exactly hold a conversation with him, no matter how affectionate the small nips she gave him were.

This caused him to turn to something else for amusement, his books. Because he couldn't exactly do much while he was at the Dursleys, he decided that it was best that he caught up a bit to the other children he would meet at Hogwarts. He didn't know the first thing about magic, and as such was a bit at a disadvantage compared to the other students. The books themselves though, were quite interesting to say the least. He'd already moved through 'The Standard Book of Spells Grade 1' and 'A History of Magic' and was about to begin reading 'The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection' when his attention was drawn to a small booklet that fell out between the pages of his Defence Against the Dark Arts book, landing on the floor of his bedroom with a muffled thump.

Curious about the small book, he put 'The Dark Forces' aside and leaned over to pick it up. A small shock coursed through his body as his fingers brushed over the leather cover of the book. Startled, he pulled back his hand as if it had been burned and stared at the small tome. It was no larger than one of the CD-cases of Dudley's collection but was at least twice as thick. Its worn leather cover was a deep crimson and almost seemed to pull in his stare.

While he was still a bit wary, his curiosity and innate endeavouring spirit eventually overcame his anxiety and he bent over again and carefully touched the book with the tips of his fingers, ready to pull back at the slightest sign of trouble. When nothing happened, he slowly curled his fingers underneath it and lifted it off the dusty floor of his room.

"Must've slipped in together with my regular books", he mused as he studied the cover closely. There was nothing written on there that could possibly identify the book. With a slight sigh, he carefully opened it and looked at the first page. What he saw there thoroughly amazed him.

"Good evening, Harry James Potter", was written in large letters on the first page of the book. However, as soon as Harry's eyes had taken in the words, the ink that made them up drifted apart and moved across the page.

"This may seem confusing indeed to one as young as you Harry, but please pay attention to the explanation that will follow shortly".

He snapped out of his brief trance and focused his entire attention on the small tome in his hands. As soon as he did so, the letters started changing shape again.

"As you may have noticed already, this is not an ordinary book", it began, "What you are holding is in fact the entire collection of knowledge from the author of this book, in other words, me, since I'm the one placing the spell on the book that will display this text. Since you are reading this, it means that the book has recognised you as its proper owner, this was signified by a small shock of sorts that occurred when you first touched the book. From now on you are the sole owner of this book, and it can only be read by you or another Weaver. The ability to weave spells however is exceedingly rare, so you probably won't find anyone else in your life that can do it as well. It is also much sought after, so it would be wise to keep it a relative secret. You maintain ownership until your demise, whether you keep the book or not. Now, you may be wondering, who is this author. Young Harry, I am not really well known as a matter of fact. I even believe you'll hardly even find any mention of me in a book or anything, at least one besides this little thing. The few people that do know about me, know me only as the first Spell Weaver".

"Since I'll only be speaking to you during this short introduction, my real name is not really that important. What is important, is that this book is, as I said before, a collection of all the knowledge I managed to amass during my life. However, this book has had a few owners before you by the time you're reading this, and while I don't know if they wrote anything in this diary, if they did, all those things are available to you as well. I've set this book to respond only to people that are like myself and just to be sure, I've added a sort of form you need to fill out in detail when you try to input data into this book, so that those after you don't accidentally use a deadly spell on a friend. So normally you should get a detailed explanation about everything you can find in here".

"Now, I think that by now you're starting to wonder about a few things, so I'll try to explain is as best as I can. While almost everyone in the wizarding world can use magic to some extent, with the exception of squibs, there are in fact few that can actually create spells, hexes, curses or anything else, with the exception of potions since that's actually nothing more than experimenting with ingredients. While most people usually create a spell or two in their lives, these are more often than not simple variations or extensions of existing spells, and while there are those that can actually create a completely new spell, it usually requires an immense amount of power, time and effort to pull it off. A Spell Weaver however, is different, and since you can read this book, it means that you too are one of us. Spell Weavers are people that have no trouble at all in understanding the underlying principles of the magic that happens when a spell is cast. The best way to describe it is as some sort of special vision one has. While most people see a spell as a simple blast of light or something else, a weaver will see the interactions of the magic that flows through both the body and wand of the caster, and the way it moves through the air. It is as if someone is weaving the individual strands of magic together when he is performing magic. Hence our name".

"This book contains both my own findings, and hopefully those of the owners before you. It is a repository of knowledge that is now completely at your disposal. You can reread this introduction if you simply open the book on the first page. The input forms for new spells or research findings can be found on the last few pages. Everything in between is where you'll find the rest. While the pages might appear blank at first, simply state a subject at them, and they will display all the relevant information concerning that subject. Also, the pages of this book will never run out so don't worry about that".

"Harry, use this book well and keep it safe. I wish you luck with the rest of your life".

With those final words, the pages emptied, leaving Harry sitting on his bed, deep in thought. The book's revelations were quite overwhelming to say the least, but already his mind was abuzz with the things he might be able to do. He sat upright in his bed and picked up the book again, opening it somewhere in the middle. As he'd been told they would be, the pages were blank.

"Techniques for beginning weavers", he stated firmly at the book. Instantly lines began to appear on the pages. He guessed that it was some sort of summary of all the entries that were already in the book. Just as he was about to pick a subject, he suddenly recalled the words of Hagrid. He'd been told not to do magic until he was at the school, something about underage magic.

"Hmmm, bummer that I'm underage and can't do magic at home", he muttered under his breath as his eyes slid over the different subjects. Creating spells would obviously involve the use of magic and thus was not an option.

The book however had other ideas. In response to Harry's mumble, the lines faded and reappeared, this time showing a whole new range of subjects. One in particular drew his attention.

"How to remove the ministry tracking charm from one's wand (suited for underage wizards and witches)".

"I love this book", Harry thought as he quickly spoke the entry's title.

What followed was a detailed explanation of how the charm worked and how one could remove it in several ways.

After reading through the entry, Harry picked up his wand. Using his recently acquired knowledge, he held it out in front of him and quickly moved his free hand from one end to the other.

"Ignotus", he stated clearly after he'd finished the movement. Much to his amazement, he could see the charm present on his wand try and send a message to whoever was listening for it. His own magic however shot out a small tendril and slashed the magical message to pieced before it moved through the rest of his wand and systematically started devouring the tracking charm. Once every trace of it had been eliminated, Harry's own magic slowly crept back into the wand.

While Harry had seen a spectacular battle between two opposing spells, all an outsider could've seen was a brief blue glow covering his wand before dissipating.

Satisfied with the results, Harry quickly moved back to the book and started looking through the beginners techniques again. It didn't take him long to figure out some things about the workings of magic.

Apparently the wand was a conduit for the magic of a person, amplifying and directing it as the wizard or witch shaped it into the form they wanted. The key factors for a successful spell were the wand movement, incantation and the intent behind it. These gave a spell its power. Certain parts could be put aside if necessary, such as the incantation, but the wand was necessary for most spells, with a few exceptions such as animagus transformations.

While this meant that in theory wandless magic was possible, those that tried had found that it was extremely difficult to perform even the most simple of spells without their wand.

After covering some of the theory behind magic, the book moved on to a few basic house holding spells. This because they were handy in everyday life and they used magic of several varieties and elements. The scourgify spell for example used a combination of a vanishing spell combined with a slight water and air spell woven into it. This combination gave the effect of clothes being cleaned with decent efficiency, though the effect would be lessened depending on the severity of the stains. Harry doubted the spell was strong enough to remove one of Dudley's occasional underwear paintings. He'd need a true washing charm for that.

Levitation, summoning and banishing spells were also covered extensively by the book. Harry could only imagine the amount of time he'd save if he were to use his magic when doing some of the chores. Quietly, he sneaked to the door of his and checked the lights downstairs. Noticing that they'd been turned off, it was a sure bet that his uncle and aunt had gone to sleep. Harry grinned, Dudley would be snoring like a chainsaw by now. Since his cousin's room was in between that of Harry and Vernon and Petunia, it was perfect as a buffer. He knew from experience that the only thing that would wake up Dudley was either a sufficient amount of sleep or the scent of a random sweet.

Gently closing his door he moved back to his bed and picked up his wand.

"Lumos", he whispered softly, carefully following the instructions of the book.

As he spoke the incantation of the spell, he noticed the magic flowing out of his body and into his wand until it finally came to rest at the tip where it emitted a bright light, bathing his room in an ethereal glow.

Harry shuddered at the feeling. It was extraordinary to literally feel the magic flow through him. That combined with the thrill of finally performing magic gave him a sense of elation like he had never felt before.

Quickly he dove back to the book, eager to learn some more spells.

It was unexpectedly easy for him to perform magic, Harry noticed as he cast spell after spell. Soon enough random objects had started flying through the room, their course carefully directed by Harry. While eager to learn new spells, the book had warned him that trying to learn too much at once could have some serious consequences. Also it was better to practise with the spells he already knew so he got a better grip on their effects, since they'd become the eventual foundation of his spellweaving.

Light was already starting to brighten the eastern horizon by the time that Harry finally crawled into his bed, tired from an entire night spent performing spell after spell. Throwing a quick glance at his clock, he noticed that it was half past five. It wouldn't be until about ten that he was supposed to get up himself in order to make breakfast for his family.

Setting his alarm, he crawled under his blanket and promptly fell asleep.

His eyes shot open as the sound of his alarm tore through his bedroom. It was for times like this that he was happy to have one with such a shrill tone. Quickly giving the device a small smack to turn it off, he moved to get dressed. Since he had to use his alarm, there was little doubt that his uncle had also awoken, such was the intensity of the sound it generated. Knowing his, he moved with considerable speed in order to beat his uncle in getting downstairs first. He didn't want to give them any reason to warrant an even worse treatment.

"Then again", he thought with a grin on his face as he tucked his wand safely into his pocket, "what I'm about to do downstairs will probably freak him out as well".

All things considered though, watching Harry perform magic without any problems would make the man think twice before doing anything bad to his nephew. After all, if he could use magic to do chores, what else could he do with it. Perhaps complete Dudley's transformation into a pig.

Still, it would have the most effect if he was already doing magic by the time that Vernon got downstairs. With this in mind he bolted down the stairs and moved into the kitchen. Judging from the sound he heard coming from upstairs, he was well on time. His uncle had only just started shaving by the time he had reached the drawer with the kitchen utensils.

"This is going to be fun", Harry thought has he pulled his wand out of his pocket and, with a flick, caused the drawers and cupboards to fly open.

Vernon Dursley was not in a good mood. After a somewhat restless sleep caused by his son's incessant snoring he'd been jolted awake by the sound of the alarm clock of the little pest that was siphoning away a good amount of money that would be much better spent on his own son.

"I hope for his sake that breakfast is done by the time that I get downstairs", Vernon muttered as he stumbled into the bathroom, "Wizard or not, he can still get smacked around".

After he had finished applying the necessary personal hygiene he made sure that the rest of his family was awake as well, it simply wouldn't do for them to sleep in and miss breakfast. Despite what he said aloud, the boy actually made a pretty darn good breakfast. Not that he'd ever admit that Harry was good for anything but losing them money.

The stairs creaked loudly as he made his way downstairs and moved through the house. Appetizing smells were already making their way towards his nose and he grinned slightly, eager for both another decent meal and another chance to make his nephew feel bad. Ignoring him seemed to have an even greater effect on the child than he had thought. His morning was slowly starting to move from bad to somewhat good.

He was still in this strain of mind when he moved into the kitchen and was greeted by a vision that came straight out of one of his worst nightmares. Plates, forks, knives and several kinds of food were flying through the air and were making their way towards the table.

Standing in the middle of this was his nephew, happily waving a wand and apparently directing the horrifying scene.

"What in the world is going on here", he choked as his face reddened considerably. He slowly stepped into the kitchen, wary of the flying objects.

"Oh, good morning uncle Vernon", Harry replied happily, "I'm just making breakfast".

"But why is everything flying around like this".

The more time passed, the more the man seemed to get in a dire need of oxygen. At the rate he was going, it seemed that he was only moments away from hyperventilating.

A shrill scream broke his own fear though. Apparently Petunia had followed him together with Dudley.

He turned around and faced his wife, her face pale, in sharp contrast with Vernon's. Dudley on the other hand was trying to hide behind Petunia, not having forgotten about his run-in with Hagrid's spell, the pigtail being a constant reminder of that, not that he was having much success. As thin as Petunia was, her son was almost exactly the same as her husband in terms of physical build.

The interruption however seemed to shake Vernon out of his daze. He turned around, fuming.

"Stop this freakish business this instant boy!", he shouted as he stormed into the kitchen, ignoring the flying dishes.

Harry quickly shifted the movement of his wand and gently guided any objects away from Vernon's head. With a final flick, everything moved to their proper place, leaving the kitchen as if nothing had happened, beside the breakfast on the table.

"What's wrong uncle Vernon?", Harry asked, trying to sound as innocent as possible. He knew exactly what had ticked his uncle off.

"What's wrong you ask?", Vernon bellowed, "I wake up on a normal morning in a normal house, but when I come downstairs to enjoy a normal breakfast like any other normal person, I notice you doing all sorts of freakishly unnatural things with our food".

He moved forward as he said this, ready to grab a hold of Harry and teach him a decent lesson. He was stopped however when said nephew raised his wand slightly.

"Don't you dare point that thing at me", he grumbled as he eyed the wand in Harry's hand.

"I wasn't going to do anything uncle Vernon, I just realised that I forgot to put the milk on the table", Harry replied and with a smug grin on his face, flicked his wand, opening the fridge. Another wave and the milk flew out and placed itself on the table while the refrigerator door closed.

He turned his back on them and moved towards the table, seemingly oblivious to their stares.

"Of course, that's not the only thing I can do", he grinned as he sat down at the table and started eating a freshly made slice of toast.

His not so subtle warning didn't go unnoticed by Vernon, and the man wasn't stupid enough to ignore it. Slowly he too approached the table and took a close look at the food that was lying on it.

"There's nothing wrong with it, seriously", Harry smiled, "it's exactly the same as when I would make it by hand. I just used a bit of magic to simplify the process".

A loud growling shook Vernon out of his thought process. Instantly recognising the sound, he turned his head at Dudley who was currently looking at the food with a noticeable gleam in his eyes. The boy was hungry, and from the way Harry was eating the food, he was fairly sure that it wasn't poisoned or anything. He seriously doubted if the boy had the guts to do something like that, probably he hadn't even given it a thought.

"There had better not be anything wrong with it boy", he warned as he slowly sat down at the table, signalling his wife and son to join him.

After a meal that was tense to say the least, Harry stood up and pulled out his wand, earning him the amusement of seeing the Dursleys almost jump out of their skin.

"I'll make a deal with you", he smiled at them as he used a few well placed spells to make the dishes wash themselves, "I know you're not too happy about magic being used in this house. Sadly enough, I just can't help it since I'm a wizard. I need to let loose some of the magic, or otherwise some unexpected things might happen, as you might've noticed before".

He smiled inwardly as he noticed the horror struck looks on the Dursley's faces. It wasn't exactly true, but they'd noticed his small bouts of accidental magic before and weren't that keen to see them repeated but on an even grander scale.

"So I have this proposal. I will continue to do any and all chores you have for me, as long as I can use magic for them. Of course, I'll behave and I'll make sure that no one notices me using it".

He gave Vernon some time for the information to sink in, all the while directing the dishes and food around the kitchen.

"Fine", Vernon finally sighed after a long silence, "but there had better be no trouble you hear me? If you go even one bit of freakishness out of line I'll be waiting for you, and no amount of magic is going to save you. Is that understood?".

Harry nodded whilst keeping a neutral look on his face. Inwardly however he was cheering. The chores would give him the perfect chance to practise his magic and the Dursleys couldn't do anything about it since Vernon had just agreed with it.

As it was, the rest of the vacation only seemed to get better and better. While the Dursleys seemed to invent new chores every single day just to make Harry's life a living hell, he merely cheered at the thought of being told to do something. It wasn't that he was happy to clean or something in the like, but the different types of chores he had to do were constantly making him change his way of using spells. That and some logical thinking made some of them actually enjoyable. He had never imagined weeding the garden could take so little time when one could use magic. A simple 'Accio weeds' made every single weed in the garden tear itself out of the ground and fly into the bag Harry was holding open. This little show however made Petunia insanely jealous. She had never had been able to finish weeding the garden with so little effort and time needed. Silently she cursed her sister and her son.

As the days passed, Harry noticed a distinct change in the way the Dursleys behaved around him. While they had been extremely wary around him at first, it seemed that they were slowly getting used to Harry using magic around them. At least they didn't jump in fear anymore every time he cast a spell. That didn't mean they accepted it easily though. More often than not he'd noticed the looks of disgust on their faces when he was busy doing a random chore, using magic all the time.

Of course, performing magic almost nonstop did take its toll. His appetite had risen tremendously and he noticed that he was dead tired every single evening, falling asleep like a log the moment his head hit the pillow.

After consulting the book about it, he found out that magic was a lot like a person's muscles. The more you practised it, the better you got at it and the longer you could perform spells. It was a lot like running long distances. Only over time did one improve his stamina enough to be able to run a marathon. He'd found that out himself after running away from Dudley and his gang long enough.

Soon enough, the first of September came along, the day on which Harry would finally be starting his education as a wizard. He'd been looking forward to it. It didn't really matter that his abilities had been jumpstarted by the discovery of the Weaver's Diary. He didn't really have a doubt that while he was already quite proficient with a number of spells, having teachers would prove to be even more fun and effective than teaching himself.

He woke up early that day, a lot earlier than normal. Throwing a look at his clock, he noticed that it was around half past five, in about an hour and a half he'd be on his way towards platform nine and three-quarters. Suddenly a thought entered his mind. Where was the platform? He knew King's Cross station, but seriously doubted that it would be easily noticeable. Quickly he dove into his trunk and started digging for the Weaver's Diary. After a couple of minutes, he managed to scoop it up from the bottom of his trunk.

"Platform nine and three-quarters", he stated at the blank pages. Relief flooded his mind as several subjects appeared in the book.

After a bit of searching for the right entry, he found out that the platform was located in between the muggle platforms nine and ten. All you had to do was walk through one of the pillars between them.

"Hmmm, now I know how to get onto the platform, but it doesn't say which pillar it is", he muttered as he leafed through the book in search for more information.

"Argh, this is useless", he growled in frustration after he'd read everything he could find, "Well, I can always go and test out every pillar one by one".

Satisfied with his solution to the problem, Harry quickly packed his trunk again, though this time he put his book in one of the pockets of his coat. He never knew when he might need it again, and it wasn't exactly handy to go and mess up his trunk every time he did.

"Are you ready yet boy", Vernon's voice sounded through the door, "We need to go if we want to make it in time for Dudley's appointment".

Harry sighed, while he had been able to convince his uncle to drop him off at King's Cross, it was only because of Dudley's little problem on his rear that they had accepted. As luck would have it they had made an appointment for plastic surgery to remove the pigtail. Harry didn't really care, he was happy enough to be able to get to the station, no matter what the reason. Even if he could, he didn't like to threaten his only remaining family into doing something. With another deep sigh, he levitated his trunk and moved to the door of his room.

"Finally you're out", Vernon grumbled as the door opened, "can't you simply magic your way to that school?"

"I'm sorry uncle Vernon, I'm not that advanced yet", Harry replied. He grinned as he saw Vernon's shudder, the man still wasn't used to people being able to do magic around him. The fact that Harry would soon be able to do even more of those freakish things thoroughly grossed him out. Nevertheless, the prospect of not having to see him for almost an entire year lightened his spirits. He'd simply have to put up with the little bit of freakishness that would occur during the time they travelled to King's Cross. It was a small price to pay.

Vernon's smile grew wide as they approached the station. While he had been looking forward to getting rid of his nephew, it was so much more satisfying when he could do so in a humiliating manner.

"There were are", he sneered, "your platform should be around here somewhere, but sadly enough I don't see it anywhere".

"That's because non-magical people can't see it", came Harry's reply, "I know exactly where it is, so if you don't mind, I'll be off now".

Turning quickly, he left his uncle standing on the platform, baffled. While he had been able to get some satisfaction of crushing his uncle's hopes of humiliating him when they dropped him off, he didn't want to wait for that fact to trickle down into his skull. He knew that Vernon didn't like it when people made a fool out of him.

As he quickly moved through the crowd, he kept a close eye on the pillars between the platforms nine and ten. Watching for people that might be walking into them.

Just as he was about to give up and try the pillars one by one, he heard a woman's voice. While this alone wouldn't exactly draw his attention, he could distinguish one word which made him turn his head towards the woman.

"Packed with muggles", the woman said as she hustled through the station, clearing the way for what appeared to be the rest of her family. It wasn't exactly hard to recognise the fact that they were all related. No one could have that hair colour and not be part of the same family.

"Now where is the station entrance again", the woman muttered as she moved through the crowd.

"How could you possibly forget mom, even I remember that it's the third pillar when you're coming from the stairs, and I'm not even allowed to go yet", a small redheaded girl spoke up. She had been holding her mother's hand earlier on, but had pulled free when the pillar in question came into view.

"Well Ginny, it's a bit hard to recognise a specific place in this station", she replied, "but come now, we've lost enough time as it is".

Obeying their mother's command, the boys of the family started moving through the barrier one by one. Harry blinked, had he not known about the barrier and the gateway to platform nine and three-quarters, he thought he'd gone insane by now.

Slowly, he started moving towards the pillar, unaware that his presence had caught the eye of the mother of the redheads.

"Oh hello there dear", she spoke up at Harry, "Are you going to Hogwarts as well?"

Harry's face shot up to look at the woman's voice. He'd never heard someone speak to him with that much kindness. All he had ever heard was shouting, insults and whatever the Dursleys could throw at him. The only ones that showed him a bit of kindness were his teachers he had during his education as a muggle, and even they had been corrupted in a certain amount by the rumours Vernon had spread about him.

"Yes..., yes I am", he stammered, shocked by the kind look on her face.

"Do you know how to get to the platform?", she asked in the same kind voice.

Harry simply nodded in response.

"Well then get going", she smiled as she gave him a gentle nudge.

Following her advice, Harry started moving forward. He eventually broke into a slight run as he drew closer to the barrier, only to crash straight into a muggle that had crossed his path.

"Can't you look out", the man grumbled as he quickly righted his tie and moved on, leaving Harry lying on the platform, his trunk halfway open and various items spilling out of it. Meanwhile Hedwig was drawing a bit of attention with her anxious cries. She'd been sleeping a bit during the voyage, and being awoken in such a rude manner didn't exactly help brighten her mood.

"Oh dear, oh dear", she woman sighed as she quickly moved to Harry's side and started helping him with repacking his trunk.

Harry moved to help her as both the mother and daughter started throwing in various items back into the case.

"I'm Molly by the way, Molly Weasley", the woman introduced herself to him, "and this is my daughter, Ginny".

"Nice to meet you, I'm Harry", he replied, giving a small nod in response while he picked up a couple of phials that had rolled out onto the platform.

He consciously didn't give them his last name. He'd seen the reactions of people when they found out that he was the Harry Potter, the Boy-who-lived. Given the fact that he'd just met people that were nice to him without any apparent reason, he'd rather keep up the charade for a little longer and get along with them. The knowing smile Molly gave him though did ring a bell.

"She knows", he thought, "but why isn't she saying anything about it?"

Without really noticing it, he stopped packing as he sank deep into thought about what had just happened. Here was someone who obviously knew who he was, yet she didn't act any different.

"Harry?", the girl's voice broke him out of his pondering, "are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine", he replied. Taking one look at her, he knew for a fact that while the mother was having no apparent reaction to his true identity, it wouldn't be the same with the daughter. Still, it wouldn't exactly do for them to help him without being properly thanked for it.

"Thank you, Mrs. Weasley, Ginny", he smiled at them while he closed his trunk, the lock falling into place with an audible click.

"Think nothing of it dear", Molly smiled at him before gesturing towards the barrier, "we better get going Harry. Otherwise you might miss the train".

Harry nodded, taking a look at the clock that was hanging from the ceiling in the station, he could see that he had only about five more minutes to get on the train. He moved forward, pushing the trolley carrying his stuff ahead of him and moved through the barrier. He knew enough about magic to know that things like passing through solid walls or making them disappear were completely possible.

The sight that greeted him was nothing like he'd imagined. He had been wondering about how the wizards would travel from London to Hogwarts. While the ticket telling him to go to platform nine and three-quarters did shed some light on that, it still didn't guarantee that they would be using a train. For all he knew there could be giant brooms to fly them to school, or perhaps even big magical portals.

Even so, the sight of the red steam engine was one that took his breath away. He hadn't seen that many trains in his life, let alone one like the Hogwarts Express.

As he stood there gaping at the wizarding platform and the people bustling all around he was caught completely unaware when suddenly Ginny came running through the barrier and crashed straight into him, sending them both to the floor.

"Ouch", she said as she slowly crawled to her knees, "why didn't you move away from the barrier?"

She scowled a bit as she looked at Harry.

"Sorry, I was just a bit overwhelmed by the sight of the station".

Almost immediately a smile came over her face.

"It's amazing isn't it? My brothers tell me Hogwarts is even more impressive than this", she grinned, the earlier collision already forgotten, "but come on, we better move it before my mom stumbles over us".

Following Ginny's logic, he quickly got up and moved out of the way. They had only just moved away before Molly came hurrying through the barrier and quickly started looking around for the rest of her children.

"Fred, George", she shouted as she spotted two other redheads standing next to a boy with dreadlocks, "come here for a minute and give little Harry here a hand with getting his trunk onto the train".

Harry opened his mouth to try and tell her that it wasn't necessary. He could get his trunk onto the train by himself without any problem. His attempt however was interrupted by Ginny's startled voice.

"So this is how you knew how to get through the barrier", she squealed happily as she started leafing through the pages of a little tome bound in crimson leather, "Hey, this book is incredibly handy, where did you get it?".

He froze for a few seconds before jabbing his hand into the pocket where he'd kept the book. It wasn't there.

"It must've fallen out of my pocket when she ran into me", he thought, just before another realisation came over him.

Harry looked incredulously at her, stunned by the fact that she could read the book when it had clearly stated that no one but himself or another weaver could read it. That specific thought however made something fall into place in his mind.

"Wait a minute, no one else but another weaver can read that book", he thought, "that must mean ...".

Acting quickly, he moved towards the girl and ushered her into a small niche in the wall, ignoring her startled squeak. As soon as he was satisfied that they were completely hidden from view, he spoke up to her.

"Ginny, you can read this book?"

"Of course I can, why shouldn't I be able to read a book?"

Just as Harry was about to explain to her that she was a weaver, the whistle on the Hogwarts Express let out a shrill sound, signifying that it was about to depart. He had wanted to tell her more, but there simply wasn't enough time.

"Listen Ginny, that is a very special book. I don't have enough time to explain it all to you, but if there is a way to communicate while I'm at school I promise I'll tell you everything I can", he said as he moved out of the niche and back towards the trolley with Hedwig on it. The two Weasley's had already started dragging his trunk towards the train.

"That's your owl right?", she asked, pointing towards his snowy white owl.

"Yeah, her name is Hedwig", he replied, picking up the cage and moving towards Fred and George.

"Well then you can simply write a letter and tell her to deliver it to me. Just tell her it's for Ginny Weasley at the Burrow".

"Ok Ginny, I'll write to you later then", he smiled at her briefly before his look turned a bit more serious, "but don't tell anyone about that book alright?".

She nodded in response, having quickly caught up to the severity of his words. Even she knew that most wizards usually had a few items that no one else knew about, to use as a trump card. Right now she knew about one of Harry's secret items. As such, she promised herself never to speak about it again, except with Harry. Her Weasley nature didn't allow anything else.

"I promise Harry", she smiled, "but what's your full name? I sort of need to know it if I want to send a message to you when Hedwig is unavailable".

Harry had just stepped onto the train when he heard her question. He'd just gestured to the Fred and George, or George and Fred, he couldn't exactly figure out who was who, where to place his trunk. He turned around, staring straight into Ginny's brown eyes. Just at the moment that he wanted to reply to her, the steam whistle on the train let out another ear-splitting shriek, completely overpowering the sound of his voice.

Noticing one of the teachers coming over and closing all the doors on the train, he was left with no other option. He leaned forward slightly, raising his hair so that his scar became visible.

Ginny froze as she noticed Harry push up his hair and reveal a marking that was known throughout the wizarding world. Within an instant she had realised who exactly she had been talking to all this time. Why hadn't she figured it out beforehand, there weren't that many people called Harry in the wizarding world, especially not his age.

Too late she realised that the teacher had already gone and closed the door, ushering Harry into the train. She blushed brightly as she realised that she'd just been talking to the Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived, and the boy-who-Ginny-Weasley-had-a-crush-on.

"Mom", she shouted as she turned around and bolted towards her mother, "did you know who Harry really was?"

Molly smiled as she watched her overexcited daughter run towards her, a bright blush on her face. It appeared to her that she had just found out that she'd been talking to her childhood crush. She sighed contently as she reminisced about the numerous times that she'd been asked by her daughter to tell her the story about the boy-who-lived. She did realise however that she had to calm her daughter down a bit. While she didn't really mind her having a crush on someone, it simply wouldn't do if she considered that person to be something he probably wasn't. She'd heard about Harry from Dumbledore, and about him living with some non-magical relatives. The poor child probably didn't like all the attention.

"Now now Ginny, calm down dear", she told her daughter in a mild, yet stern voice, "I knew from the beginning that the little lad was Harry Potter".

"Then why didn't you tell me mom?"

"Ginny, would it have made a difference whether or not you knew his name or not? It seemed to that you got along perfectly fine before you knew who he really was".

"Yeah mom, but he's Harry Potter, I mean, the Harry Potter".

"Then tell me Ginny, would you have behaved differently had you known his name from the beginning?"

"Of course mom, I mean, this is Harry Potter we're talking about".

Molly sighed deeply, this was harder than she had thought. Apparently her daughter's crush ran a bit deeper than she had thought.

"Ginny, please think for a moment. If you'd known his name from the beginning, you would've behaved completely different from the usual you. This wouldn't have been a good start to a friendship between the two of you. That and he'd probably shy away from anyone that treats him any different just because something happened that he didn't have any control over".

Ginny's shoulders visibly sagged as she realised that her mother was right. Harry probably wouldn't have been so friendly with her if she'd become a fangirl just by getting to know his name. He'd been so kind to her even if he didn't really know her, though the situation with the book still made her confused. She didn't really give it much more thought though. Harry had promised her that he'd talk to her about it via owl, and somehow she just knew that he wouldn't break that promise, unlike her brothers. That, and the train was starting to move. Quickly she ran from window to window, trying to find the compartment in which Harry was sitting.

Harry was still wondering about Ginny's reaction to finding out his name while he walked through the train, following the Weasley twins who were still carrying his trunk. Her own reaction had been a bit different from the one that people usually had when they learned his name. He hadn't expected her to blush like that, still he hoped that she would get over having such a reaction in the future. He really didn't like it when people stared at him simply for having a scar on his forehead. He'd actually felt threatened the time he'd been approached by all those people in the Leaky Cauldron. If it hadn't been for Hagrid's presence, he probably would've run straight out the door.

"Here's a free compartment mate", one of the twins spoke up, "our little brother Ron is in here already but that shouldn't be too much of a problem, just make sure you don't get between him and his food".

"I heard that Fred", Ron's voice sounded from inside the compartment.

"I'm not Fred, I'm George. Honestly, you call yourself our brother?"

"Yeah, whatever, no one but the two of you know who is who", Ron muttered.

Harry couldn't help but smile as he saw the twins bicker a bit with their younger brother. Harry didn't really mind sitting in a compartment with someone else, especially not a Weasley. So far, every single one of them had been kind, fun and simply a good person all around. Instantly he decided that he'd try to become friends with the entire lot of them. It was one of the first times that anyone had been kind to him, and they did it without even knowing who he really was.

"You better watch out for them", Ron warned him as Harry stepped into the compartment after the twins had put his trunk away in one of the corners.

"Why is that Ron?", Harry asked. So far the two of them seemed trustworthy enough.

"It's because they're known as the most devious pranksters currently present at Hogwarts, that's why. You better check your trunk very carefully when we get there, you never know what they might've done with it".

"Hey Ronniekins, quit messing up our reputation would you?", Fred muttered from outside the compartment.

"What, that's exactly what you guys are"

"Wrong you are", George smiled from on the hallway.

"We are --"

"The most devious --"

"The most infamous --"

"The most mischievous --"

"Pranksters Hogwarts has ever known", they chorused.

"Yeah yeah, just look out for them mate, they'd turn you into a toad in the time it takes you to blink"

"Come on now Ron", Fred grinned, "he wouldn't even have the time to blink for something like that. See you guys later, we're off to go check if the rumour of Lee having a tarantula is true".

With that, the twins closed the door to the compartment and left to go and find their own.

"Finally they're gone", Ron sighed, "I'm Ron Weasley".

He stuck his hand out, a wide smile on his face.

"I know", Harry smiled as he shook Ron's outstretched hand, "you're Ginny's brother aren't you?"

"Yeah, but she's still too young to be allowed to go to Hogwarts".

"Too bad actually, she's fun to be around", Harry grinned, "I'm Harry Potter by the way".

Ron's reaction was decidedly different from Ginny's, but still a bit similar to the one of the people in the Leaky Cauldron.

"No way", Ron breathed just before he started gaping at Harry.

Deciding to nip any discussion about his true identity in the bud, he lifted up his hair a bit and showed Ron his scar. While it did have the desired effect of convincing Ron that he was indeed Harry Potter, it also made him gape even more.

"Please Ron, I'm just a kid like you. This scar doesn't really make me different from anyone else", Harry sighed. He was hoping that he could convince Ron to ignore the legendary status he'd been given by the rest of the wizarding world.

"If you say so", Ron said after he finally broke out of his reverie, "can I ask you a question though?".

"Just as long as it isn't about how I got this scar or anything", Harry replied solemnly, "I don't even know anything about it myself, just a lot of green light and that's it".

"I see", Ron said as he slumped into his seat. He'd been poised to ask a couple of questions about what had happened, but apparently Harry didn't really like that sort of questions.

Silence fell over the two of them, until the train started moving. Ron quickly opened one of the windows and started waving at his family.

"Bye mom, bye Ginny", he shouted as he almost frantically swung his arm.

Deciding to follow Ron's example, Harry too stuck his head out of the window and started waving. It wasn't exactly polite of him not to say goodbye to some of the few people that had been kind to him.

He didn't exactly have any trouble spotting them as he watched at the crowd assembled on the platform.

"Bye Mrs. Weasley, bye Ginny", he shouted at the top of his lungs.

Ginny jumped as she heard her name being called by a familiar voice mere moments after she'd heard Ron call out for her, she'd been too occupied with going over every single compartment to pay attention to it, yet when she heard the second voice call out to her, she turned her head so quickly that she could actually hear something crack in her neck.

Her heart skipped a few beats when she noticed that Harry was leaning out of a window, the same one that her brother was using to say his goodbyes.

Wasting not a single moment, she raced towards them, trying to catch up with the train that was ever gaining speed.

"Bye Harry, bye Ron", she yelled after them as she was forced to stop at the end of the platform. A few tears leaked out of her eyes as the sudden realisation that both her brothers and her, hopefully, new friend had left for Hogwarts to attend school. It wouldn't be until Christmas that here brothers would be back to spend the holidays with their family.

"Wait a minute, perhaps Harry could spend Christmas with us", she thought to herself. As the train slowly moved out of sight, she turned around and ran back to her mother, a noticeable spring in her step. She'd do everything to convince her mother to let Harry stay at the Burrow that Christmas.

With a smile, Harry watched as Ginny raced after the train, waving wildly at both him and her brother. He also noticed that the startled, star-struck Ginny of a mere moments earlier had almost completely vanished, a slight pink tinge on her cheeks the only reminder. Quickly casting a look at Molly, he caught her eye just as she winked and returned a knowing look. Apparently she had succeeded in converting Ginny back to her old self. Still, he couldn't exactly say what that old self was. After all, one didn't quite know a person after only talking to her for about five minutes.

"So", Harry said as they had cleared the station, "do you happen to know a few magic spells?"

It might not have been the most original of questions, but he had found that with the discovery of the Weaver's Diary, he'd developed somewhat of an appetite of sorts for new spells. It wasn't because they granted him a new ability or anything, most of the time he could adjust some of the few spells he already knew to suit his needs, it was simply because of the fact that each and every new spell he cast showed him a different pattern of how it had been woven together, he simply found the way the magic flowed and how it was intertwined to be fascinating.

"Well, children aren't exactly supposed to do magic at home, but Fred and George taught me this one spell to turn my pet rat Scabbers yellow. I haven't tried it yet though", he replied sheepishly.

"Well then try it out, we're allowed to do magic on the train right?", Harry grinned.

"Not exactly, but they don't mind", Ron mirrored Harry's grin as he pulled both a battered looking wand and a scruffy looking rat out of his pockets.

"Here goes nothing", he said as he pointed his wand at the rat and started the spell, "Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow. Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow".

He finished with a small wave of his wand, yet nothing happened.

"Oh bugger", Ron muttered as he noticed the failure of his spell, "I knew that it was just a joke by Fred and George. What about you Harry, do you know any spells?"

Ron looked up at Harry, only to see that he was still staring at Ron's wand.

"Hey, you alright mate?", Ron asked, curious as to why Harry had become so quiet, "I didn't cast a spell on you did I".

"No Ron, there's nothing wrong, but I think I might've figured out what's wrong with the spell", he replied as he carefully reviewed the magical structure he'd seen only moments before.

"Seriously? What's wrong with it then?"

"Here, let me", Harry told him as he pulled out his own wand and pointed it at the rat that was sleeping on Ron's lap.

"Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow. Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow", he said as he waved his wand, but added a significant curling motion at the end of the wave.

With a bright flash, Scabbers turned a bright yellow as it jumped upright and started shrieking, clearly startled by the sudden change in its wardrobe. Within moments it had dived into Ron's trunk and hidden beneath some of his robes.

"Wicked", Ron grinned widely as he watched his rat scurry off, "but how did you know to change the wand motion like that Harry?"

Harry was caught unaware by the question. He quickly looked Ron straight in the face and started putting together an excuse.

"Oh, I knew it because I've read about colour changing charms in one of the books I bought when I was in Diagon Alley"

"Oh, I thought that they weren't covered in our curriculum yet, but then again I never really read the books so I can't tell".

"They aren't covered in any of our obligatory books, I just bought a few more books than were on the list. I needed something to do while I was at my relatives' place so I just read them all", Harry shrugged. He didn't exactly like the fact that he had to lie so quickly to one of his newfound friends, but the book had warned him not to be open with his abilities to just anyone, and he still didn't know Ron well enough to trust him completely. While he seemed nice enough at first, and he was family of both Ginny and Mrs. Weasley, he'd been tricked before, though that was always the handiwork of Dudley and his gang.

"Oh, I see. So you grew up with muggle relatives?"

"Yeah, but it wasn't exactly nice living there", Harry replied with a slight shudder.

"I'll say", Ron replied, much to Harry's surprise. He'd supposed that everyone in his family was magical.

"I mean, how can people survive without magic, it's so hard to believe", the red haired boy finished his sentence, leaving Harry sighing again. He'd jumped to conclusions. Of course everyone in the Weasley family was magical.

They continued the rest of the journey chatting about everyday topics, with sometimes the performance of a spell mixed in. Ron didn't seem annoyed in the least that Harry was able to perform, what he thought were quite advanced spells. Instead he seemed impressed at Harry's proficiency.

They were interrupted a few times though, one time by a kind looking old lady pushing a cart stashed with a huge assortment of what seemed like candy. Eager to get something in his stomach, Harry bought several kinds and moved back into the compartment.

The other time was by a chubby looking boy named Neville Longbottom in search of his toad. Much to his disappointment the only think Harry and Ron could tell him was that they hadn't seen a toad hopping around, only chocolate frogs.

It wasn't until the third time that they were interrupted that things got relatively interesting again. This time it was a girl with bushy brown hair. She'd already changed into her Hogwarts robes.

"Has anyone seen the toad of a boy named Neville?", she asked the two occupants of the compartment.

"Sorry, he already came past here, but we haven't seen anything", Harry replied, just before he noticed that one of the chocolate frogs was about to jump out of the window.

"Accio chocolate frog", he said quickly as he pointed his wand at the errant frog, the spell causing it to fly straight at Harry who nimbly caught it with his free hand. He wasted no time in munching the frog as soon as he had a decent hold of the squirming chocolate figure. He was too preoccupied to notice the wide-eyed looks of both Ron and the bushy haired witch.

"That was a fourth year spell", she breathed finally, causing Harry to look up, a single leg of the frog still twitching lightly as it stuck from between his lips.

"Is it?", he asked her as soon as he had swallowed every last bit of chocolate and had his mouth free again.

Ron nodded as he too stared at Harry with an incredulous look on his face.

"Just what kind of books did you buy Harry?", he asked as he studied his friend closely.

"I just picked a few random books out that had some interesting titles, but I left them at home because I won't really need them during the year anyway", Harry smiled. Again he had been forced to lie, not something he wanted to do much more in the future. He would have to watch out with his spells a lot more in the future, who could know what the level of his next spell would be.

"Well I certainly would like to take a look at them", the girl said excitedly, "I'm Hermione Granger, by the way".

"Ron Weasley", Ron introduced himself.

"Harry Potter"

"Seriously?", she asked him, but didn't give him the chance to reply, "I figured you'd have to be him actually. It somewhat explains the fact that you could do such a spell when you're still in your first year. I read in 'Modern Magical History' that you would have to be immensely powerful to defeat you-know-who".

"You mean Voldemort?", Harry asked, wondering slightly why Ron seemed to shy away at the mention of the name, "well, I wouldn't know actually. I can't even recall anything about it".

"Well that's quite natural actually, I mean, how many people remember things about the time when they were only a year old", Hermione continued, "but enough about that, what other spells do you know? Can you show me?"

"Sure, Harry smiled at her and gestured for her to enter"

Harry showed her several of the spells he had shown Ron before. Since Ron hadn't really given a reaction other than the standard wicked, he assumed that they were indeed quite basic and thus safe to show to Hermione.

As it was, it took him nearly an hour to sate Hermione's innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Only then did she stand up and got out of the compartment, mumbling something about a forgotten promise to find Trevor, whoever that might be.

"Bye Harry, Bye Ron", she smiled back at the two boys before she started making her way through the train again, unaware of a pale looking blonde boy that had just come out of a nearby compartment.