Severus stood in the doorway to the back gardens watching Harry and Draco as they were racing around the back gardens on their new brooms. They both received Nimbus 2000's from Lucius for their birthday, Harry that very day. They were now both eleven and Draco was set to attend Hogwarts and Harry was intended for Beauxbautons Academy with many of his friends. Harry's best friend was still Draco but he had made a number here in France including the Delacaur children whose estate was just up the road from here. The couple's eldest two Andre and Fleur were older, Andre already in his sixth year and Fleur in her fourth, but Anton was Harry's age and Gabrielle was two years younger then Harry. Anton was out with the boys playing while Gabrielle was watching from a bench, not much of a player.

Life had been good to them in France, Severus sharing a smile with his husband who was putting the finishing touches on the food. He and Remus had grown close raising Harry and had been married for three years now. Because of hex damage and Remus' curse they could have no children together but had legally adopted Harry. Severus had enjoyed his work for the hospital here and Remus had been writing not only texts but had published recently his second kid's book inspired by their son. Harry excelled in his studies, Remus all over again, with his sense of humour and heart but he loved working with Severus in the lab as well.

Lucius though stood with his brother and had brought interesting news from home. Severus had not been surprised when Harry had of course received his letter from Hogwarts even though they made it clear he would attend Beauxbautons. But it seemed that Albus had changed little and was not taking no for an answer.

Lucius handed him the offer. "Albus offers you your position back as potions professor and head of Slytherin, so that you can be close to your son."

Severus sneered. "The man once swore he would never allow me to teach there again. He just wants to get his hands on my son."

There were many reasons for them to return back to the UK greatest of which was that Hogwarts was the school Harry belonged at. Though he had friends here they knew he should be going to school with Draco. Though Charlie had graduated, Harry had met the other Weasley kids and many were still there. Their main concern had been they had not wished to send their son back there alone, even with Draco. But now there was an offer so both his dads would have been there with him.

Lucius sighed. "You have built a life here and work you love. Do not be pressured to do anything, but we know Harry belongs at the school."

Severus turned from his son. "I know and I know he would love to be at school with Draco. And all of his parents went to school there. But it still worries me."

His husband had come and joined them and he admitted he had the same misgivings as his husband. They both knew Albus was not the only risk to their son in attending Hogwarts. They knew there were others out there, Death Eater who had not gone to prison. But Hogwarts was as safe as any where as long as they could protect him from the headmaster. They were reminded the man had tried when Harry was under the school roof before but their son was older now and he could protect himself, and other staff members like Poppy and Filius were sure to help them keep an eye on their son as well.

Remus had told his husband he would stand by any choice; it was Severus who had a career to leave behind. Remus could write from any where. He had thought in a few years when the aging DADA professor here retired he might be able to take over but it was not enough to keep them there.

Remus watched as the boys were landing. "I say we wait until at least tomorrow and then we talk to our son. He is old enough now to have a choice in the matter."

Severus kissed him and agreed with Remus. "He does. I am willing to go back to teaching and do potions for the hospital, to allow Harry to attend Hogwarts."

There was a part of both men who had missed the UK. They had created a life here that they had come to care about and it was where they were married and raised their son really but they were both born and raised in the UK, had attended Hogwarts and called it home. Severus still often thought about Spinner's End. They could not deny party of them would be happy to be back in their own home but their son would always be their main concern, both his safety and his happiness as well.

Harry popped in with his brother and friend, his other friends soon to arrive. "Is there something wrong Dad?"

Severus had pocketed the letter from Hogwarts. "Nothing Prince. Lucius and I were just talking about how well you boys fly. Your other friends should arrive soon."

Though Harry knew his dad and Uncle well enough to know they were not telling him the truth about something Harry shook away the thought. It was his eleventh birthday and he was going to enjoy it. He had a feeling his dads had got him an owl or at least an IOU for it and he was excited for the gift. Severus watched his son go of and reminded himself they would speak of it to him tomorrow.