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'This is a joke, right? No. No no no no no. Just no. I'm not going to be all happy and cozy with Humphrey and- ... and Bass. All in one vehicle. No, I'll pass, S.' Blair said in despair. She threw her arms up in the sky.

'Well, it's not like I'm going to be comfortable with Dan in one car. Besides, Nate's coming too obviously because he had to bring Dan.' She added hopefully, but she should have known better. Mentioning Dan was not going to persuade Blair at all.

'Brooklyn Boy is coming too?' She said full of disbelief.

'Look B. You know how awkward this is for me and Dan as well, so I understand that you and –'

'DO NOT mention him ever again, will you S?' Blair sat up from her bed and walked towards her closet to pack the final pieces in her suitcase. The senior classes of St. Jude and Constance Billard were going on their annual school trip.

'I'm sorry B. But,' Serena's lips formed a big smirk 'it's either this or a big school bus full of our sweaty classmates. You'll spend the night in some cheap motel as well..'

Blair's eyes widened and her mouth formed an 'OH'.

'Don't look so shocked, B! The new headmistress loves road trips so no planes anymore. And of course if you prefer… common busses, be my guest. But you can also ignore Chuck and come with me instead. We will sleep in some nice 5-star hotel and have a great time. I already asked and Mrs. Queller said it was fine as long as we'll be there on time.'

'It all sounds wonderful, but… when is the Chuck-part?' Blair said more to herself.

Serena knew that she would come along, because yes, Blair would rather spend a few days with Chuck than sit in an actual bus.

'Ok. I'll come along. But only on condition that you'll stay with me the entire time! I don't want to be alone with… him.' Blair pleaded.

'Yeah! And whatever you want B, but I'm sure a limo with 5 people in it will never be very lonely.'

'Then you've never been in a Bass' limo before…' Blair muttered under her breath.

The next day, Blair woke up early in the morning. Sure they'd arrive earlier than a slow school bus but apparently Chuck (and his driver) didn't want to waste any time. The elevator door opened with the sound of a bell and Blair screamed from her room: 'Coming! Just a second!'

No reaction. After a few minutes, Blair still wasn't down yet.

'Jeez Blair! I've waited for over 10 minutes now and the others are waiting downstairs.' A low dark voice yelled. Chuck. Thank you Serena, once again, failed to have my back. This is no good, Blair thought.

Blair stumbled downstairs dragging her suitcase behind her. But the suitcase was much heavier than her that it nearly was the other way around: the suitcase dragging her down the stairs.

Blair just ignored Chuck's present just as she was planning to do the next couple of days.

'Good morning, Waldorf.' Chuck said, not looking her in the eye.

Blair just nodded and stepped into the elevator. They both said nothing the entire ride but they also felt the tension that was certainly there already.

Once Blair stepped into the limo, she saw Dan, Serena and Nate sitting. They all looked pissed off because of the long wait.

'Well, hi there.' Blair rolled her eyes and took a seat next to Serena. This was going to be one hell of a trip…